Ayurveda – An Antidote for Diabetes

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Ayurveda – An Antidote for Diabetes

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Ayurveda has emerged as one of the most effective way of curing any diseases that one may have. As it a natural way of curing a disease, many people prefers Ayurvedic treatment to control their illness and why not, the benefits are countless and side effects are minimal (if any). In fact if someone follows ayurveda principals, they can guarantee themselves a perfect healthy life.


Ayurveda is known to cure serious diseases like cancer and blood pressure. It has also claimed to cure and prevent diabetes. Diabetes is one disease that is killing many people and hence in order to control and balance the blood sugar levels in body, using Ayurvedic treatment is one of the best options. Diabetes in simple language would mean increase of blood sugar level in body. When the pancreas in our body don’t produce insulin that is very much required to control the sugar levels, that is when people suffer from diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

High sugar levels can only be known by getting your blood sugar level tested. However, one can also know through various symptoms as well, these symptoms primarily would be:-

  • Vision impairment
  • Restlessness or Fatigue
  • Excess thirst causing frequent urination
  • Feeling hungry most of the time
  • Increase in weight

Damages caused by Diabetes

Diabetes is eating our world’s population like a menace and timely control can cause serious damages in our body. Below are some problems that you can face if do not control the blood sugar levels in your body.

  • Weak eyesight, especially during night hours. Prolong unknown diabetes can even impair the eyesight completely
  • High cholesterol levels and increase in blood pressure
  • Hands and feet are susceptible to sores or infections that can lead to amputations as well
  • If not taken control, one can lose sensation or even worse; damage of nerve system
  • Kidney failure if sugar levels in blood remain constantly high

The above damages are sounding scary. But don’t get scared. Due to minute changes in your lifestyle, you can control diabetes at great level.

Things you should do

  • Drink lot of water and eat small frequent meals
  • Consume even amount of carbohydrates
  • Cook food in oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like olive oil
  • Consume less sugar items
  • If you are a non-vegetarian go for lean meats like fish or chicken
  • Drink low fat milk as it would cut down on extra calories
  • Lastly, try and build a taste for Karela and Jamun juice. Karela and Jamun both have hypoglycaemic properties that help in controlling blood sugar.

At the end, diabetes is known as silent killer as well. Small changes in your lifestyle can bring big changes in your health. So, switch to healthier way of eating rather than drooling on junk and other harmful food items to live a happy, healthy and tension free life.

For people who are looking for increase in height, they can even look for Ayurvedic medicines that act like a vedic amrit for height increase.

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