3 Ways Music can Change the World

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3 Ways Music can Change the World

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When we hear someone say that music saved their lives, we usually dismiss it as an overstatement. But music has far reaching effects that are hard to quantify. Music can change individuals and entire nations for better or worse, and understanding how music can shape societies is essential. In this article, we’re going to touch on a few ways music can change the world.

Music Affects Cultural Change

Popular music across the century has long been a catalyst for social and cultural changes in many ways. We just have to think about songs like “Imagine” or “We Are the World” and the impact these songs had on their respective causes.

While musical activism isn’t as direct in this day and age, we can still see examples of popular songs affecting social changes. Macklemore, a popular rap artist from Seattle, won a Grammy for his song about gay rights. Another example is the song #Selfie by the Chainsmokers, which explores many issues facing the youth of today.

Music is often used as a cultural compass to gauge the current climate on a variety of issues. Culture and music go hand in hand and both have a hand in influencing each other. This is why it is not only essential to observe social movements through music, but also to remain conscious of the type of culture we want to perpetuate through music.

Moral Impact

While there is still no clear correlation between the two, it’s hard not to acknowledge the power music can have on morals. While certain genres of music have been castigated for their content, sex, drugs and violence have been recurring themes in all musical cultures.

It is hard to prove how much of an influence music can have on the moral of teens, but it’s clear that music can have at least some influence over their decisions. This is why creators need to be mindful of the effects of music and work to either watch the message they articulate or make efforts to consciously create morally responsible songs.

Emotional Effect

The way music makes us feel is probably the most tangible impact it has on us. Humans are influenced by our feelings, and music can be used to affect our feelings negatively or positively.

The effect of music on education is undeniable and music education in schools has been correlated with better concentration and rate of academic success among students. This is why online MMME degrees are in high demand at the moment, with many professors on online masters of music in music education courses being recruited by an increasingly high number of institutions.


The power of music should never be underestimated. Music directly affects the mood, can change culture and society, and the world in general. This is why artists need to be conscious of the messages they put out, and parents and children need to be conscious of the music they listen to. Music shapes us in more ways than we imagine, and what we put in our brains affects us directly in our choices and actions.





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