Body Language Tips to Remember When Attracting and Seducing Women

What is the most powerful trait that a man can have when it comes to attracting and seducing a beautiful woman? Is it their appearance? Is it how much money they earn? Is it their age?

While these may seem like the most apparent reasons, the truth is that none of these will cause a woman to feel more attracted to you when you’re flirting with her.

Without a doubt, body language is the number one factor associated with making women fall for you.

And despite popular belief, researchers are now estimating the nearly 90% the communication we make with other people is non-verbal.

Basically, this means that people are responding to congruence in your body language including tonality, posture, and the ability to make eye contact.

Women are highly attuned to this subtle communication, which is one of the reasons why status and possession mean very little when you’re trying to attract them.

What Does This Mean?

So, if 90% of everything we are “saying” isn’t coming from our mouths, how can we can our message across when flirting with a woman? Well, it all boils down to displaying alpha male body language characteristics and showing (not telling) the woman that you are a high value male. Let’s take a look at a common example: if someone is walking down the street with their head down and their hands in their pocket, what would be a safe assumption to make?

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In general, you’d probably be less likely to want to start a conversation with that person. And women work the same way. When flirting, it is essential that you are paying attention to your body language. Once you start doing this, you’ll immediately notice a drastic increase in your success rate. Women will start to approach you. Below, we are going to talk about a few body language tips that every male should keep in mind when seducing women.


Guys who are nervous tend to fidget and jerk when they are around attractive women. A confident male will approach an attractive woman and be very controlled in all of his movements. He’ll walk slowly. He’ll smile. You’ll almost never see a confident man fidgeting or playing with his napkin. He’s zoned in to the woman he’s talking to. In general, try to slow down your movements when flirting with women.

A good way to do this is to pretend that you are operating on slow motion. Take your time when walking across the room (do overdue it off course). Essentially, you want to make yourself feel as comfortable as you possibly can and put a lot less effort into looking cool or trying to impress. Controlling your movement when talking to women will automatically cause them to feel more attraction for you.

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Lean Back

This tip can’t be overstated enough: lean back when you are talking to women. This applies for instances when you are both standing up or sitting down. If you’re standing, lean up against a wall and have the woman face you. Allow your arms to hang freely, make eye contact, and smile. If you’re sitting down then avoid “shifting” in your seat.

Lean back and relax. Also make sure that you aren’t folding your arms because this will subconsciously make you look like you’re unreceptive or closed off to what a woman has to say. Master the game of dating with uber popular Tao Of Badass dating system. Remember that “needy” guys will typically lean forward when flirting. But most women see this as try hard and will lose attraction for a male who does this.

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Be Spacious

No matter where you are, try to take up as much room as you possibly can when speaking with a woman. If you’re sitting down then lean back then spread your legs out in a comfortable manner. Essentially, you’ll want to be as “territorial” as you can, but not in a bad way. Women subconsciously pick up on men who aren’t afraid to take up a lot of space.

If you’ve ever seen anyone do this before then you probably assumed that they were the alpha male of the group- they were probably also having the most amount of fun. But just like any tip in this article, make sure that you aren’t overdoing it. Nothing is more annoying to women than a guy who doesn’t recognize personal boundaries during an interaction.

Posture and Walking

The way you walk can tell a woman everything there is to know about you. Referring back to the example we covered earlier: would you approach someone who wasn’t smiling, had their head down, and was walking down the street with their hands in their pockets? Nope. Well, women hold the same standards for men. When walking through a venue, make sure that you have your head tilted up and that your back is straight.

Without overdoing it, try to stick out your chest a little. Move your shoulders back a little as well and always remember to smile. As you do this, you’ll automatically become the “prize” in the room and women will be much more likely to approach you. If you are having a hard time applying this tip then pretend you’re a rock star- or a celebrity. Picture it like this: how would you walk if you had a million dollars in the bank and everyone knew you?

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Open Yourself and Be Indifferent

As you’re flirting with a woman never hide your palms and make sure that your arms are no further than shoulder’s width apart. In general, try to avoid any body language that would cause women to think that you’re being “closed off”. This means uncrossing your arms, legs, and making plenty of eye contact. On the same token, make sure that you are being indifferent, especially early on in the interaction.

For those who don’t know, being indifferent basically means not showing too much emotion. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t laugh or take things too seriously when attracting a woman. It simply means that you shouldn’t try to take too much control of a situation. It also means that you don’t panic if things don’t go the way you expected them to go right off the bat. Women love men who are indifferent to certain outcomes.


Keep in mind that tonality is probably one of the most important factors to keep in mind when you are talking to a woman. It says more about you than any other tip in this article. For example, if you are someone who speaks very fast then learn how to slow down. Slowing down the way you speak with women shows that you aren’t in a rush as well as shows that you are taking pride in what you have to say.

Insecure men tend to speak fast because they want to get their point across before the women decide to walk away. A confident guy doesn’t care either way and places a lot of emphasis on each one of his words. Not to mention, speaking fast is a telltale sign that you are very nervous or insecure. Women are very savvy at picking up these subtle cues and will often turn a guy down just because of this.

On the same token, make sure that you are using a deep tone when speaking with a woman. This demonstrates dominance. Speaking in a high pitched tone demonstrates that you are supplicating for approval. Again, women don’t like this. If you can master your tonality when speaking with women then you will dramatically increase your success rate. Now, let’s move on to the more common body language mistakes most men make with their hands.

Common Body Language Mistakes Men Make With Their Hands

We’ve specifically created a section for this because this is an area where most guys tend to mess up when communicating with a woman. Men who are nervous will demonstrate this by making awkward or untimely hand movements.

The worst part is that most men aren’t even aware that they are doing it. If you want to increase your chances of seducing a woman, catching these mistakes is something that you must do. Let’s a look at what men tend to do with their hands when they are speaking with a woman and are nervous:

  • Sitting on their hands.
  • Turning hands into fists.
  • Shredding napkins.
  • Holding or playing with something.
  • Twiddling thumbs or fingers.
  • Hands not moving at all.

Again, these are symptoms that most men aren’t even aware that they have. What is the solution? For one, learn how to relax when speaking with a woman. Keep your forearms rested on the table and your palms slightly faced up. Basically, you want to keep your hands and arms as relaxed as possible and about three feet apart.

More body language tips and ideas for you:

Remember that most of what you’re telling woman isn’t coming out of your mouth. Women are savvy creatures that pick up on a lot of subtle body language cues given off by men. In order to increase your chances of attracting them, make sure that you are following the tips and guidelines presented in this article.

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