5 Essential Grooming Tips for Men

Despite what most men believe, you will be “sized up” based on your appearance and the way you present yourself. You can have a lot of money in the bank and be very successful, but if you aren’t grooming yourself properly then people are going to avoid associating themselves with you. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the more common and essential grooming tips that all guys should remember.

Taking Care of Your Body

Remember that a healthy body is a result of taking care of it in the first place- and plays a huge role in making a solid first impression. Make sure that you are eating balanced meals regularly throughout the day and partaking in physical exercise a few times per week.

If you are a smoker or a drinker then try to limit these activities as much as possible. Creating healthy habits like these will ultimately make you much more satisfying to be around.

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Here are a few more tips that you should remember in regards to taking care of your body:

  • Pampering Your Skin: Healthy skin is directly correlated with the amount of water that you are drinking on a regular basis. As a result, try to make sure that you are consuming at least the standard eight glasses of water daily. This will result in much healthier skin and a much healthier looking complexion. Also keep in mind that getting an adequate amount of sleep can play a huge role in the health of your skin. Try to get your eight hours of sleep each and every night.
  • Shave Regularly: In order to avoid giving off that “scruffy” look, make sure that you are shaving on a daily basis. At the very least make sure that you are shaving once every two to three days. If possible, take a shower before shaving. This will soften up your hairs just enough to where you can get a much closer shave.
  • Wardrobe: Try to spice up your wardrobe as much as possible. Basically, this means incorporating more colours and experimenting with different outfits. No matter what you decide to wear, make sure that your clothes are ironed and washed regularly.

Now, let’s move on and talk about a few more essential grooming tips you should know about.

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Make sure that you are taking a shower at least once per day. If you can take one twice per day than this will be a lot better. Use both conditioner and shampoo when washing your hair. This would also be an ideal time to focus on your hands. Keep in mind that your hands play a huge role in attracting women.

While in the shower, you can cut your nails using nail clippers followed by filing them. Make sure that you remove any dirt or grime that may be stuck under them. Once you are done cutting them, take a filer and file them down to an appropriate size. Having clean hands is extremely important in regards to grooming and is something you should regularly take care of when you are taking showers.

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Once you get out of the shower, try to trim up on all of the hair on your face. Check both your ears and nose to ensure that hairs are not growing out of control. It would be best to do this at least twice per week, depending on how fast they grow. Note that after a shower is the best time to trim and cut your hair, mainly because this is when your hair is the softest. As a result, you’ll experience fewer nicks and a lot less razor burn.

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Part of properly grooming yourself is having a sense of style and choosing attire that is visually attractive. Let’s take a look at a few tips to consider in regards to your clothing and wardrobe:

  • Ironing: Make sure that you are ironing all of your clothes. Clothes that are wrinkled are unattractive and show that you don’t know how to properly take care of yourself.
  • Washing: On the same token, make sure that you aren’t recycling clothes from your laundry basket. Not only is this unhealthy, but it means that you aren’t taking the time to wash your clothes.
  • Comfortable Fit: Finally, make sure that your clothes fit comfortably on your body. They shouldn’t be too tight but they shouldn’t snug your body too tightly either.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you will be judged by your shoes. Keep in mind that a lot of men hold high standards about their peers and will judge them based on the shoes that they are wearing. If you’re wearing shoes that are formal then make sure that they look relatively new and don’t have scruffs or scratches on them. If possible, shine and polish them and make sure to clean off all dirt and debris.

Final Grooming Considerations

In general, try to smell good wherever you go. However, this doesn’t mean drenching your clothes and body with an overabundance of cologne. Strong smelling cologne can actually prove to be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. On the same token, don’t mix up your colognes as well.

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This can result in a final product that smells badly and seems cheap. Not only that, but it could react negatively with your skin. If you’d like, you can also apply some body spray right before going to sleep as well as putting on some deodorant. This will prevent unwanted body odours from accumulating overnight.


As you may already know, proper grooming habits can make the difference between make a good first impression and a bad one. In general, try to take showers every day and don’t skimp out on physical exercise. Remember that healthy skin does fall under the grooming category. As a result, drink plenty of water on a daily basis and make sure that you are keep your facial hairs under control.

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