Best Vape Supplies for Non Smokers

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Best Vape Supplies for Non Smokers

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Typing “vape supplies” in a search bar is only the beginning if you’re a non-smoker looking for equipment. Non-smokers may not realize there is more than one way to vape. Before any buying is done the most important thing to figure out is which of the two ways to vape would suit you best. Mouth to Lung, or Direct Lung Hits? Yes, the terminology can be a little confusing but the balance of this post will answer those two questions.

Either method will get the vapor to your lungs but they do it in such different ways giving them their own descriptive names was necessary to prevent further confusion. Once those differences are understood, it’s time to go shopping. The future vaper will then be able to narrow down their choices from among the overwhelmingly long list of vaping supplies available in today’s world.

The “Mouth Hit” and What To Expect

Even those who’ve never smoked anything combustible in their lives usually at least know the mechanics of how it’s done. Like sucking on a straw, sometimes a lot of pressure is needed to draw smoke past all that packed tobacco and get it to the lungs. Of course that means any smoke coming in has to pass through the mouth first before it reaches your lungs. The high coil resistance in most vaping devices will act the same way.

Vaporizers may act in the same way but new users who have never smoked before wouldn’t know that so here’s a few tips on what to expect.

  • Take short draws, “sip” the vapor as if it were a hot drink.
  • Hold vapor in your mouth for just a few seconds and then send it to your lungs.
  • The longer vapor is allowed to rest in your mouth, the better it seems to taste.
  • Your device may not produce mega clouds of vapor, but that doesn’t matter if taste is what you’re after.

A “Lung Hit” and What It Means

Lung hits don’t require the suction power that mouth hits do. This low resistance method came about when long-time vapers began looking for a way to produce thicker, larger vapor clouds without so much lung power being necessary. When it was found that loosening the airflow on vaporizers got the desired effect of bigger vapor clouds other modifications were implemented to further enhance the experience.

Now, consumers don’t have to “modify” their own equipment to get those easy lung hits. Manufactures sell these “easy hitters” ready to go with no modifications required. Not everyone has the lungs of an athlete and for them, this method offers the same relief with the least amount of effort.

  • When you take oxygen in it goes straight to your lungs and doesn’t linger in your mouth. Lung hits do the same thing with vapor.
  • This method enables the user to draw much larger clouds in which of course means those exhales are going to be that much more satisfying as well.

Different Styles Require Different Equipment

Obviously, the looseness needed for a lung hit isn’t going to work for mouth hits and tighter resistance makes getting a decent lung hit impossible. Regardless of what the rumor mill may say, vaporizer batteries and the level of power they provide have little to do with either method. The main difference between equipment is in the atomizers and tanks being used.

  • Mouth hits need atomizers and tanks with no air flow control since that limits the amount of vapor produced and prevents the hard draws needed for lung hits.
  • Lung hits have to have some air flow to produce the large clouds desired for inhaling directly into the lungs.

Even the E-Juice Is Different For Mouth or Lung Hits

Those who prefer direct lung hits are usually satisfied with lower concentrations. Since the whole idea is the size of the cloud and taste of the vapor, zero strength e-juice works for them. Where mouth hits are preferred and vapor is held for a few seconds, some of the vapor is going to be absorbed through membranes before being released to the lungs. Those that choose this method generally choose an e-liquid with higher concentrations.

Different equipment and different supplies don’t have to add up to difficulties finding everything you need in one place. Go to VaporAuthority

and they can help you find everything you need. Deciding on the right e-juice for your chosen method is easy, there are only two bases, PG and VG.

  • PG based liquids limit the amount of vapor produced but they are able to maintain more flavor.
  • VG liquids have no problem producing satisfying vapor clouds but they don’t carry the taste as well.

Choosing your option is easier than it seems. All you have to do is decide what means most to you, satisfyingly huge clouds of vapor, or a pleasing taste. One thing is sure, the process of figuring out which method suits you best is sure to be an enjoyable one.


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