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Beyond the Conventional: 4 Types of Marijuana Products You May Not Have Heard About

As more states legalize marijuana, manufacturers are creating more types of marijuana products. Despite the industry growing at a rapid pace, consumer awareness of the different types of marijuana products is low. All too often, the newest products do not show up on internet searches, so if you haven’t heard of these products, you are not alone.

Most of the new marijuana products have cannabidiol (CBD) oil, but some could have THC in them. These different products allow people to enjoy the benefits of marijuana in public without having to smoke it.


1. Edible CBD gummies

Edibles have become popular for people who like to use CBD products for relaxation. If you like sweets, especially in the form of gummy bears, worms, or other shapes, then CBD gummies might be something you want to try. You get the sweet flavors and chewy texture, but you also get the relaxing properties of the CBD oil, too. Some CBD gummies have other relaxing ingredients, like melatonin or terpenes. Browse CBD gummies here.


2. Beauty and skin-care products

By infusing CBD oil into beauty and skin-care products, manufacturers have tapped into a brand new market – women who love beauty products. As CBD oil helps with relaxation and is soothing, it is a good choice to put into skin-care products. It is easy to find skin-care products with CBD oil at popular store and as more people realize these are available, consumers are enjoying using the newest relaxing CBD oil products in their baths, on their bodies, and in their hair.


3. Dog products

As a whole, the pet products market is massive, so it was only time before manufacturers decided to put CBD oil in them. CBD can be prescribed for humans, but it is not yet something vets can prescribe for pets. However, there are marijuana products available for animals. Pet products with CBD in them come in different flavors and forms but are usually some sort of treat for the dog to ingest. Some people use CBD oil pet products as a tool for relaxing their dogs, while others feed their pets CBD products because they like that it is a plant-based product.


4. Beverages

Drinking CBD is one of the newest ways to ingest marijuana products. CBD is showing up in everything from clever cocktails to calming teas. Even beer and coffee are getting CBD treatment. Some bars and coffee houses are adding CBD beverages to their menus and they yummy recipes are showing up on trendy websites.

It might be difficult to marijuana-infused beverages in states where marijuana is not yet legalized, but this isn’t the case in states where it is legal. There are colas, fruit punches, and other tasty beverages available at dispensaries, coffee shops, and speciality stores. Even though it seems counterintuitive to drink a caffeinated coffee beverage that relaxes you, marijuana-infused coffee can be the perfect beverage to wake you up, but still, keep you calm.

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