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The Cost of Owning a Pet and Its Benefits

Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience as you can expect healthy living and greater enjoyment in your life. Also, you get a companion as well as security which are a great benefit of owning a pet. Even your children can learn to be responsible and follow a fixed routine. According to one of the veterinary association on an average, a person spends around $25,000 on a dog, so be prepared or you’ll be applying on the best payday loan sites to pay for them. When you keep a pet, you need to incur many other expenses apart from the initial cost of adoption. As a matter of fact, the cost of owning a dog is more than that of a cat.

Cost of Owning a Dog and Its Importance

Dogs are a known to live for about 15 years which means that apart from the money spent for adoption in the first year you also need to pay around another $900 every year. This is the minimum amount you have to spend for the duration of the life of a dog. The money which you have to pay in all might be less or more as it depends on many things like the breed, age, and illness of your dog. The cost of owning a pet mainly depends on the duration of your pet’s life.

Upfront Costs for a Dog

You can purchase your favorite dog by spending from $0-$25,000. Besides that, you are also obliged to pay around $40-$150 for registration. You also have to take your dog for desexing which will cost you around $200-$500 depending on the age, gender and size of the dog. The treatment of flea and worming is crucial for the protection of your dog which will cost around $120 -$300. The microchipping of your dog will cost around $60-$80.

You are also required to take your puppy for vaccination which will cost you around $170-$250. You also need to provide your dog with bed or kennel which will cost you roughly $100-$200. If you want to keep your dog active, you need to buy collar and harness which will come at a price of $40-$100. For dog food and bowls you need to spend around $800 which depends on the quality of food and bowls.

The cost of grooming of your dog depends on the breed, size, and frequency which come around $70-$90. In the same way, you need to take your dog for puppy training which will cost around $170. The toys and treat for your favorite dog would cost your around $50.

The total money which you to spend for your dog in the first year is $2,350 -$5,000.

Ongoing Cost for Keeping a Dog

The current costs for maintaining a dog include $90 on account of annual health check while the flea and worming treatments would cost you around $120. You need to spend around $600 and above for food and the grooming of your favorite pet is between $70 -$90.

Costs of Owning a Cat

In comparison to dogs, a cat can live up to 20 years. Due to this in addition to the initial cost when you bring a kitten until the time it grows into a cat you have to spend around $850 every year. Just like dogs the final or the total cost could be higher or lower depending on the breed, size, age and illness of your cat.

Upfront Costs Involved in Keeping a Cat

You can go to purchase your favorite cat by spending $0-$2,000, and for its registration, you have to pay $40 – $150. You need to take your cat for desexing, and this will cost your somewhere $115-$300. The flea and worming treatment of your cat will cost you $100.

You may require taking your kitten for vaccination for which you have to shell $170-$200. The microchipping for your cat will cost you around $60, and the bed will cost $50-$100. The collar and bell for your cat will cost you $15-$50. Food and bowls, you have to spend $370 or more. Your cat requires grooming from time to time which will cost you $50 and more which mainly depends on the breed and frequency. You also need to go for a scratching post for you cat which will cost you $20- $300. The tray and litter will cost you $130-$180 while the toy and treats will make you spend $30. The total money which you have to spend on your cat in the first year is $1100 -$3500.

Ongoing Cost for Keeping Your Favorite Cat

You have to pay around $80 for annual vaccination check for your cat. The flea and worming treatment of your cat will have you spend $100-$150. The food for your cat will cost you around $500, and the grooming will make you pay up to $50.

The cost of owning a pet is important to know as it gives you a fair idea to manage your expenses. However, there are ways to save money on pets. Whether you own a dog or a cat or a bird you need to incur some cost if you want to keep your pet in a proper way.