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6 Energy Boosting Foods for Busy Women

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Whether you’re feeding a family or eating alone, it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. When we are busy, perhaps studying a full-time online masters in counseling or working a stressful job, it can be tempting to eat unhealthy fast food and we wrongly assume that eating sugary snacks will give us an energy boost. While short term, this may be true, high sugar content will lead to a terrible come down, leaving you feeling irritable and tired. Similarly, while fast food might be quick and easy, it will make you feel tired and sluggish, and ultimately can lead to long term weight and health problems, as well as depression and low mood. To keep your energy levels up, and let you work at your best, try to eat healthy foods that will give you a great energy boost. Here are six of the best.


Almonds might be small, but are packed full of B vitamins. These are important because they help your body convert food into energy. So not only do almonds give you an energy boost, they help all your other food to do the same. Have a handful as an afternoon snack for the best results.


Salmon is a bit of a super food. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon will help you feel alert, boost your brain power and can even help to fight off depression. Eat with steamed potatoes and green vegetables, like broccoli, for a tasty dinner.


Bananas are probably one of the healthiest snacks, and are a great for a post-exercise boost. Full of fiber, potassium and B vitamins, bananas work quickly, and help you to feel full for longer.


A bowl of oatmeal in the morning will keep you full until lunch. This is because it’s full of slow to digest fibers. Oatmeal is a great meal for those looking to lose weight, as it will help you to avoid snacking before lunch. Team with some fresh fruit for a truly energizing breakfast.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be quite fatty. So, avoid brands that add extra sugar and stick to small portions lightly spread on a slice of brown toast. The healthy fats and proteins make this a great energy boosting breakfast.


Calcium filled foods tend to be great for improving energy levels, but can be very fatty. Try low fat Greek yogurt for an extra healthy energy boost. Chop up some nuts and fresh fruit for an incredibly healthy, yet filling breakfast.

Always remember, carbs aren’t the enemy. Try to swap foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, for their brown alternatives. These are full of slow release energy, so eat them for lunch, and you’ll feel fantastic all day. If you are studying online, such as an online counseling degree, it’s important to make sure you fit activity and exercise in to your day too.

These strategies will help you reduce stress and get a great night’s sleep, so you wake feeling refreshed and alert.

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How To Avoid The Risk of High Blood Pressure

Category : Diet

The change that people will die from cardiac disease has fallen dramatically by well over half since the 1960s. Even the risk for people over 70 is only about half what it was. Better prevention, including lifestyle changes and better treatments, seem to have caused the fall.

High blood cholesterol accounts for about 40 percent of all coronary heart disease, high blood pressure for about 25 percent and smoking for 15 percent. Other risk factors are a family history of heart disease, cardiac problems, diabetes, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle.

High blood pressure causes nearly 10 percent of the problems which make people visit their doctor. Raised blood pressure is a major risk factor for both heart disease and stroke. The higher the blood pressure, the higher is the risk.

Reducing blood pressure also reduces the risk of kidney disease. There is a strong tendency for high blood pressure to be inherited. Smokers with high blood pressure have three to four times the risk of a heart attack compared with non-smokers.

Fortunately, it is often possible to reduce your blood pressure. It’s heartening to learn how easy it is to avoid the risks of high blood pressure. Here are seven ways of reducing blood pressure:

  • Have regular exercise lasting 30 minutes three times a week.
  • Reduce, your salt intake.
  • Lose excess weight.
  • Eat plenty of fish, fruit and vegetables.
  • Reduce your intake of saturated fats.
  • Keep alcohol to two or less drinks per day.
  • A variety of blood-pressure reducing drugs are available.

People who exercise regularly are one-third less likely to get high blood pressure. Someone who is a couch potato and who decides to begin regular exercise, will get some reduction in their blood pressure within a week.

The kind of exercise needed is simple. Strolling, eventually building up to brisk walking, or cycling, swimming, jogging, dancing, active gardening and using stairs are all effective.

A minimum of three exercise sessions a week each lasting about 30 minutes seems to give the optimum reduction in blood pressure. More exercise achieves only a small additional benefit.

Experiments have shown that using an exercise bike at 60-70 percent of maximum capacity, for 30 minutes three times a week, lowers blood pressure by the same amount as can be achieved using medication.

How exercise produces its immediate effect is not known. The exercise increases the overall work capacity and strength of the heart. In the long run, structural change to the heart can occur, so that trained athletes have enlarged hearts.

A person with high blood pressure may also get changes to their heart. There is often an increase in the thickness of the wall of the left ventricle. At first sight, this might appear to be a good thing, but unfortunately it happens in such a way as to make the ventricle chamber smaller than before.

In contrast, regular aerobic exercise, although it too produces a slight increase in the ventricle wall thickness, produces a large increase in the volume or the chamber.

Reducing your salt intake will also reduce blood pressure. Cutting salt intake to less than 200mg a day will usually produce a marked fall in blood pressure. This is not as easy to do as it sounds, because many canned and commercially prepared foods are relatively high in salt.

Ready-cooked frozen meals, for example, contain well in excess of this amount of salt. Blood pressure can be helped in other ways. Most people can lower their blood pressure by reducing excess weight. It can also be lowered by a diet high in fruit, vegetables and fish. Reducing your saturated fat intake will help even further.

Reducing alcohol to two drinks or less, a day, can produce a substantial fall in blood pressure in some people. A wide variety of drugs are available to reduce blood pressure. Beta blockers are probably the safest for people not suffering from asthma or air passage problems.

To make sure your blood pressure is measured accurately, the measurement needs to be done carefully after you have rested quietly for a few minutes. Both arms should be used to get readings. If the readings are high they should be checked on two or three other occasions.

Blood pressure normally falls during pregnancy, although the most common medical complication of pregnancy is high blood pressure.

About 10 percent of pregnant women get high blood pressure. It is more common in the second half of the pregnancy and is often indicated by an increase in the uric acid level in the blood. The blood pressure will usually return to normal within a few weeks of the birth.

The higher the blood pressure becomes, the greater is the risk to both mother and baby. While there has been a marked fall in deaths from high blood pressure during pregnancy, it still poses a distinct risk to mother and baby.

The main risk to the mother is a cerebral hemorrhage or convulsions and coma. Both mother and baby should be carefully monitored and any marked rise in blood pressure is a warning signal. Swelling of the face and hands is often a sign of this.

If lood pressure becomes high during pregnancy, it is important for the mother to have a lot of rest and minimal activity and to also avoid stress. This may mean giving up full-time work but it will reduce the risk of premature labour.


Conclusion: In the race toward a healthy mind and body, cardiac diet and sensible lifestyle changes are the best way to keep your blood pressure as normal as possible.





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The amazing benefits of Jamaican black castor oil

Category : Diet


When you talk about castor oil, they mainly come in 3 colors. They are yellow, clear and black. If you talk about the natural form, which is crude castor oil, it comes in pale yellow color. It is taken by squeezing the seeds are pretty high pressure and is referred to as the cold pressing method. People say that the black castor oil has its black color as it is more concentrated, a bit more natural and do not have a lot of other materials mixed in it. Same is said for the Jamaican black castor oil which is, unfortunately, not right.

The black castor oil

The black one comes with the castor is roasted and then the ash that comes as residue from the process is added to the oil. It then makes naturally yellow castor oil darker and as a result you get the black castor oil. There are certain benefits of using the black oil. Below, we will list some of them.

Hair Care

Black Castor Oil comes with the omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential if you are willing to have good hair. It is said to be a great moisturizer for your hair and can aid in treating your dry scalp. This will then eventually lead to the hair growth. There are some healing qualities that will promote the blood circulation. Moreover, for hair fall issues and dandruff problems, the black castor oil can work well.

Skin Care

Skin care is something pretty important to many people. The Omega 3 fatty acids will not only aid hair growth but can also help in clearing the skin. They tighten the skin pores and are proven to treat acne problems. Many athletes use this oil to treat their feet. There are many other skin problems for which this oil is used due to its healing powers.

Anti-Microbial properties

The Black castor oil possesses the anti-microbial properties. It means that it is useful for fighting with bacteria, fungus and virus. People face plenty of problems in daily life that are associated with these micro-organisms. These include the fungal infections, bacterial diseases and virus related health problems. So, for the common skin problems that are associated with these micro-organisms, the black castor oil can be of great help.

The healing power

As mentioned above, the black castor oil has some ash in it. This gives it the blackish color. Not only it changes the appearance of the oil but along with relevant fatty acids likh ricinoleic and undecylenic acids, it can heal wounds easily. There are plenty of medical uses of this oil when it comes to healing.

Along with the things mentioned above, the Jamaican black castor oil has many other uses as well. It is used as the analgesic to eliminate pain, skin moisturizer, skin cleaner, and remedy for many other things. If you are also planning to make use of this oil, then do not waste any time. However, ensure that you are getting the right oil, not a copy of something else being sold by the fake name.


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An Armodafinil a day keeps you awake!

Category : Medicine


An adequate amount of sleep should be a necessary part of our lifestyle it benefits your whole nervous system, heart, digestion etc. Deficiency of any minerals, vitamins can lead to improper functioning in the body making it necessary for us to keep up to them and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, sleeping disorders can also lead to improper functioning of the brain. Our brain needs to relax, sleep works as a healthy food for the brain.

Sleeping disorders should be cured and treated. Armodafinil is a nootropic which can be used to get rid of the sleeping disorders. Sleeping disorders usually come in different forms like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and disorder of shiftwork. This medicine has a formula similar to Modafinil but it proved to be more effective than modafinil.  For people suffering from sleeping disorders, it can be a life saver and knows its importance.

Some more information about armodafinil includes;

Armodafinil; It is an enantiomeric form of a drug, for promoting Modafinil, a wakefulness agent. Both these drugs (armodafinil and modafinil) are proved to be the best treatment for sleeping disorders. However, modafinil proves to be more effective. It has been approved by FDA IN JUNE 2007. It comes under the brand name of nuvigil and Waklert.

How does it work against sleeping disorders?

The mechanism of this medicine is still unknown. Any proper information about its action is still not there. Its formula is quite similar to modafinil except it has only R-modafinil which is one less than the modafinil. The effectiveness of armodafinil can be explained by the fact, that the patients who have used both the drugs and are suffering from day time sleepiness claim that armodafinil tends to reach or leave more effect in blood than modafinil does. Armodafinil intake increases the dopamine level in your brain which sends a signal of wakefulness and attentiveness. This medicine has been produced by Cephlon Inc., a pharmaceutical company.

Is the intake legal or not?

Most of the countries where modafinil is made legal, this medicine has been regulated in exactly same manner. Patients who suffer from sleeping disorders and being treated with modafinil are prescribed to use armodafinil. Off-label prescription of this medicine can also be made. Patients with learning disorders and ADHD are also prescribed with the same medicine.

For the convenience of availability, it has now been sold online as well. But the question that arises is, whether it is legal to sell it online or not? In countries like Canada, Uk, Australia, it is available in limited quantities with the supply of three months or less along with the prescription. It is not legal to import this medicine to the USA not even with the prescription.

Additional benefits;

  • It has been used as a diet pill as well
  • It helps in suppressing appetite as it increases the energy level of the body and makes you less likely to consume extra food for energy.
  • It works as a workout pill. The more intense workout can be performed with its intake says the bodybuilders and athletes. It helps them to push harder over their pain barriers.
  • ADD in children and adults can be treated with armodafinil as it helps them to stay focused attentive during work.

Where can it be bought Armodafinil Online?

With the prescription, it is very easy to buy it at any land pharmacy. Online pharmacy tends to sell them without the prescription or even with expired prescriptions as well. Armodafinil can be bought easily at Buying Armodafinil is very easy buying it with a prescription from any land pharmacy. If you don’t have a prescription or your prescription is expired, you can buy it from any online pharmacy. This pharmacy has been known to have the best quality medicines and at affordable prices. Payment options are very easy, and they have speedy delivery and supportive customer service.



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How to wear suspenders and Their Advantages

Category : General


These days there is not a single man that is concerned about fashion. The fashion industry goes very vast. You can find very decent and very weird type of fashion trends these days, to be honest. While fashion keeps changing throughout the eras, one look that has been with us forever and is loved since the beginning is the Classy look. Whatever the period or the age be, a classy look cannot be beaten. Everyone looks good in a classy look when they know how to wear suspenders in 2016.

There is hardly a person present that does not wear a belt. Belt is essential. It holds your trousers. You don’t want them to be falling around everywhere, would you? But if we do some digging, it is found that belt is not as ancient as we think it is. Belt is a very recent invention. Earlier for the job of holding your trousers in place, the item used were suspenders. Suspenders are not only classier but are more comfortable too.

Suspenders are still used widely. But since people don’t use them as much as they used before, some people that are new, don’t even know how to wear suspenders and information about it.


Suspenders are for you if you’re into the classy old school look. Suspenders can be used very easily. They are straps that come above a man’s shoulders and come in the front where they are attached to the trousers using clips or buttons. And are usually X or Y shaped in the back. But they can be bought separately too.

Suspenders can be made of any material. It depends on upon the manufacturing company. The company can use pure silk, or it might use rayon. The traditional fabric that is used is woolen box cloth. Suspenders are elastic. They can be elastic on the ends, or they can be elastic as a whole.


Suspenders have a lot of advantages.

  • A belt usually grips your trousers tightly to your waist, while suspenders hold your trousers in an X or a Y-shaped This lets your trousers hand freely giving a neat look that feels comfortable.
  • It eliminates the chances of having bunches of fabric. Using a belt, the shirt usually gathers at one place giving a very untidy look. Using suspenders, on the other hand, lets the shirt hang freely and prevents it from getting wrinkles.
  • The suspenders can be adjusted easily to lower or lift the trousers you’re your comfort.

How to Wear Suspenders

Most men that are frequent users of suspenders wear it by fastening the suspenders in the back of the trousers, wearing the trousers and later fastening the straps on the front of the trousers. There are designs that offer small clips. These clips can get attached to the trousers giving a firm hold. While other designs might have a button at the end of the strap.

In the early eras, namely the 18’s, it wasn’t known a nice thing if the suspenders were visible at all. Since they were considered underwear. But now the time has changed, you can show the suspenders without any hesitation.




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How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System – an Invasion not that Easily Battled.

Category : General

Among many others used, Meth, Chalk, Ice, and Crystal are all different names for Methamphetamine – quite a powerful drug. It is with a highly addictive and a stimulating nature that directly affects the central nervous system of the body. Methamphetamine usually takes the form of white, crystalline powder that is bitter in taste and has no significant odor. It can easily be dissolved in water or alcohol without any trace. The question here is how long does meth stay in your system?

Read More About Meth and Your System

It comes out of its parent drug known as the amphetamine and originally developed back in the early 20th century for the relief of nasal congestion. This was in use of bronchial inhalers that helps the purpose. Same as the parent drug methamphetamine cases a sense of increase in activity and talkativeness. Other impact like decrease in sense of appetite, euphoria or a pleasurable sense of feeling happy and general well-being. But same as all the medicines that are in development to heal us, methamphetamine also has a high potential of abusive and become harmful.

Methamphetamine or quite simply called Meth, if taken in higher than prescription dose can harm the central nervous system. It can do much more quickly in comparison to its parent drug, the amphetamine. Methamphetamine has tendency to affect brain and inducing more harmful and a much longer-lasting effects on the overall nervous system. Follow through the article to know how long can meth stay in the system.

How long does meth stay in your system to get your addicted

Meth’s major usage today is for Euphoric/Ecstatic uses. When smoked, snorted or even injected, it gets you high in a matter of minutes and users describe it as a powerful sense of ecstasy. But also that is fleeting, dissipating very shortly after its initial rush. This makes the users take more of the dug in order to experience the same intense euphoric feeling they felt. It is when they first took that sniff.

This is how the entire system of the body gets caught in this addictive cycle of consuming more and more of the drug. The users start experiencing irritability and increasing paranoia with the passage of time giving way to sleep deprivation. Health gets damage also.

How Long does Meth Stay in the System?

There is no fixed timeframe available for the duration that meth could take in leaving you system. It all depends on an individual’s ability to metabolize the drug. Time varies from person to person but there is some generic data available to get an idea.

For instance, various tests run on users to detect the how long does meth stay in your body uncovers the following data:

  • The effects of meth abuse start surfacing from 8-24 hours.
  • Meth can be detected in a user’s system for up to 72 hours, meaning that it’s going to be present in your system for at the least up to 3 days.
  • It takes a human body 12-34 hours to decrease the concentration of meth found in the system by half of the total quantity consumed.
  • This takes 2-10 days for meth to completely leave the body. Factors like the frequency of intake of meth, rate of metabolism. And, also how much of an addict is the individual can greatly affect the time period meth takes to completely leave the individual’s system.


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Category : General

Vicodin, among many others medication in it’s category, is a trade name or a brand name for acetaminophen or paracetamol or APAP. It is the combination of hydrocodone, which is an opioid pain medication, and the well-known paracetamol (also known as the acetaminophen). It is readily available in the market as tablets and elixirs. Moreover, you can get it in form of a solution for the oral use. But the strength varies according to the medicine.  However, here we are discussing the Vicodin side effects.

Usage of Vicodin:

Vicodin is one of those medicines that can be purchased over-the-counter quite easily as compared to other prescribed medication. This ease of purchase is a major factor in the increased usage of the medicine

Hydrocodone/acetaminophen is a formula. When you combine the opioid hydrocodone along with a non-opioid analgesic such as acetaminophen, you get this medicine.


It is usually prescribed for the relief of post-operative, acute or even chronic types of pain ranging from moderate to severe in nature.


It is said that even the most harmless of the things ever found can prove to be a threat is misused or abused. The opioid nature of Vicodin makes it vulnerable to be misused and cause a great health concern.


Side Effects of Vicodin:


Medical science’s advancement over the last century is indeed commendable but still after all this time, every medicine that has been invented, has not been known to heal and cure without having any other affects on the human body. These effects are called as the side-affects.


Like every other medicine, here are possible side effects for Vicodin:

Most Common Side-Effects include:


  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Euphoria
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea and vomiting.

 Symptoms if Rare/Uncommon Side-Effects:


  • Dermatological effects consist of appearance of a rash or itching on any part of the body.
  • Respiratory tract problems like having difficulty in breathing due to in adequate breaths.
  • Hearing impairment has been reported leading to permanent hearing loss.
  • Gastrointestinal System is affected leading patients to chronic constipation.
  • Genitourinary system is affected leading to inability to urinate and possible bladder spasm.
  • Few cases have been reported where the central nervous system has been affected by continuing usage of the medicine.


Symptoms included

  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion, fussiness
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Feeling of unease and restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • Psychic dependency
  • Some extent of physical and even mental impairment has been witnessed in some cases.
  • Liver function was also found to be adversely affected.

The medicine’s vulnerable opioid nature has shown to be used for Entertainment purposes. The younger generation has been using prescription medications for purposes other than that of just easing the pain. Patients have been found to take these pills in much greater quantities that exceeded the safe barrier of 4000 mgs per day for euphoric purposes. These practices lead to critical damage to the liver and also leading to coma, respiratory depression, slow heart rate, low blood pressure and other symptoms like these.

Final Word:

Above, you can find information regarding Vicodin side effects. No wonder why every medication promotion ends in a note emphasizing on the need to be careful with it’s usage and also to use only if it’s advised and prescribed by your physician. Medicines are here to help but their usage is all in our hands – whether to heal us or otherwise.


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Pain in Back of Head and its Types

Category : General


Headaches are the most common problem of a daily man. Everyone has been a victim of headache. Pain in back of head can be very discomforting. If you’re doing something is a very nice way and a headache starts, then you can never do what you are doing the way that you are supposed to do it. It can disturb your daily routine in a very unpleasant way. It can ruin your mood in a horrible way and you can go suddenly from happy and jolly to irritated and angry in a matter of minutes.

A headache is not of one type. You can get several types of headaches. Having causative reasons one very different from another. So if you are suffering from a headache and can’t get rid of it, knowing what the headache  can help you find ways to get rid of your headache.

Tension Headache is the most common headache. It causes pain in back of head and body. This kind of headache happens when the muscles around your neck, scalp, shoulders and jaw get tight. These symptoms are usually a side effect of tension, stress or anxiety. The reasons of these headaches are lacking sleep, consuming alcohol, missing meals and excess working.

There are other types of headaches, namely cluster headaches, migraines and sinus headaches. You can avoid all these headaches just if you adapt a better lifestyle. You should be in a stress free environment and stay as relax as possible.

Now, we shall look into a couple of the main types of headaches in detail.

Cluster Headaches

These type of headaches are mostly present in men. Women are not much affected by it. These headaches occur in the form of circles in your head. These headaches are diagnosed as having severe pain on one side of the head. In addition to that the patient also might have a watery eye and a runny nose. It is even hard for the sufferer because it is not even easy to lay down in this condition. It has continuous restlessness. The cause of this is not open now. It is said that it may be in a part of a gene. There is no permanent cure yet but certain medication can be taken to reduce the intensity of the attacks.

Tension Headaches

These are the most common types of headaches. They can get very severe. The symptoms are having a severe pain and pressure around the scalp. There is severe pain in back of head and in the temples. They are not as intense as migraines. It does not have any symptoms as vomiting or having nausea. The pain is intolerable. It does not put you on the bed. Some typical treatments are all that are to cure a tension headache. Medications like, ibuprofen, aspirin or Tylenol are enough to take you out of the misery. The headache is due to the tension in the muscles present in the shoulders and the neck.

So, these are certain different types of headaches that a person may suffer from. If you are also having headache but have not idea that which one it is, consult your doctor without wasting time. It may increase with the time and cause some unbearable pain in your head.

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The 6 Kitchen Gadgets that are essential and worth buying  

Category : Food


The importance of good kitchen gadgets

The world is rapidly moving towards the modernism, upgraded lifestyle and constant changes, therefore, it has become compulsory to go with the flow. Whenever someone hears or read the word gadget, the only word which strikes the mind is technology. Well, it is now time to change this perspective, because gadgets can be associated with the kitchen products or appliances too. The good kitchen appliances are really important as they not only save time but also save energy and a lot of hard work. There are a couple of things, which should be considered while buying any kitchen gadget or appliances. The kitchen products can be categorized into cutlery such as folks and knives, tableware and utensils. There are many kitchen gadgets or items, which help in making cooking much interesting and easier.


The guide to good kitchen gadgets

It is not necessary that every other kitchen gadget would be cheap as some of them can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is very important to choose every kitchen gadget with great care and after considering all the advantages and disadvantages of it. It is always suggested to so some personal research before buying the product, such as by going through certain reviews and consulting those friends who already have that particular product.


The top 6 kitchen gadgets

Well, it is totally understood that buying any kitchen gadget cannot be easy and requires a lot of thinking. So, just to ease your brain from stressing out, this article will provide you with some information and advantages on the top 6 kitchen gadgets that are essential and totally worth buying.

  • A Food Processor

Yes, the food processor is one of the greatest blessings and all thanks to the world of rapid and advanced technology. A good processor can prove to be a blessing in disguise. It will decrease or cut your workload by almost 70 percent. A powerful and efficient food processor will help you in grinding coffee seeds, shredding a lot of vegetables such as carrots and will also help you in kneading dough. To attain all these benefits, make sure that you never compromise on the quality and leave rest of the work for the food processor.


  • A Good Knife

A good knife will do wonders for your kitchen work. Almost every type of cuisine or cooking requires a lot of chopping, dicing, and slicing. If you one does not have a sharp or professional knife, then the whole every cooking experience can turn into a nightmare. A knife should always be able to fit well in the hands; else the whole purpose of buying a professional knife will be useless.

  • A Blender

The use of blenders has increased a lot, because of their immense benefits in the kitchen. One can almost blend anything in an efficient blender, therefore, always buy a professional blender. It is better to spend some extra money on buying a quality product, then saving the money, which will be used for the same purpose again if the poor quality blender stops working within a month. Moreover, a blender will also serve as a smoothie maker, hence, saving you from a big expense.

  • A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a really important appliance or gadget too, especially for those who love to cook meat or certain pulses, a little too much. Most of the people think that buying a pressure cooker is useless, but it is so not true. A pressure cooker will always be there to your rescue, when you are running late for any event or anything, but need to cook something for the family. It will save you a lot of time by cutting the cooking time by almost half. Almost every type of meat, especially beef needs a lot of time of cooking time because it does not get tender very easily. For such cooking items, a pressure cooker is always a good option.

  • Measuring Cups

A person who loves to bake will agree to the need of this particular kitchen gadget. One of the basic rules of perfect baking is the accurate measurements. Even the slightest change of ingredients can ruin the whole product; therefore, measuring cups are of great importance and one of the necessities. The measuring cups can also be used in the regular cooking, such as in the Chinese cuisine form measuring the exact proportion of ingredients.

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6 Gentle Yoga Poses to Help Diabetics

Category : Fitness

Diabetes is an ongoing disease that is characterized by the body’s inability to produce the right amount of insulin, the hormone that allows us to metabolize sugar. Diabetics live under chronic threat of having high blood sugar, which can cause serious damage to the body. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people who have diabetes has been rising sharply, and now affects some 422 million people worldwide. In 2012 it was the cause of over two million deaths worldwide.

There are two different types of diabetes. Type one, insulin-dependent, requires daily injections of insulin because the body cannot produce it properly. Usually this situation is present at birth or develops in childhood. Type two is the more common type of diabetes, where the body doesn’t use insulin well. Often this type of diabetes occurs alongside obesity and inactivity and is more likely to appear after childhood, though its prevalence in children is increasing.

Symptoms of both types of diabetes (usually the symptoms of type two are less severe), include polyuria (too much urine), excessive thirst, hunger, and vision changes. The consequences of diabetes can be severe, ranging from damage to the heart and blood vessels, vision loss, a high risk of strokes and heart attacks, foot ulcers and kidney failure.

Diabetes can be prevented and managed in a number of ways. First, it’s important to keep weight at a moderate level for your age and height—obesity is a leading factor in later-life development of diabetes. This means that eating a low sugar and low fat diet and having regular physical activity is crucial. Early intervention is important in managing the severity of symptoms. For people who have diabetes, it’s important to have regular monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure. Regular screening for visual impairment, blood lipid levels (for cholesterol) and kidney disease is also important.


To help prevent the onset and / or complications of type two diabetes, people need to stay physically active and avoid tobacco use. Monitoring stress levels is also crucial because when stress hormones are high, it sometimes causes cravings for foods that are high in sugar, which then promotes insulin resistance. This is why holistic and natural therapies such as mindfulness meditation and yoga can be hugely beneficial therapies to both prevent and moderate diabetes symptoms. Yoga in particular is useful in promoting blood flow, lowering stress, improving sleep, improving mood, and lowering cholesterol.


Yoga helps diabetics and people at risk of diabetes in several ways. For one thing, it keeps the nervous system healthy, which means that the heart and blood are pumping regularly. Often, people with diabetes have problems with sensation and numbness. Postures such as backbends can help exercise the spine, preventing blockages in the nervous system. Twisting poses can also help to massage the internal organs which improves blood flow and overall functioning, thereby offering a cleansing effect. As yoga is also seen as a way of reducing stress, it can contribute to lowered cortisol levels. When we are less stressed, we are able to make better lifestyle decisions. A recent study suggests that yoga can help to manage blood sugar levels in those with Type 2 diabetes.


One of the best things about yoga is that it really is for people of all ages, sizes and abilities. It incorporates various exercises, poses (asana), breathing, and meditation routines in order to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance. There are many different types of yoga and many different poses. The poses below are meant for people who are looking for gentle stretching and relaxation opportunities as diabetic therapy. These poses should be practiced regularly alongside more vigorous exercises (of your choosing) and a healthy diet in order to manage your blood sugar levels and other symptoms of diabetes. You can also try breathing exercises (pranayama) as a part of your yoga routine. You can find more information about these poses and gentle routines online. Be sure to check with a professional before doing any pose if you are pregnant or ill.

  1. Legs up the wall

Helps with: headaches, glaucoma, muscle fatigue, circulation, regulating blood pressure, varicose veins, anxiety, foot and leg discomfort


  • Sit on the floor beside a wall with legs stretched straight alongside the wall
  • Exhale as you lie on your back
  • Bring your legs into the air so that you are bending at the hips
  • Shift sideways so that your legs are resting against the wall at 90 degrees (or as close to that angle as is possible)
  • Relax and breathe slowly with your hands on your stomach
  • Stay for up to 20 minutes
  • Come out of the pose by rolling sideways slowly


  1. Savasana

Helps with: insomnia, concentration, stress, fatigue, depression


On your back, separate your legs and arms apart from your body to where it is comfortable

  • Breathe deeply and close your eyes
  • “Scan” the body starting with the head and moving slowly down to your toes, taking care that each part is relaxed
  • Stay as still as possible as you breathe deeply
  • Stay here for up to 10 minutes


  1. Cobra pose

Helps with: Pancreatic stimulation, circulation, tightness in upper back and chest


  • Lie on your stomach with feet and legs touching or slightly apart with your forehead on the floor
  • Your palms should be shoulder-height
  • Inhale and raise your head as far as is comfortable, keeping your shins and feet stuck to the floor
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Exhale and come down
  • Gently repeat



  1. Child’s Pose

Helps with: Stress, anxiety, stretches legs, lower back pain.


  • Kneel on the floor and sit on the heels
  • Spread the thighs a little
  • Exhale, bending forward with your stomach on the thighs
  • Stretch your arms forward
  • Breathe and hold for up to three minutes


  1. Seated forward bend

Helps with: Digestion, appetite, insomnia, blood pressure


  • Sit on the edge of a blanket
  • Inhale and reach arms up overhead
  • Exhale and bend at the hips
  • HOld on to knees, ankles or feet
  • Go deeper with each exhale
  • HOld for one minute and come out gently


*Do not do this pose if you are pregnant.


  1. Half Twist Pose

Helps with: Digestion, detoxification of organs, spinal flexibility, spinal nerves, hip stiffness, blood circulation to the pelvis


  • Sit straight with legs stretched out
  • Bend your left leg underneath you so that it touches your right buttock
  • Take your right leg outside of the left knee so that your feet are on the ground
  • Turn your body to the right as you exhale
  • Breathe for 30 seconds
  • Repeat on other side


Author Bio : Sabina Simonian is the co-founder of – a website that helps people by giving medical tips and suggestion to improve physical and mental health in daily life .