Back Pain – Ten important points to avoid it

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Back Pain – Ten important points to avoid it

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  1. Posture: Try to practice good posture. When standing, try to balance body weight on both feet with shoulders pulled back. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes as far as possible. Standing tall and looking over straight and high are some options of improving posture. Yoga is another technique for posture correction.
  2. Exercises: Regular exercises such as walking, swimming or stretching your muscles through yoga will improve your posture and reduce back pain. Human tendency with age is to cuddle in as it gives you more comfort. In reality if you we stretch our muscles and body parts outwards it provides elasticity and keep our muscles and tissues stronger.bigstock-young-woman-with-neck-and-shou-97834754-e1457172786317
  3. Lift Safely: Never try to lift objects that are too heavy for you. Always lift objects with your back straight and knees bend and don’t twist while lifting the object. You should wear a back support belt if lifting heavy items.
  4. Water Intake: To kill stiffness in body it is advisable to drink at least 6-8 ounce glasses water per day it helps in keeping the fluids up to the required limit. Intervertebral disks are known to act as shock absorbers by taking enough intake of water daily it improves the height of disks as well.
  5. Maintaining a Healthy Weight: This is an important factor for relieving back pain. Maintaining a healthy weight prevents all kinds of diseases and discomforts. It is important to eat a healthy diet with enough intakes of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to promote bone growth.
  6. Interrupt or avoid sitting for long periods: If you have a job where you are required to sit for longer time, take short breaks and walk as much as you can. This is especially advisable for the computer professionals as otherwise they can be at risk to posture problems like kyphosis and neck problems.
  7. Healthy Habits: Follow habits that are healthy. If you smoke, quit it as it reduces blood flow to the lower spine and causes the spinal disks to degenerate.
  8. Sleeping Posture: How you sleep also contribute a lot when it comes to back pains. Practice sleeping on your side, preferably on a firm surface or mattress.
  9. Avoid Twisting Motion: Never twist your body to the side, especially when lifting some load. Twisting at the hips while lifting can be harmful and painful. Keep in mind to wear safety belts for back to keep it firm while lifting heavy loads.
  10. Use Easy Reach Tools: Try to avoid over-reaching places without easy reaching tools. Preferably use ladders or scaffolding to allow you to work at a height and follow safety procedures.

Back pain is getting very common in 21st century because of work environments. Sprains and back strains are becoming very common and can even be seen in teen age. As we grow older some common issues with back pain such as scoliosis, herniated disc and pinched nerves crop up. Shoulder pain is common as back pain and very hard to get rid of entirely. Stretching and or using cold therapy to relax your muscles is a way to reduce these pains. Work places are getting health conscious and provide experts who provide opinions on how to make your desk job comfortable and pain free, take proper advantage of ergonomically-designed furniture and office equipment.

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