Capsule Wardrobe 101: All You Need to Know

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Capsule Wardrobe 101: All You Need to Know

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Wardrobes are a crucial addition to any bedroom. After all, where else are we to store our clothes and accessories? They can be customized to increase functionality and maximized for further storage space. Designs can be modified for any space without having to cut back on aesthetics. Ideas come and go out of fashion, and then some return to complete what’s called ‘retro,’ and this applies right across the board from music to fashion, and in this case to bedroom furniture. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Capsule wardrobe.


Humble Origins

The term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ was coined by Susie Faux, a London boutique owner of a shop named “Wardrobe,” in the 1970s. She reckoned on a capsule wardrobe being a collection of a few important items of clothing that never go out of fashion. These were items such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can later be blended and worn with other fashionable, seasonal pieces. Capsule wardrobes were made trendy once again, later in the mid-1980’s by American designer Donna Karan, who designed and released a capsule collection of several compatible, workwear pieces.


Economically Sound

The aim of the user, these days of this kind of wardrobe, is simply to have a clothing combination suitable for most occasions, without having to own an abundant amount of pieces. This surely helps with economic matters and certainly ensures the activity of a healthy and creative state of mind, not only fashion in mind. Custom wardrobes are definitely the way to go, it seems.

Minimalism at its Finest

Most people have probably never heard of a capsule wardrobe, and usually, think of the usual kind of wardrobe one can purchase at a furniture store, the custom ones you can have personally made to suit your space or even the fashionable built in wardrobes which come along with homes these days. The capsule wardrobe is usually adopted by the younger and usually the single type of person, who desires a small, intentional wardrobe which limits clothing to a specific number of pieces. The joy of ownership attributes to more space, intentional purchases and less time spent shopping, which gives time for people to spend on more important pursuits!

Old Habits Can Die Hard

If you come to the realization that you have a shopping habit that you really tired of and want to put to a halt, or a wardrobe full of clothes you seldom wear and don’t really like, why not try out the capsule wardrobe? In W. Australia bedroom wardrobes from Perth’s Lifestyle Wardrobes are a professional and well-qualified wardrobe specialist, in the manufacture and installation of top quality classy and functional wardrobes.

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A bedroom is a place where we spend one-third of our lives, so therefore we all deserve to have that one little area where we can have the most pleasant surroundings. As a wardrobe is something you will be using on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to get one which will positively increase the ambiance of that space, so make sure to select the perfect one just for you.

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