4 Social Skills Needed to Attract Women

So you want to score a hot chick? Be the kind of man most men dream about? It is really quite easy once you understand the secrets. But let’s wind back a bit. Why are you so concerned? Is it because your girl views you like a friend?

You appear like a brother? That syndrome is pretty common. You want sexual attraction. Not a boring friendship.

Like so many men have realized, attracting women seems like the hardest thing in the world. You see a girl at a party, wander over and start your lame chat up lines.

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They rarely ever work and if they did, you were disappointed as the girl was flat out ugly. Oh how you wished you could attract that exotic woman in the corner of the room.

As you languish over the pain of not getting what you truly desire, your eyes scan the room to see how other men are doing it. You are shocked to see a flabby, understated, yet vivacious man in his forties, laughing and joking and making merry with a few good looking women.

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How come he is attracting those sorts of women? In a moment of jealousy, you edge closer to learn his secrets.

You see, men and women are made significantly different. I’m not talking about physical differences; I’m talking about emotional differences. Men see a beautiful woman, dressed up in a hot little number, and want to sleep with her. Women, on the other hand, are attracted to men who make them feel good. Women, suffice to say, do not necessarily go for men who are good looking and have money and a nice wardrobe. It is men that are superficial like that. Women want their men to be leaders, powerful and demanding. They want them to stand out and break the mold. They want them to be the center of their universe.

However, do not make the mistake that a woman wants you to be nice to her. That will put you in the “friend” basket. No, she wants you to, well let me put it this way, she wants you to be unattainable. She does not want everything on a plate. To keep a woman attracted to you, you have to keep her dangling. Like a carrot to a donkey. You need to use the techniques from The Tao System by Josh Pellicer.

In fact, most men think that by being nice to her will win her heart. This is flat out wrong! If you want her to be sexually attracted you have to spice things up a bit.

So in an attempt to help you attract the woman of your dreams and within the shortest amount of time, do read on.

Use Humor – Or want for a better word, ball-busting, cocky humor.

Women want to laugh. Women are attracted to guys who make them laugh. Humor is a man’s most powerful weapon in building sexual attraction. Not because you can pull a few cheap laughs, but because it shows women you have the ultimate power in the situation. Your presence can inspire people to feel better. Your humor improves people’s moods.

This can be achieved in a dozen of ways and the most funny ways to use humor must demonstrate to her that you are SUPERIOR to her and don’t necessarily NEED her. If this means you have to act a bit like a jerk in full view of her friends then so be it.

You must “break her balls” so to speak.

One prime example of teasing in such a way is to say to her group of friends “Geez, does she ever let up?”  Or “Does she always keep nagging?”

This commands power. The man who jerks the girl around will find himself quickly fitting into her group of friends. He will make them all laugh and will appear very cool and highly attractive.

Why is this so?

It is because it breaks people out of their patterns. They are much more likely to remember you for your rude comments.  You see, people get up in the morning and they go and take a shower. They dress, eat and leave for work. They work, come home, stick the television on and maybe see their boring friends. Their lives are mundane. Nothing ever breaks the spell of boredom. When a person comes along and creates a laugh and teases them, they remember it. These people create an emotional bond with you. You made them laugh. You made them forget their troubles. You had the power to improve their moods.

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It is also fortunate that when you impress a group of friends as well as your potential girlfriend, you will find it becomes an instant attraction of sorts. Immediately you will be perceived as a “sexual being” and this will invite a certain intimacy.

Girls like it when their friends approve. You’re not cast in the “friends” basket. You would have propelled yourself to the “dating” material basket.

The second social skill you need to attract a woman is the art of “STORYTELLING”. If you are a natural born story teller you are probably quite successful at scoring chicks. But if you are not, get to work and start your own story telling.  A man that can spin a good yarn can impress the wits out of a woman and if he can draw listeners in, that denotes a certain kind of power and attraction in itself.

But remember. You do not have to tell a story of impressive achievements. You do not have to have toured  the world or ascended Mt Everest. A true story teller can make a somewhat boring tale seem spell binding. It is the voice, the presentation, the tone that makes a great story.

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The third social skill that women are attracted to is the “Leadership” skill. Women do not want a man to kiss people’s backsides. They want their man to be in control and to be the center of their own universe. They want a man who does not need external validation or people to be happy. They want the man to be self-contained.

Like David DeAngelo. He believes a woman wants a man to hold her in his life yet not be able to grasp at him. He believes women like a man who they cannot get. The forbidden fruit so to speak.

To do this effectively, why not get a girl curious. Invite her in, invite her friends in and captivate your audience. Then just when you get to the interesting bits say “I am going now. I need to check on something”. This will send your crowd into a flurry. They want you to continue with your story. You’re constant teasing and flirting will floor them. People will follow you around without even thinking.

When they do this say jokingly “Stop stalking me.” Your target girl, the one you want, will be gagging for you to finish your story. At this stage she has become highly attracted to you. She is begging for more. But do not give in. Keep her hanging. Instead walk away like you have bigger and better things to do.

The last most effective social skill to have is to listen. Not only that but to close the mouth. A man that can shut up and listen to what others have to say is perceived as a man who has a lot of sympathy and a man who really cares. This is a very attractive trait and many women fall in love with men who appear sensitive and passionate.

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Do not underestimate this most powerful resource. Women are inclined to flock to men who support them. These are men that listen to their problems. You do not need to be a Dr. Phil personality. You just need to stand back and let them take the floor. By pausing after they have spoken, you arouse their curiosity. They expect you to return an answer. They feel a little uneasy.

Like Xuma who was heard quoting that when a woman speaks and asks a question, that the man must take a pause and delay the answer. He believes that a man can attain immense power through pausing and delaying and that the woman would have more confidence in him when he finally gave her his answer. He believes that men should take a step back.

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So getting back to this particular skill, you will be unlike anyone she has ever met before. This means she will be drawn to your universe, your life and your ideas. She will immediately have more confidence in you and will hang off every word you speak. This power has enormous benefits. Your hold over this woman would be extraordinary, and your very presence will invoke attraction in her. She will feel compelled to listen to you and dedicate her attention on you.

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So there you have it. A few lessons in the social skills you need to have in order to attract that gorgeous woman. Don’t forget. Use your power wisely.

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