Brand new swim watch for all your swimming needs

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Brand new swim watch for all your swimming needs

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Swimmo is a newcomer on the swim watches market and it came with a bang getting over 180 000 dollars from Kickstarter backers thanks to media buzz and swimmers anticipation eager to try something new.

Now it is a mature product with years of experience in building and improving the watch.

Swimmo Application

Swimmo is almost inseparable from its swimming mobile app (Android, iOS) and hands over some tasks that are uncomfortable to perform on the watch display to the app where it can be done faster – for example, custom goals creation or even watch settings.

Swimming workout metrics

Swimmo gives you all the typical swimming workout metrics you want like pace, duration, laps, distance, calories but adds one more – pulse from your wrist so it doesn’t require an uncomfortable chest strap.

But with the help of your app in minutes, you can create all types of workouts setting a goal just for you and syncing it with your swim watch.

This enables of course tracking of the percent of the goal completed that is visualized on the screen but also something called Smart Goals.

Smart Training Goals

Smart Goals are the custom goals that you will be notified about via vibrations on the swim watch and can give you feedback on your performance during the swim so you can correct it immediately. For example, if you want to stay in the pace you chose for the swimming workout vibrations will communicate if you have to slow down or speed up to achieve the goal.

Swimmo Look and Design

The design of this swimming training watch is modern and comparing to competition very nice looking – there’s no need to take it off after the workout. But good design is more than looks so let’s mention Swimmo training watch unique controls- Rotate&Tap navigation – this replaces buttons on the watch (there’s none!) with wrist flicks and taps and it is so simple and intuitive that after 5 minutes I wanted all my watches and trackers to have it!

The Swimmo swim watch has a full-color OLED screen which is best for the indoor pools where it looks great and is very easy to read. The battery is rechargeable and can last around 7 days of typical swimming training.

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