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Can Dehydration Cause Back Pain?

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Nowadays, the campaigns that are aimed to promote the importance of drinking water are numerous and it is a shame to notice there are so many that still do not know what dehydration can cause. Although you may think differently, according to Icon Medical Centers, dehydration can cause various pains and aches. This is because it is at least a contributing factor.

The truth is most people do not drink as much water as they should on a daily basis. When you are faced with back pain, it is a really good idea to think about how much water you are drinking. Dehydration will have many negatives, including damaging your spine.

Spine Discs And Water Intake

What you should understand is that discs between spine vertebras are made out of water. When the body is faced with dehydration, discs can end up shrinking. This will put unnecessary pressure on your spinal nerve in the area. Various neurological symptoms can appear and pain is actually much more common than what you may think. Your spine can lose its stability because of chronic dehydration. In many cases the patients end up in hospitals or seek chiropractic care because of bulging discs or herniated disks. As you do not drink as much water as you need, back pain often appears because of spine disc related dehydration problems.

Long Term Suffering

There are thousands of people that now have to deal with debilitating back pain and that do not know that the cause is dehydration. Dehydration is sometimes not noticed as the body will use all the water resources available in order to function. When affected by dehydration it is normal to have joint stiffness and a reduced flexibility. You tend to believe that the problem is a chronic disease like arthritis but dehydration is the culprit. That will happen so much more often than what many believe.

We should realize that back pain is always a symptom though. Curing the cause is always a necessity if chronic back pain appears. At the same time, dehydration will cause various other related health problems. It is important to have proper water intake for the following reasons:

  • Maintaining proper circulation – If you are dehydrated you can be faced with dizziness, headaches, hearing problems and blurred vision.
  • Maintaining energy levels – it is completely normal to feel exhausted, fatigued and weak as the body is dehydrated. Blood will thicken and your heart ends up working so much harder than what would be the case.
  • Maintaining healthy weight – Low water intake will make the metabolism slower. The immediate result is weight gain. As you increase water intake you can be faced with an increase in weight loss levels.

No doubt dehydration has really high damaging effects on your body. Besides the back pain that you would be faced with, so many other problems can appear. It is really important that you always focus on identifying exactly what is happening with your body. If you have no idea why back pain is present, go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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Zenrise Energy Drink: Put the Best In, Get the Best Out

Category : Health

When it comes to completing hard days work, one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects is keeping up the energy levels you need. Some of us rely upon coffee; others try and go for something a little more powerful. For example, energy drinks have become a huge part of the industry in recent years and this has created an alternative for people.

One drink that has hit the market recently is Zenrise, a powerful energy drink in the Philippines that does all the work you could possibly need in strengthening and improving your quality of life as far as you would typically expect it to.

Made to give our bodies nutrition that can help improve energy levels over extensive sugar intakes, Zenrise works well to keep us performing at a high level without the dangerous ingredients that others may use.

Through a scientifically proven form of nutrition improvement, this gives our bodies a large chunk of what they need to stay in fine fighting form. This helps to improve physical and mental management, ensuring that you can get the best version of yourself possible from every possible activity that you undertake. This takes a huge deal of strength and commitment to do without the help of a useful solution, typically requiring a whole change in your eating habits generally.

By doing this, you get to enjoy a much more diverse quality of life without the same energy dips and troughs that many others need to go through. Instead of getting through the day with coffee, why not try something a little more nutritionally dense, instead?

A Balanced Way to Energize Yourself

Thanks to the help of Zenrise, you can give your body a greater nutritional balance than arguably any other drink of this kind. It gives us a lasting level of energy that feels natural and, thankfully, lacks any of the typical crashes that you may expect to go through as time goes on.

It avoids an energy imbalance and means you have the freshness and the finesse to get through even the most challenging of energy crashes. If you want to try and get some hard work done, this is the perfect way to make that possible.

The Major Benefits of Zenrise

Includes a fantastic level of clarity of thought within each can. If you find yourself struggling to get into the mental shape needed to make your life as comfortable as possible, you need to turn to Zenrise for help and assistance. You can find that cognitive function improves as you become more capable of clear concentration and smart, sound thinking as time goes on.

Otherwise, you can easily enhance your concentration levels and make sure that you can strengthen performance naturally. It’s a good aid for getting you in mental shape to take on a tough examination, ensuring that your mind does not wander when you need it to stay on target.

This allows for body maintenance as well as mind maintenance. By keeping stress levels nice and low, you can make sure that your body can maintain a high level of continuous performance. This avoids any kind of typical imbalance that can limit your quality of life and make sure that you have the juice needed to get through any kind of challenging day or event.

With no high-sugar ingredients and no added stimulants, this is all about giving our bodies a kick in the right direction without filling it with the kind of stimulants we want to avoid. This is all about giving us a natural and energetic kick that is lasting and does not come with the same damaging blowback of other forms of energy drinks along the way.

Major Ingredients

A major part of the Zenrise potential is the fact that it’s so full of the right kind of ingredients. From vitamin B and natural caffeine to amino acids and lemon-life soda spices, this combines conditioning, quality and consistency all into one can. It allows for easy management of the mind as much as the body and it also makes it simpler for you to make changes to how you live.

By introducing major ingredients such as amino acids and Vitamin B to our systems, you can make up for a lack of these products in the past and make your general living quality a little better. Best of all? It’s super easy to make; simply mix with water and then shake it up. Once it’s ready, drink and enjoy the nutritional benefits bestowed upon you in one, easy drink that works for a whole variety of reasons!

Not only is this a physical energy drink that can make all the difference to your daily performance, but also it introduces a sound nutritional formula that is made to help provide mental and physical endurance throughout the day.

Within moments upon consuming it, you can enjoy a far stronger level of physical and mental endurance as well as a lasting hydration that feels much better to live with. Overall, Zenrise is the kind of energy drink that fills in the gaps where our diets and our lifestyles may let us down.


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Online Psychiatrist Consultations : A Boon to the Needy!

Category : Health

There has actually been an expanding rate of interest in Online Psychiatrist utilizing email, document as well as live video conferencing making use of Skype or similar free solutions. The comfort of this strategy for the customer is really obvious: The client can take control of the process, paying only for the time that she or he intends to pay for. The customer can have his session at a time that is hassle-free to him, and can make the effort to compose his e-mail inquiries and also comments at his leisure, rather than sensation pressured to perform during a traditional session. Of course, not having to require time off work to own to a specialist’s office is always an and also. Usually the expense for on the internet sessions is a lot reduced too since the therapist does not have to pay for workplace. Generally, it is well recognized that if you make therapy a lot more accessible and also more convenient, then people will be most likely to stick with it, and this is always a major consider the effective result of psychiatric therapy.

How efficient is it?

Well, in a scientific research released in the Lancet in August, 2009, Online Treatment, via immediate messaging, resulted in a considerable recovery rate for people struggling with clinical depression. The treatment method made use of was Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

In general online therapy functions best when customers are provided specific approaches with which they can experiment at home. Techniques such as CBT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy are particularly proper.

The actual procedure of jotting down your thoughts in an email is a greatly powerful device for aiding you establish a much more objective relationship with emotions, which can be very abstract and also tough to verbalize. This is why journaling has long been encouraged in several institutions of psychiatric therapy. Then taking the vibrant step of sharing this with one more individual is also very equipping for most people. Some individuals excel at doing this face-to-face, however many in fact feel daunted and require even more time to develop the appropriate words, without a specialist pressing them for material.

The on the internet technique could also be good for the specialist, since they could take time to create the right methods to supply the client and not really feel pressured to supply an option on the spot.

Is Online Therapy a substitute for face-to-face sessions?

No, possibly not, yet it is absolutely an exceptional enhancement, and offers an alternative for those that do not feel comfortable with standard therapy sessions, or are unable to go to such sessions. It might be specifically beneficial for those dealing with social anxiousness or agoraphobia. One point is for certain: the web has come to be a major part of lots of people’s lives, and also we ought to develop the amazing potential of the World Wide Web for bringing people with each other to promote health recovery. For more info click here ->


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What You Should Know About Male Incontinence

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Once you reach the age of sixty above, your body functions tend to slow down. This is perfectly normal because our bodies are starting to get weak as we age. One of the common things that old people experience is incontinence. Incontinence is the inability to control your bladder, which results into involuntary peeing. Men are usually embarrassed when caught having a case of incontinence.

One of the key things to understand if you are suffering from incontinence is that it’s easier to take control and seek help. Men need to swallow their pride and ask for help when they think they can’t handle their urinary problem anymore. Below are some of the things you need to know about male incontinence.

Types of Incontinence


This is a type where an outside force plays a factor in the involuntary relieving of urine. Those factors may come from coughs, laughs, lifting a heavy object or the sudden movement of the body. Due to them, your bladder will unable to control the amount of pee.


Your bladder tends to hold in your pee at your own will. For this type of incontinence, you would feel the need to go to the bathroom but are unable to make it in time. Your bladder will release whatever urine it’s holding in, no matter how hard you try to hold it in.


Overflow incontinence is common among men. Overflow happens when you feel that your bladder is so full that it can’t hold in anymore. This leads to leaks because of the excess urine. This is common to men because of cases of enlarged prostates found in men.

The number cause of male incontinence lies to their prostates. The prostate gland is responsible for producing semen, which carries the sperm cells. They tend to grow larger as you age. This is normal for men. Incontinence in men usually starts with problems that concern the prostate. It is important to have it your prostate checked when you are experiencing problems when urinating.

How to Deal With Male Incontinence

Avoid Holding Your Pee in for a Long Time

It is important to go to the bathroom if you feel you need to pee. This is to avoid causing problems not only in your prostate but also in your kidneys. Prolonged holding in of urine could lead to illnesses such as UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and Prostatitis.

Use Incontinence Products

Because incontinence is fairly common with old people, there are lots of products that can be used to help with your urinary problem. Some come in cheap if you prefer the disposable ones. But if you want to help save the environment, there are also those that you can use over and over again.

Adult Diapers

The use of adult diapers is the most common solution for incontinence. This can help you go on with your everyday activities without having to worry about a sudden leak. There are two types of diapers: cloth and disposable ones. Disposable ones are the most common because they can be easily disposed of. You can wear them with your undergarments to help prevent leaks when you’re outside.


Check out the quality adult diapers from LLMedico today and say goodbye to incontinence!








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Magnetic Bracelets for Pain Relief

Category : Health

If you suffer from any kind of type of body pain, you will be thankful of any remedy for it. Magnetic bracelets for pain relief are one type of therapy that you might intend to consider and some people discover them extremely efficient. If you do not deal with joint inflammation asap, it can cause significant issues in the future. You will certainly locate that it will influence your joints and also arthritis bracelets can ease the pain as well as pain.

Joint inflammation is a condition that includes damage to your joints and also there are over 100 various forms of joint inflammation. The signs and symptom that the majority of people suffer from is joint discomfort as well as pain and this is brought on by swelling. This can be around the joint and general damage of the joint will cause it to be much more painful. Although there is no cure, there are a number of things that you could do to help with the pain. The use of magnetic armbands for arthritis is becoming a very popular form of treatment with some impressive results.

Electromagnetic fields are made use of in natural medicine and it is thought that putting on joint inflammation bracelets can help your wrists and also hands. By wearing one of these on an area of your body that has inflammation, the swelling will be decreased. This is done by the joint inflammation arm bands encouraging your body to excrete some excess liquid and removing the toxic substances within that area. Best magnetic bracelet for pain relief likewise aid your flow, which will aid all of your joints. They typically assist to increase your blood flow and oxygen degrees, which reduces the swelling.

The magnetic arm bands for joint inflammation are adverse magnets that cause this response within your body and have actually been made use of for centuries. Although some physicians are still unsure of their real results, they could do you no injury and could assist your discomfort. Natural medicine is discredited all over the globe but there is no rejecting it does get results. Merely by increasing the blood circulation in the areas with the arthritis discomfort, you could have a far better life.

The joint inflammation arm bands come in numerous different designs to match every person. Both men and women look excellent in them and also they are really laid-back looking and do not stick out on your wrist. You can find them conveniently online and also some stores do now equip them. Making a decision which bracelet to buy is up to your taste and spending plan; however, they are all very budget-friendly.

There are particular situations when you ought to not wear joint inflammation bracelets. Being pregnant, having a pacemaker as well as individuals with digital implants are not advised to wear them. If you are worried, speaking with your physician will assist you to decide if this style of therapy benefits you. They are budget friendly and also do have a good track record of helping arthritis sufferers. You might give them a shot and see exactly what happens as anything that could assist with the pain rates.

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5 Ways You Can Lower High Blood Pressure

Category : Health

It’s no secret that millions of men and women from around the world struggle to keep their blood pressure level. High blood pressure can be the leading cause for a wide range of different things. If you are battling with high blood pressure, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a number of different treatment options and we’ll talk about them today.

Eating A Healthy Diet

One of the leading causes of high blood pressure is eating unhealthy. You have to watch what you eat. If you can start to plan for better meals, your blood pressure will naturally lower. You should focus on a eating healthy non-GMO fruits and vegetables to start. You’ll also need to watch your calorie intake. Eating healthy alone is enough to lower blood pressure and lose weight.

Plenty Of Exercise

Exercise is a must for those of you trying to lower your blood pressure. If you can commit to 30 minutes of physical activity a day, you’ll start to see your blood pressure going down. There’s a number of different exercises that can be used, such as walking, jogging, dancing, or playing sports. If you can handle up to an hour or more intense workouts, you’ll be able to burn fat too. You can decide how much you can handle. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, I’d recommend taking it slow and gradually moving up.


Some of you that have high blood pressure will likely be put on medication. This medication will control your blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level. As I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for more than a decade, I was prescribed a medication called Irbesartan 150MG. I’ve did good on it. There’s many blood pressure medications out there, your doctor will know what to prescribe you for your specific situation.


If you’re a drinker, it could very well be the cause of your high blood pressure. While alcohol can be good for your health, it can also be bad. It’s ok to have a few drinks, but you don’t want to over do it. If you’re drinking heavy amounts of alcohol each day, it’s going to likely have a negative effect on your health. Try your best to drink less and monitor your blood pressure. If you can’t stop drinking, I would recommend seeking the appropriate help.

Reducing Sodium

Some of you may be aware that reducing your sodium intake can help you lower your blood pressure. In fact, it doesn’t take much to raise your blood pressure. If you’re consuming a lot of sodium, cut it down and see if that helps. Most people are unaware that they’re consuming large amounts of sodium. Again, you have to watch what you eat. Start paying attention to the ingredients of the foods you consume and I’m sure you’ll find the culprit.


As you can see, there’s a few different routes you can take to lower your blood pressure. Make no mistake, high blood pressure is dangerous. High blood pressure is no good and if you never take the time to solve it, you’ll regret it later on. If you’re not sure that you have high blood pressure, take the time to get a blood pressure test or take a trip to your family doctor. It’s better to know now so you can get it took care of rather than waiting until something serious happens. Go get checked out.


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Top 6 Things to do if you have a Mental Illness

Category : Health

If you have a mental illness, you should do something about it. Just ignoring it won’t make it go away. Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be a scary time, and you might have a lot of questions in your mind. You should know that no matter what you do, you can certainly survive this by getting help.

Here are some of the things that you need to remember if you have a mental illness

Do Not Panic – If you realize that you have a mental illness, it is important to stay calm and make any hasty decisions for yourself. It is essential that in the case of a psychotic episode, you move to a place that is safe for you and others. If you are not sure, it is best to get admitted to a local emergency room till you can think clearly again.

Know that you are Not Alone – You need to know that you are not alone in your crisis. If you are feeling isolated, it is important to talk to your parents, siblings or your friends about what you are thinking. This will help you become rational and not have the feeling of being isolated from the entire world.

Keep an Open Mind – Even if you feel that there is no one who can help you in this tough situation, it is important to keep an open mind. To take help from others, you should be willing to work with them and believing that they can help. Every person is different and what might work for others might not work for you. Thus, you need to be open to trying out new things.

Talk to a Therapist – Talking to a therapist can help you look at the problem from a different perspective; know what is causing the psychotic episode and what you can do to prevent it in the future. They will listen to you and help you get a clear understanding of the problem. Thus, it is important to pick a professional counselor in your area.

Take Time off Work – If you can afford it, it is best to take a break from your work to eliminate any additional stress that might add to your mental illness. You should seek help for your mental illness as soon as possible without having to worry about losing your job. If you do not seek help, the chances are that you will not be able to hold your job anyway.

Do not believe in Myths – There are some people who will talk to against taking professional help and ask you to just snap out of it. It is because people believe in such myths that they are unable to get better. It is important to be proactive about getting help.

There is no permanent solution for a temporary problem. There will always be better days than days in which you are now. By seeking help, you can certainly get better. Going through a mental illness can be tough, but with the counseling and therapy, it will get better.

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How much important a sound sleep for your health

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If you are jealous of someone who can sleep anywhere at any time, then I can guess your reason of jealousy. It’s nothing but your sleeping disorder that is causing your depressed life. There is no reason to think negative if you sleep less. Those who sleep more than they need are also included in the list. Yes, of course the worst sufferers are those who are suffering from “Insomnia”. People having less attention at their works, unable to function creatively, short-tempered and lazy are found to have less sleep according to various studies. Sometimes you gotta sleep early just to stay beautiful. Probably you are not interested in having diseases like diabetics or obesity or heart attack. You need to know that insufficient sleep brings you very close to all these unexpected diseases. Calm down before going crazy at your nights. Here goes a chart determining hours needed to sleep for different age groups.

Age group      Hours needed to sleep per 24 hours

0-2 months      12-18 hours

3- 11 months   14-15 hours

1-3 years         12-14 hours

3-5 years         11-13 hours

5-10 years       10-11 hours

10-17 years     8.5-9. 25 hours

18 and above  7-9 hours


Now you can know how much hours you have to sleep to call it a sound sleep. If you are sleeping less than the required hours then let me explain why you should think about you sleeping circle twice.

Physical and mental progress:

Human body runs in a progressive way where a sound sleep is required. You might find rude behaviour, lack of attention, less ability to catch things, forgetting important facts in the people who sleep less than they need. Apart from the mental aspects, their physical condition is also affected dangerously. Risk of heart attack, diabetics, obesity, high blood pressure and other heart diseases are mostly results of less sleeping hours. The balance of sugar, insulin and hormone in human body is interrupted due to lack of sound sleep. Irregular sleeping circle makes you look aged and helps pimples to show up. Warning for ladies! It might be reason of your hair fall as well. Staying awake upto late nights causes depression. It makes sure that your mind and body functions less than its ability in the next day.

Interrupts regular bodily functions:

Lack of sound sleep may put you in a microsleep while you are in classroom or driving. These microsleeps might distract you from the most important part of the day you were waiting for. Most of the car accidents occur because of the sleepyhead drivers. Sometimes naps are effective yet they cannot fill the gap of nights. According to the experts, human body gets prepared for the next day and establishes the activities of brain and body of the previous day during sleep. You must be realizing how necessary a sound sleep is for your today and next day. Notorious disasters are also related to sleep deficiency.

For maintaining a better weight:

A study proves that, people who works at daylights, are less likely to have overweight. Staying awake at night will certainly make you sleep at daytime which will make you gain more weight.

Who are the sufferers?

People working at shifts or having less time for a better sleep might be the sufferers. Again, teenagers of these days are putting their bodies at risk by staying awake with their laptops, cell phones or other electronic devices. People having insomnia are the sufferers as well.

Tips for a sound sleep:

Shut down all your electronic devices at the right hour of night. Hey, don’t be so careless about you with a best pillow. Your pillow determines your sleeping circle. Avoid nicotine, caffeine including tea or coffee at night hours.

Don’t let your sleeping circle ruin your brain, body and beauty. I hope you have already realized the necessity of a sound sleep during night. A little consciousness in you might help you have a better sleeping circle as well as a better life.



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What is Autoimmune Disease & How to Treat it?

Category : Health


What is an autoimmune disease?

The autoimmune disease starts to effect when the immune system of the body considers the cells as the outsiders. When the immune system decides that cells can affect the body system it starts attacking the cells. This causes a body disorder most of the times autoimmune system attacks the healthy body cells. In autoimmune disease, the immune system can also attack the organs of the body. That may result in the abnormal growth of the organs of the body. Autoimmune disease has a large category of different disease in the body.

How is autoimmune disease transferred?

The autoimmune disease is mostly transferred by the parent. The newborn children get this disease in heritage by the affected parents of autoimmune disease. Those parents who have this disease end up transferring this disease to their children. The highest number of the autoimmune disease patients is a woman. They are most affected by the disease, and this gender passes this disease on to their children easily. Different country has also started developing this disease as the general disease of the country. African Americans and Hispanics have the highest probability of developing the disease. The growing rate of this disease in different countries can be countered easily with proper care.

What is different medicine available for the autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune-X is the most common capsules available for the disease. This is one of the effective capsules against such high-end disease. Autoimmune-X has highest success rate throughout the world.  It is the proper blend of different naturally extracted components. The users of the Autoimmune-X are very happy with the results of the medicine. They are referring it has the miracle disease against the autoimmune diseases. These capsules by targeting the flare up symptoms of the disease these cause more pain. Few tablets in a day and consider the autoimmune disease under the control.

Which doctor is working in this field dedicatedly?

DR Ronald Drucker is the most qualified doctor in this field in the entire world. DR Ronald Drucker has been in this field for almost eighteen years. Eighteen years of the pure dedication towards the elimination of the autoimmune disease. The work experience of Dr. Ronald Drucker is almost thirty-five years old. He is B.S.(M.T.A.S.C.P), D.C. on the board. This has dealt various condition of autoimmune and successfully eliminated these conditions. Dr. Ronald has a firm belief that autoimmune disease would cease to exist one if his procedure has been followed properly.

What is a different kind of autoimmune disease?

The most common type of the autoimmune is vitiligo. This cause white spots on the skin. Vitiligo changes the skin appear from normal to normal to white patches. These white patches appear due to the loss of the pigment. The other common is scleroderma this causes the body to go under the drastic changes. Scleroderma can affect the blood vessels muscles and internal organs. Autoimmune-X capsules deal with all of these common types.

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Superfood – Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens

Category : Health

With so many green superfood powders on the market, it is almost impossible to know which one is the right one for you. There has never been a time where the ultra-convenience of superfood shakes has been more prominent. Our modern culture has turned us into work slaves. Our iPhones are constantly alerting us of some new communication. We are constantly being sucked down the technological rabbit hole.

Because of this, many of us just don’t have time for our health. Signing up for the gym sounded like a good idea until we didn’t have the time. Buying loads of produce with the ambition to juice them seemed spectacular until we discovered how incredibly time consuming it is to accomplish that. This isn’t due to our being lazy, in fact, it is quite the opposite: It is our dedication to our families and our jobs and our businesses which prevent us from achieving our health goals.

In this article, I want to achieve two important items:

– Learn some simple tricks and tips to accomplish workouts without being burdened with endless hours at the gym.
-My Total Living Drink Greens review will show you how to conveniently improve your health through diet without all the hassle.

Total Living Drink Greens, what the heck is it? To put it simply, its a green superfood powder that I use to get in my daily antioxidants, probiotics, protein and fiber needs. This allows me to use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement shakes as a way to not only infuse my body and mind with health, but also to save time. Less time in the kitchen and at the supermarket means more time to get my work done. The more work I get done in less time, the more time I have for family and friends.

I was reading an article about how Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Founder of Facebook, wears the same clothes every day. He says that the less decisions he has to make, the more time he has and the more productive he is. By using Kylea’s TOtal Living Drink Greens powder, I similarly reduce my time spent on deciding what to eat, or cooking, or food shopping, and dedicate it towards more immediate tasks.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement to replace every meal, that would be ridiculous. Here’s how it works out for me: In the morning, I mix almond milk and Total Living Drink Greens powder and that’s my breakfast. At lunch, I repeat this regimen, however, I add in some nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil nuts). At dinner, I make a full meal (there is more time for cooking).

Total Living Drink Greens tastes good. I don’t see a need to write up some superfood powder sommelier’s insight. The fact is, this is step one in consolidating your health into a manageable situation. I think it taste good. I am going to leave that as that.

Now, let’s get onto step two. Exercising is important. But exercising seemingly takes up more time than cooking does. It can be difficult to find the time to work out. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to use a gym, or work out for an hour, to achieve results?

Working out at a faster pace for less time can be hugely beneficial. Studies have shown that sprinters gain more muscle than long distance runners.

So what do I do?

Each morning I take a few moments to move my body around for a warm up. Then I do 20 pushup sets. I do the first few sets slower, I make sure my body is feeling good and then I start moving a lot faster. I make sure my heart rate is way up. I make sure I’m feeling winded. I also make sure I rest in between sets. This should take you less than 7 minutes.

I follow this with 3 minutes of stretching. Now, I’m not going to show you how to do a proper pushup, nor am I going to show you what stretches are right for you. The fact is, everyone is of different ages and different builds and athleticism. You should consult your Doctor before beginning a new workout course.

The point of this article is that health is achievable even if it doesn’t feel as though we have the time for it. The time is there, hiding in the crevices of our stressful modern lifestyle. We just have to be willing to open our eyes.

For more information on Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens,

Please visit: