All about Rodiola Rosea

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All about Rodiola Rosea

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Rhodiola Rosea is homeopathic supplement that is found to be natural. This is considered as a Chinese medicine which has been started using in the early times itself. This works as a neuro protective herb. This is an herb that reduces the physical exhaustion that occurs during any stressful situations. This improves the mood of a person and reduces the fatigue. Depending on the place where the plant is found there are number of names given to it. This is known as rose root, golden root, king’s crown and Aaron’s rod. This plant usually grows in cold areas such as Artic region and mountains of Central Asia. This supplement has helped to adapt with climate of Siberia and Scandinavia where it is found to be very cold and difficult to survive. There are almost 140 compounds found in this plant .This may include phenols, rosavin, organic acids along with flavanoids and alkaloids. This plant has been used as a medicine and some parts of this plant is consumed as food as an ingredient in the salads. This plant is considered as an alternative for the medicine Adderall which is a natural alternative. The root of Rhodiola is used for the medicinal purpose; teas brewed with the Rhodiola herb have a lot of medicinal benefits.

Rhodiola herb

Benefits of Rhodiola Tea

Rhodiola has helped in the damage of the cell tissues. It has the capability for improving the memory and learning capacity. One of the main actions for the herbal is that of the stimulation of a particular type of enzyme which is named as AMPK. Body having more amount of this enzyme they become active and mitochondria of the cells gets increased. These are considered as the powerful parts of the cells. Higher amount of this mitochondria lead to the fat burning and the intake of the glucose level increases in the muscle. Glucose level in the body helps in increase of the metabolic activity of the body, improvement in the functioning of the cells and high energy level of the body. Salidroside which is one of the primary ingredients of this supplement enhances the muscle cells of the body to have more intake of the glucose level in the body. This is done same as the insulin function of the body. Supplement is responsible for boosting the level of the insulin in the body and also increases the AMPK enzyme of the body. Rhodiola Rosae is considered as an MAO inhibitor which decreases the metabolisation of both the dopamine and serotonin. This enhances the pleasure of a person thereby influencing the opiod peptide beta endorphine. It is also very helpful in peoples having depressions and anxiety. It can also be used for cardiac disorders and in post-workout recovery. Rhodiola Rosae also benefits mentally by which the neuro transmitter norepinephrine get releases in a higher level which increases the alertness and attention of an individual consuming this supplement. A person gets capable to do more exercises by which the strength gets enhanced.


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