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Want a Beautiful Smile?

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From a young age it’s very important to take care of teeth. Many people when they reach adulthood regret not visiting a dentist regularly, not brushing teeth every day and not having treatment when required. Crooked or misaligned teeth don’t do much for a smile, so make sure to see a reputable orthodontist at least twice a year. For those whose teeth protrude there’s good news! Invisible braces are now available which are hidden behind the teeth instead of being on show.

Make an appointment soon to find out more about invisible braces Perth and have a beautiful smile without being embarrassed. These types of braces are comfortable to wear as they are made specifically for individuals who need treatment for misaligned teeth or improper bite. Dentists are highly experienced in creating invisible braces and are more than happy to answer any questions there might be regarding fitting and wearing them.

Are invisible braces better than conventional braces?

Obviously invisible braces appeal to more people than conventional braces. They are discreet to wear and:-

  • Convenient to use. They can be worn at all times and there’s no need to take them off when eating or drinking.
  • The brackets and wires of invisible braces can be customised to suit individual’s teeth perfectly. There’s no need to compromise and knowing teeth will be straight eventually, makes braces well worth wearing.
  • Being invisible no-one has to worry about their appearance. Smile with confidence and feel much better when in company as the braces are totally hidden from view.

invisible braces 2

Invisible braces can be worn when at work, university, college or school. They won’t fall out and no-one will suspect they are being worn. Make it part of a regime to see an orthodontist if teeth aren’t straight, there are gaps between teeth or they are not as perfect as film star’s teeth for instance.

Trust professional orthodontists

By trusting professional orthodontists to create a perfect smile will give people confidence. Costs for invisible braces aren’t too expensive, so make enquiries soon. Affordable invisible braces in Perth are definitely the answer to prominent or jutting out teeth. It’s important for many to be able to smile without showing teeth that aren’t perfect or straight. Orthodontists can:-

  1. Correct teeth which may otherwise cause anxiety
  2. Improve self-esteem
  3. Improve smiles
  4. Create individual treatment plans for patients
  5. Provide quality treatment

Don’t let teeth be a problem, make contact with friendly orthodontic dentists as soon as possible.

Personalised treatment and quality dental care

Expect personalised treatment and quality dental care when seeing an orthodontist. Treatment will begin with:-

  • A close examination
  • Impressions of teeth and X-Rays
  • A diagnosis of any problems
  • Effective treatment plans

Remember to look after teeth and gums at all times. Choose invisible braces rather than metallic ones from now on and get children used to seeing a dentist too so they have no fears of being in “that chair”.

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A guide to choosing the best dental plans

Category : Dental

It is a fact that the dental costs are far too high for an average person to pay quickly. It is why people opt for the best dental plans. These are the programs which help them cover up for the dental emergencies. Everyone needs dental care. There are many plans which also offer dental coupons.  So, if you are looking for a dental plan, here are a few questions you should ask before buying a plan. Ask these questions to be sure of the company’s legal status.

How much do these best dental plans cost?

One of the very first things that you must look for before buying a plan is the cost. Many companies offer discounts and coupons and small upfront payments. Make sure that you search all your options and then choose the one which provides services and plans at a low cost. You must also ask the company how many plans they have. These dental companies offer more than just a single dental plan.

What procedures do these best dental plans cover?

Of course, one of the most important things to know before purchasing a plan for your dental care is the procedures.  Ask the company how many procedures they cover.  Ask them which procedures they cover? They will provide you a list of all the dental procedures covered. If it has only a few, then leave the company and search for some other.  Your plan will be the best only if it includes almost all the dental procedures. If they say that they have low cost plans with a few options, it means they are only trying to make money instead of helping solve the dental issues.


Are there any extra benefits?

Ask the company if they have any discounts. There are many dental plans which offer exclusive discounts. Many insurance companies also offer bonuses and free stuff too. So, compare the plans from various companies before you buy. Search online and you will find many insurance companies with a lot of extras.

Is the company registered?

There are many unregistered companies, and they do not have a license with the NADP. Make sure that you buy a plan from a registered company. Only the legally operating companies can give you the benefits and advantages. Only the registered companies offer bonuses and freebies. One of the ways to know if the company is legal or not is by looking at their offers. If they offer rewards, coupons, and other free offers, it means it is registered and operating legally. Ask them to show you the legal documents. A reliable company will never hesitate to provide you with their legal documents.  

How long has the company been in business?

One of the most important aspects of a good dental plan is it is offered by a company with decades of experience. Ask the company how many years have they been servicing? Ask them how many customers they have? Ask them for testimonials or references. A reliable company will never hesitate to provide you with their past clients.

These are a few ways in which you can choose the best dental plans from a reputable company. It is important that you also learn what extras they offer. There are bonuses, free stuff, and many companies also offer dental coupons.

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Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Category : Dental

Most people know that healthy teeth start with healthy food. Find a dentist, and he or she will confirm that candy and soda can encourage cavities. But you may be surprised to learn what other types of food also have a bad impact on teeth.

Q: What food is the number one offender?

A: Ice. Although there is nothing wrong with putting ice in your water, chewing ice can wear down enamel because of the friction between the hard ice and the tooth. Worn enamel can lead to cavities, infections and tooth sensitivity.



Q: I remember being told as a kid that candy and soda are bad for the teeth. However, I was shocked to hear that sports drinks are just as harmful to kids’ teeth as soda. Why are sports drinks bad for teeth?

A:  Sports drinks are very acidic. In addition to the sugar, the acid wears away the enamel of the teeth.

Q: Does the same apply to citrus fruits, then?

A: Yes. Although citrus fruits are delicious and high in vitamin C, the acid in citrus helps to erode enamel, which is damaging to the tooth.



Q: Is it true that sticky foods are the mouth’s worst nightmare?

A: Yes. Particles get stuck in between teeth and in crevices of the molars and are not easily removed.

Q: How can I avoid staining my teeth?

A: One of the things we can do to avoid stains is to drink beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine through a straw.

Q: What is the best way to maintain good dental health?

A: Choose healthy foods and brush and floss twice a day.  Find a dentist near you and get regular checkups. Teeth cleanings are important not just for clean teeth, but a healthy body as well.

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The Importance of Choosing an ADA Member Dentist

Category : Dental

You might think that the American Dental Association (ADA for short) is just a little seal on your toothpaste that tells you the minty contents are good for your teeth and gums. While you’re partly right, the ADA is actually much more. In fact, the American Dental Association can have a lot more to do with your mouth than you might think! As a dentist in Garden Grove, California our team frequently advises patients on the best available treatments for a wide variety of dental conditions. Part of that process is informed by the American Dental Association.


When you’re choosing a dentist, it’s important to consider a number of factors. Of course, you’ll be concerned about the type of dentistry the practice specializes in and the actual personality of your dentist. But you also want to double check that your future dentist is a member of the American Dental Association, because it’s far more than just a sticker on your toothpaste.  According to the ADA’s guide for new dentists, the organization characterizes itself as “America’s leading advocate for oral health” They describe themselves as the dental world’s “do-gooders” focused on help dentists succeed by offering better care to patients.


When you choose a dentist that’s a member of the American Dental Association, it’s almost as if you’re ensuring you get the best available treatment that modern dental science and technology has to offer. That’s because one of the ADA’s primary goals it to ensure that member dentists are 100% up-to-date when it comes to the latest information and knowledge pertaining to dentistry of every kind. While the majority of dentists are members of the ADA, not every dentist is (and membership isn’t an absolute requirement).



Let’s look at a real world example of how the ADA works.


When you choose a dentist that’s a member of the ADA, not only do they have immediate access to the most up-to-date information about procedures, conditions, medications, and technologies — you also ensure that your dentist as agreed to the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. “What on earth does that mean?” you might be wondering. In short, it means “We’ve got you covered.” It means an ADA dentist will always  put you — the patient’s — well-being first.



But that’s not all. The American Dental Association frequently publishes thought leadership and articles that can directly influence the way your dentist treats your family. From the specifics that go into treating pregnant women to studies that dictate early childhood dental problems, advancements in orthodontics, and more — membership in the ADA is good for dentist and patient alike.


If you aren’t looking for a Garden Grove Dentist, but live somewhere else in the country. The ADA has created a handy tool to help you find a member dentist in your own community.  Use this tool on the American Dental Association’s consumer website:


While ADA membership is a great thing to look for in a dentist, it’s not all! Read the latest post on the Primary Dental Care blog, “3 Simple Tips for Picking a Dentist”

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Teeth Whitening Options Explained by Leading OKC Dentist

Category : Dental


Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS, says there are two primary options available where professional teeth whitening is concerned. Here, the OKC dentist explains the difference between in-office and assisted teeth whitening procedures.


In-office whitening


According to Dr. Johnson, his OKC dentist office offers in-office teeth whitening. This process uses a highly-concentrated, professional grade hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution. It is not uncommon, explains the OKC dentist, for providers to accelerate the process with a special light. Prior to bleaching, the mouth is inspected for signs of decay or gum disease and the gums are guarded from exposure to the whitening agent. The OKC dentist claims he can completely transform a dull smile in about an hour.


In-office teeth whitening cost anywhere between $500 and $1200. Dr. Johnson notes that this is the most expensive way to get a brighter smile. Despite its costs, teeth whitening performed by the OKC dentist remains the most popular way to remove stains, as it is the fastest and most effective.


Dentist supervised (at-home) whitening


OKC dentist Dr. Damon R Johnson, DDS cautions that in-office whitening is not for everyone. The cost factor and extended office visit requirements just aren’t practical for today’s busy lifestyles. Another option for professional results is dentist-assisted whitening. Dr. Johnson explains this process offers similar results to in-office whitening but uses a lower concentration solution.


For these take-home kits, the Edmond Dentist will take impressions of the patient’s teeth. A custom mouth tray is then molded from these impressions. At home, the mouthpiece will be filled with whitening gel and worn for up to two hours a day. The OKC dentist explains the mouthpiece is needed to ensure consistent contact across all of the teeth.


At-home teeth whitening is about half the cost of in-office whitening but takes between 7 and 14 days for results to become visible. Some patients with severe staining choose to wear the mouthpiece for several months, explains the OKC dentist. Major drawbacks of at-home whitening are the risks of gum irritation from improperly applied solution and potentially unsatisfactory results.


Risks and restrictions


According to OKC dentist Dr. Damon R Johnson, teeth whitening is relatively safe and poses no serious side effects. Mild tooth sensitivity is common but it usually subsides without intervention. Because the effects of the whitening agents on babies are unknown, pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid teeth whitening. Patients with gum disease or untreated cavities should also abstain from this common cosmetic procedure.


For more information about OKC dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS, visit his website at


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