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Wood Cabin playhouse

Some of the Amazing Benefits of Wood Cabins You May Not Know is with something amazing today. There are number of people who love to build a log house or wood cabin in their home. The timber frame with couple of windows is a great therapy at home. Most of the homes with lavish design have a wood cabin as a store or kids room are of great value. If you are looking to build a wood cabin for any purpose then this blog is for you. Don’t forget to share it with friends on facebook and twitter after reading it.

Scandinavian countries have more than 80% wood houses.  Wood cabins and houses are gaining popularity everyday due to their organic look, sleek design and multiple uses. For such weathers, it is considered more stable and sustainable also. The cost of building a modest wood cabin is less as compared to other structures.

It’s Warm

A wood cabin will always invite you and your guests at your house. It is due to the cozy and comfortable feeling. Thermal mass is the natural property of wood. Therefore, it is favorable for all the seasons. It is the best thing if you want to spend long evenings with a relaxing time.

You can put your bar be que pit outside the wood cabin and have a fun family time every night. It will give you a better storage and sitting place.

Environmentally Friendly

There are no environment issues in building a wood cabin. It’s 100% natural and contain wood that is good for living. If you are going for a custom wood cabin, then don’t forget to include high quality wood that lasts for long and the color don’t fade away early. It also does not contain any static electricity due to nature of the wood. Similarly all the wood cabins does not welcome any sort of allergies and makes it suitable for living too.

Wood Cabin Ventilation System

You don’t need to install an AC or HVAC system in a cabin. Its ventilation is natural through the wood walls. The air won’t be dry inside the cabin as compared to the brick houses in winder. Wood easily absorbs moisture and keep the stored goods for long. The wood cabins are always protected by air and water in extreme weather conditions.

Hand Crafted

There are certain builders who offer hand crafted wood cabins. They are easy to customize according to your needs. You can even build a storage room out of it. Similarly hand crafted wood cabins look more beautiful. Everyone coming to your house will praise the piece of nature and art too.

Long Lasting

The timber is guarded by temperature and other extreme conditions. If you take care of the wood cabin then it can be used till 150 to 200 years. In short, its life is more than other construction material.

So there are few important things like selecting a high quality material and professional company to build a wood cabin.

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Utilising Troughs and Planters for Gardening

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Although gardening is a pleasure and joy to many, to others it can be much more difficult to achieve the desired results – for a number of reasons. Firstly, there may be forces out of their control working against them – bad weather, the wrong kind of soil or simply not having the time to commit to such a long-term project.
In times like these, there is a solution! Using containers, planters and troughs for gardening is an easy, versatile way of adding some life and colour to your garden without needing to spend hour after hour, week after week preparing and maintaining the entire garden.
This method also works wonderfully well for those with limited space – think balconies, rooftop gardens, boxy, paved yards and doorsteps.
As well as being ideal for those with limited space, utilising containers is an easy way to make gardening easy for the amateur or novice gardening, venturing out into a green-fingered world. As the containers can be picked up and worked on at height, they won’t cause any of the aches and pains that gardeners so often get.
Finally, the containers and planters are easily moved around, changing the entire aesthetic and visual appeal of your garden in moments.
The Benefits of Moveable Gardening
Troughs and Planters are a great alternative to raised beds that require a little more time, dedication and money to achieve your goal. Raised beds require digging and building and are a little more costly, so if you’re looking to make a big impact on a smaller budget, then a trough could be ideal for your needs.
Another benefit of using troughs and planters is that it keeps your pets out of the foliage. With no bunnies nibbling on leaves and no cats or dogs marking their territory, your plants and flowers will thrive!
You can vary the size and height with ease, creating a very aesthetically pleasing garden arrangement that isn’t restrictive to your imagination and creativity. It is also important that you consider your arrangement from all angles as it might not look as attractive from the side, or it might appear entirely different from inside your home.
Top Tips
• Ensure your planters and containers are ready for drainage. Drill holes in the bottom where necessary and arrange so that the water can drain away easily
• Line your planters well to ensure correct drainage – at least three inches of gravel and some fine mesh to prevent soil wastage is ideal
• Keep the soil moist as they can dry out in warmer weather – but not too wet as it can kill the plants
• Longer containers and troughs are great for growing vegetables like carrots, too!
• Planters warm up easily – which makes them ideal for growing tomatoes and peppers
With so many opportunities afforded to you by making use of these dynamic and resourceful containers, your garden will never feel as fresh and vibrant!

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