The Best Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

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The Best Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

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Your wedding is for you and your groom, but a lot of time it feels like a generic process during the planning stages. Get in tune with what you want and how to make yours stand apart. It’s your one chance to create the best day of your life, so put your thinking cap on and get serious about making it special.

Research what others have done in the past and make a list of what you’ve always envisioned. Start narrowing down different parts of the day and decide where it’s possible to customize it to your liking. There’s always a way to fulfill your wishes, so remain patient and open to new ideas. See the best ways to make your wedding more personal.

Create your Invitations

Creating your wedding program is an important task that feels like a lot of pressure, but it’s also a very romantic touch. It’s easy when you use a free online platform that allows you to design yours from matchless wedding program templates. Pick a size and shape; choose a theme and images to create the perfect wedding program. Your guests will be impressed, and it’s a memory you’ll have forever.

Pick A Hashtag

Get creative and pick a unique hashtag for your wedding. Announce it to your guests, so they know to use it every time they make a post about your wedding on social media. This is a great way to curate pictures from your wedding online. You’ll be able to easily locate pictures from any guest who posted an image using the hashtag after the event.

Select your Music

There are lots of places during the day where your wedding will require music. Take charge and put some thought into what your selections will be for the various parts of the event. Start with the ceremony and work your way through to the end of the night. You’ll hear certain songs throughout the rest of your life and will remember them clearly because you picked them out for the wedding.

Serve A Signature Cocktail

Choose a signature cocktail that has a meaning tied to your wedding. Come up with a creation and name it based on your love for each other. Work with the venue to create a drink that has a catchy name and looks attractive in a glass. Make a sign telling people what it is and why you picked it.

Exhibit Photos

Display a few family photos and pictures of you and your groom together at the wedding. Guests will enjoy seeing how your love for each other has grown over the years. Another idea is to have a slideshow ready to present at the reception. This is a fun way to share pictures of each other over the years and as a couple.


Your wedding doesn’t have to be a cookie-cutter event. Put some thought into making it your own with special touches throughout the evening. These are the best ways to make your wedding more personal.

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