The amazing benefits of Jamaican black castor oil

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The amazing benefits of Jamaican black castor oil

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When you talk about castor oil, they mainly come in 3 colors. They are yellow, clear and black. If you talk about the natural form, which is crude castor oil, it comes in pale yellow color. It is taken by squeezing the seeds are pretty high pressure and is referred to as the cold pressing method. People say that the black castor oil has its black color as it is more concentrated, a bit more natural and do not have a lot of other materials mixed in it. Same is said for the Jamaican black castor oil which is, unfortunately, not right.

The black castor oil

The black one comes with the castor is roasted and then the ash that comes as residue from the process is added to the oil. It then makes naturally yellow castor oil darker and as a result you get the black castor oil. There are certain benefits of using the black oil. Below, we will list some of them.

Hair Care

Black Castor Oil comes with the omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential if you are willing to have good hair. It is said to be a great moisturizer for your hair and can aid in treating your dry scalp. This will then eventually lead to the hair growth. There are some healing qualities that will promote the blood circulation. Moreover, for hair fall issues and dandruff problems, the black castor oil can work well.

Skin Care

Skin care is something pretty important to many people. The Omega 3 fatty acids will not only aid hair growth but can also help in clearing the skin. They tighten the skin pores and are proven to treat acne problems. Many athletes use this oil to treat their feet. There are many other skin problems for which this oil is used due to its healing powers.

Anti-Microbial properties

The Black castor oil possesses the anti-microbial properties. It means that it is useful for fighting with bacteria, fungus and virus. People face plenty of problems in daily life that are associated with these micro-organisms. These include the fungal infections, bacterial diseases and virus related health problems. So, for the common skin problems that are associated with these micro-organisms, the black castor oil can be of great help.

The healing power

As mentioned above, the black castor oil has some ash in it. This gives it the blackish color. Not only it changes the appearance of the oil but along with relevant fatty acids likh ricinoleic and undecylenic acids, it can heal wounds easily. There are plenty of medical uses of this oil when it comes to healing.

Along with the things mentioned above, the Jamaican black castor oil has many other uses as well. It is used as the analgesic to eliminate pain, skin moisturizer, skin cleaner, and remedy for many other things. If you are also planning to make use of this oil, then do not waste any time. However, ensure that you are getting the right oil, not a copy of something else being sold by the fake name.


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