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Liposuction: Advantages and types in 2017

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Liposuction is actually a procedure in which the excess fats are taken off from the body of an individual in order to change the shape of the body. This is also known as plastic surgery in which the reshaping of body parts is done. The fats removed in this process are resistant to the exercise and diet. Liposuction can be done on many parts of human body. One thing should be made clear that it is not intended to lose weight but to improve the contour of the body and bring it into better shape. Some important details of liposuction are discussed in this article.


Advantages of having liposuction

The main advantage of this surgery is to reshape the areas of the body that create problems. A person can have the treatment of more as well as larger areas just in a single go. Just the person has to take anesthesia because it is a painful procedure. General or local anesthesia is enough to perform this surgery. There are many treatments available in the market but they do not provide as effective results that can be obtained from Liposuction. The proportions, as well as the contour of the body, are improved by the removal of excess amount of fats from the body.

Areas treated by liposuction

The process of liposuction is done along with other plastic surgeries or as a single procedure. People normally like to do this on the thighs, chest area, waist, and abdomen. This help in shaping the body. Other areas include calves, ankles, back, inner knee and upper arm. Most of the people prefer to do this on their face. This will enhance their features and remove the excess and unnecessary fats from most parts of the face. Such as the areas of the neck, chin and cheeks sometimes require contouring when extra fats are accumulated there.

Types of liposuction

There are many techniques that can be used for doing liposuction. Some of them are described here to make the person aware of every possible option. One method is tumescent liposuction. In this method, a tube is inserted in the body to induce anesthetic solution. That solution is a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine. This procedure may not require any general anesthesia. Another method is ultrasound-assisted liposuction. In this method, ultrasound is used in order to liquefy the excess fat in the body. this is particularly used for the areas of back, abdomen, neck, and sides of a person. Liposuction is also done by the laser-assisted way. In laser-assisted liposuction, the waves with low energy are used. Then the fats are removed by the help of a small cannula.

Liposuction is really an advanced treatment for giving new shape to the body. Everyone likes beauty and wants to shape the body in a way that appeals others. This is not a really complicated procedure and only requires an overnight stay in the hospital because sedative is given to the patient. It can cause some pain and swell in the body but that goes away with time.

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A kratom leaf and flower

Kratom Could Be A Better Alternative to Marijuana

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Kratom is a pain killing herb from South East Asia that is as good at tackling pain as marijuana but unlike cannabis, is legal across much of the United States.

If you buy kratom in the USA, you won’t fail most drugs tests yet be able to handle the pain without spending $$$ on prescription painkillers.

What is kratom?

Kratom is an herb closely related to the coffee bush. Unlike coffee you drink an infusion of the dried leaves in much the same way as you might drink tea.

Kratom is a very good pain killer. The pain killing molecules within the herb’s leaves bind to the same nerve receptors as opiate painkillers such as morphine, heroin, codeine and oxycodone. While it doesn’t wipe out the pain as powerfully as opiates do, it doesn’t leave you in a drug induced trance where you can’t leave your bed or chair for hours on end.
Many varieties of kratom have stimulant properties, and this means that unlike marijuana or opiates you are able to face the day. The jolt is similar to that of coffee, and this means that while the pain is being dealt with you are able to go to work and look after your family. As such this means that kratom is a far better pain killer than almost any other pain killing medication as you won’t be disabled by the medicine that you are using to deal with the pain.

The problem with marijuana

Marijuana has been legalised for medical use in 29 states, DC and Puerto Rico in the United States. It hasn’t been legalised by the Federal government and as such this means that you could be fired from your job, even if you have been prescribed it by your doctor. Many industries such as the aviation, land transportation and maritime industries do random drug testing and regardless of the legality of marijuana in your home state you could be fired for using it.
Kratom by comparison does not show up in many drug testing systems so this means you can self-medicate for the pain without fear of losing your job in much the same way as if you were using pain killing medicine for the same problem.
Another problem with marijuana is that it is a heavy sedative and in most cases can affect your ability to drive a car to work or even look after your kids if you are too stoned. Kratom does the opposite – it gives you a lift.

Buy kratom in the US

There are many online stores where you can buy kratom perfectly legally in the US. There are also some state licensed dispensaries for the herb. Buy some kratom to see if it can help manage your problems today – you never know, it might change your life!

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Hair Loss- Is there a cure for it?

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Hair loss is a condition where an individual suddenly looses hair. Medically termed as alopecia, it can sometimes be temporary or permanent. Hair loss occurs in numerous forms with the most common one being, androgenetic alopecia. In this state, the development of this condition is normally because of combined hormones. These hormones are such as androgens (male hormones), and genetics which are also genetic hormones. Hair grows from its follicles and is normally at an average rate of ½ inch per month. The process is normally a 2-6 years process for each hair and after which it rests and falls out. As it falls out a new hair is immediately grows in its place

When one’s hair falls out and no replacement takes place, it is now when baldness takes its root. Baldness is mostly experienced in males but can also affect women. The whole hair loss process can happen because of numerous reasons. For instance, in women there can occur a female pattern baldness, which is normally triggered by various issues such as; aging, menopause, and inheritance. In addition, women can also lose their hair to complete baldness as a result of breakages from treatment, shaft abnormalities by birth, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, little iron in the blood, less vitamin D, and hormone problems (too much testosterones and little thyroid hormone) among others.

Hair loss has numerous symptoms that portrays before it occurs. For instance, unlike the male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness begins where hair thins on the top of the scalp. This normally starts by widening through the center hair part. During the process, the front hairline remains but no skin cores or itching are experienced. So, how do you actually treat hair loss? Hair loss has medication that is usually done after conducting numerous exams and tests. The test will include steps such as; examinations by a doctor for signs of male hormone, one’s medical history, ruling out other cause of hair loss, and later, you are subjected to skin biopsy. Skin biopsy is usually done to diagnose any possible skin disorders that are resulting to hair loss.


Hair loss has numerous treatment procedures except if it is a permanent condition. If temporary, one can get medications, surgery, laser therapy or, sometimes, a combination. This is normally to promote, slow or hide the process of hair loss. Different hair loss situations have different reasons for formation. Some that result from undying diseases will require thorough treatment. Although some drugs can increase the hair loss, it is better to follow the doctor’s prescription. For hair loss such, as pattern baldness, Minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) are various medications that can be of rescue to you. FDA has approved these medications.


The top of the head is the most commonly affected during hair loss. For these reasons, there can be numerous options for hair replacements and some can be dangerous. For example, apart from medication, one can go for hair restoration surgery. This process is also convenient as it simply uses the remaining hair to replace the lost. This is normally done by removing tiny plugs of your skin from the back of your scalp. The skin usually has few hairs and is planted into the bald sections. Even though the process can be expensive and painful, it is still a convenient war regardless of its possible risks.

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8 Health benefits of a Hemp Oil

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Many people confuse CBD oil from hemp with marijuana since both of them are from the same family plant cannabis. CBD oil from Hemp is a dietary supplement that comes from industrially grown hemp with a high concentration of CBD, and it has virtually no THC, unlike the medical marijuana.Due to the low THC levels in hemp oil, you can’t get high if you take CBD oil.

American Hemp oil provides the best CBD buying information and products including CBD oil. Which comes down to the question that most people ask “Is CBD Oil legal by American Hemp Oil?” The answer to this question is yes most states in the US have legalized the CBD hemp oil especially due to its known benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should make hemp oil part of your diet;

1. Boosts your immunity

Hemp seed has fatty acids that help in the boosting of your immunity. Fatty acids also help increase the production of endocannabinoids such as THC ion our bodies which are responsible for balancing our immune systems.

2. Help reduce anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression attacks can be said to be physical and emotional responses to some stimuli and vary from one person to another. Studies show that cannabinoid found in hemp oil can reduce anxiety symptoms cannabinoids also attach to the 5-HT receptor in our brains which modulates depression and anxiety symptoms. The exact interaction between the brain receptors and cannabinoid is unknown, but research has shown that the cannabinoid produces a net result of modulating the brain receptors leading to anxiety and depression reduction.

3. Reduces the growth of cancer cells

40% of the US population has received a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Cannabinoids have been proven to target cancer cells and decreasing the spread rate and increase the death rate of the cancerous cells. Although researchers have limited authorization to use hemp oil to treat different types of cancer, science does not lie, and the like hood is that CBD oil can treat many other types of cancer.

4. Reduce arthritis pain

Hemp oil has omega 3 fatty acids that aid in the reduction of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Using hemp oil with green vegetables or smoothies can drastically reduce arthritis pain and reduce your intake of NSAID drugs such as ibuprofen.

5. Antioxidant

The vitamin E found in hemp oil is the ingredient behind the ability of hemp oil to act as an antioxidant improving your skin and health. Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals that destroy your cell membranes and DNA protecting the cells from damage, allowing you to age gracefully.

6. Good for the Heart

Fatty acids, when consumed in high doses, can treat heart infractions, hemp oil has linoleic acid that lowers cholesterol and prevents the build-up of saturated fats in your arteries allowing the heart to work and be able to oxygenate the blood. However, if the arteries are blocked, then the heart has to work harder which leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. Hemp oil reduces the risk of heart disease.

7. Great skin

Hemp oil has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help in the treatment of acne and gives you a perfect skin health. The linoleic acid that prevents heart disease reduce inflammation in your skin.

8. Reduces period pain

The use of hemp oil for women with constant menstrual pains can prevent this discomfort. Hemp contains gamma-linoleic acid or GLA and omega 6 fatty acids that help in the balancing of body hormones and reduce pain during menstruation.

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CBD Oil Uses and Causes

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There are many alternative medicine products which can be used daily if you know what the benefits are. Many health and medical experts learned that some of the alternative medicines used today are gaining more popularity as they become more in the mainstream. Oils are some the beneficial health products which are popular today and being used because of the many healthy benefits. They contain special ingredients which are natural extracts from various plants. CBD Oil, for example is known for many health benefits and while research is still going, so far so good!

It’s frequent use is benefitting many people today. Those with certain illnesses are able to confide in it’s benefit because not only is it a great alternative medicine, it’s legal, safe and has been used for many years now. Also known as “cannabidiol” oil, the purposes are both healthy and yet controversial still in the 21st century. The reason for so much hype is that there is many natural oils that are good for the human body. Through the Pure CBD Oil review by Laura, you’ll see why.For instance,the CBD oil carries some “marijuana” elements to that oil. Although, here’s a little lesson for those who are confused about the oil as opposed to the marijuana ‘ordeal’ for the human body’s health.

What’s in it?

The compound found in the plant of cannabis actually has more than one. One of them is the “cannabinoids” which is the main compound found in the CBD oil. Scientists and researchers alike are recognizing many therapeutic benefits for the body. The delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main ingredient for the “mind-altering ‘high’ ” associated with the THC. In fact, this is broken down with heat and when used in food, or consumed any other way, it enters the body and can its effect processes. In retrospect, the CBD isn’t “psychoactive” and will not alter anyone’s mind after consumption. Even more so, Medical News Today reports that it may have those medical benefits for the body and even more, helps with many health issues and ailments. In fact, it’s the hemp plants that are used to create the oil. Therefore, farmers who plant the hemp are not backing away from it anytime soon because of these benefits.

The Way it Works

Most of the cannabinoids which include the CBD are going to be linked to certain types of the body’s receptors. Thus, it produces its effects when attached to those receptors. When the body produces “certain cannabinoids” naturally, there will be 2 receptors for them. These are named “CB1” and “CB2” (receptors).

The first one, CB1, will be found in the brain and also throughout the body. The one found in the brain happens to handle the coordination of the physical body, as well as the movement of the body. It also includes the thinking processes and it has the ability curve a person’s appetite. In addition, an individual’s memory is also heighten which helps Alzheimer’s patients. Because they attached to these receptors, it is one of those amazing health benefits for any individual who uses the CBD oil. The other receptor is the CB2 which helps the immune system as well as the effects of inflammation and the feeling of pain. Using the oil can influence the body in positive ways and because of it, it’s popularity has gained widespread attention in the health and medical community.

The benefits of CBD

The many potential uses of CBD is normally going to be taken by inhaling the vapors produced from it. Although, you can take it by mouth or rub it on the skin. It works wonders. Taking it intravenously is another option. Some other health benefits are those suffering from chronic pain. For those who have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, the health benefits are there as well. The chronic pain can be reduced when using the CBD oil which can eliminate pain all together over time.

In addition to the reduction of chronic pain, supposedly, there’s evidence from a “pilot study” that was posted on Addictive Behaviors. It claimed that it can help reduce a smoker’s cravings by utilizing an inhaler instead with some of the CBD oil. The reduction of cravings for nicotine was found to be an amazing benefit for those who have battled cigarette smoking throughout their lifetime. What it is the CBD compound that is taking it’s effect to the body.

Finally, if you know someone who is at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease, then using CBD oil will help. There are case studies that have proven to researchers that the reduction of memory loss is more so when using the oil in the various ways that it can be used. Consequently, trying it out for a short period of time can illustrate whether it’s a right alternative medicine for you which in the past, many people have continued to use the CBD oil once they started it.

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Effective types of Human growth hormone replacement treatments (HGH)

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The human growth hormone (HGH) is an undeniable important growth hormone inside the human body which has several crucial roles to play. Nexel Medical Agency is based in the United States and is offering high-end HGH and testosterone replacement therapies services across 50+ states in the US. If you visit the official website of the health providers; you will find out they are offering professional level services that are nothing short of being the best of the best.

About the Human growth hormone

The human body has several glands, each of which produces certain hormones that are essential for the optimal functioning of the human body and internal system. The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands of the human body that is involved in the active production of growth hormone inside the body. It is known as the human growth hormone and is produce in ample amounts during the early years of life. However, as one age the production of HGH inside the body is also adversely affected. It is why one might need to seek the HGH replacement treatment to substitute its requirements inside the body. The role of HGH hormone inside the body is so important that one can’t simply imagine living a healthy life in the absence or inadequate supply of it. The HGH hormone

  • Directly impacts the growth and development of human body
  • Facilitates weight loss and fat burning
  • Reverses signs of early aging
  • Boosts physical strength and sexual energy
  • Improves the cardiovascular health and reduces risks of heart problems

Types of HGH treatments

Nexel Medical are top health providers based in the US that are providing effective and reliable HGH treatments to people. Interestingly, there are many different types of treatments that one can choose from when seeking HGH therapy. Here is a quick overview of the possible types of treatment you might have to choose.

  1. Supplements

Supplementations are the most common form of treatment available for HGH replacement inside the human body. The best part about these supplements is not only its effectiveness but also very its easy availability. These supplements are most commonly available to buy without any prescription requirements. Another great thing about the HGH supplements is that they always come in combination with other essential nutrients and vitamins that the body requires for healthy functioning. These supplements boost the human growth and all other important functions played by the human growth hormone in the most natural way.

  1. Injections

HGH can be used as an injection as well. However, these injections are only available for purchase if prescribed by the doctor or any medical professional. The misuse of these injections was also reported particularly by athletes and sportsmen who used these injections in excessive amounts to boost their physical built and appearance. However, if properly used the HGH hormone injection is as effective as one can ask it to be. It is FDA approved and is used not only for the replacement of HGH hormone but is also used for the treatment of other health problems as well. Using HGH replacement injections is though a very effective form of treatment but is very expensive.

  1. Sprays

Another form of HGH treatment available for users are the HGH sprays. These sprays can be used orally as well as through the nasal pathways. It is one of the most effective forms of treatment as it quickly observes inside the internal lining of the skin and mouth. It is the fast track treatment for human growth hormone replacement inside the human body and is very affordable as well.

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What Causes Hair Loss ? The treatments available

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We do say that “looks are temporary and doesn’t matter much in life”. But looks are like the instillers of confidence and self-esteem, so if you feel looks are not a basic requirement for life, then let me say that it is a compulsion in this world. The increase in hair-loss, baldness will make you lose over the confidence of yours. Coming to the feminine section, we can see the increasing rate of baldness and hair loss, which is very frequent these days.

If you are a woman and is suffering from these hair issues, then let us share with you something very important. Centers of hair transplant in Ludhiana, Mumbai, and other metropolitan can be the remedy of this particular problem of yours.

So the basic reasons which leads to this sort of hair issues are-

  1. Diet deficiency- The feminine group is often devoid of the required nutrients and the minerals like Iron, folic acid and other important elements required for proper health functions. This is one of the major reasons for which hair-fall and other hair issues are quite frequent in females.
  2. Medications- Strong medications as well the birth control medicines can lead to side effects of hair loss and other hair issues. Coming to processes like chemotherapy, this also causes hair fall and other hair disorders. The leading medication which is causing the hair disorders is the anti-depressants.
    1. Hormonal changes- The alternation of hormones are more in females than in the males. This takes place during maternity, childbirth, puberty and the other stages of the females and these changes can lead to the hair issues which lead to baldness at the end. Seeing the crown of a woman’s hair, one can predict the amount of hair lows, so this is one of the important factors which lead to hair issues in the feminine group.
    2. Alopecia- Now this can be regarded as the most important and leading cause of hair fall, if you look at the statistics of hair fall in the present day. This is genetically transmitted and if either of the parent or both carry this genetically syndrome then the child is prone to have this particular disease.
    3. Long-time ailment- This is the last reason for which one can suffer from the hair issues like hairball, baldness and other such concerns. Diabetic patients and patients with thyroid issues often go through chronic hair fall issues. This can be a major concern for the people suffering from the same.

How to protect yourself against hair fall?

  • A proper diet needs to be maintained. A diet which should comprise of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are required by an individual for good metabolism rate. This is one of the important things which the female strand needs to remember as they are sometimes careless about their diet and mostly miss out on the proteins.
  • Proper maintenance of hair- This is the second most important point to remember, proper cleansing, maintenance and hair treatment s should be undertaken so that the hair is not affected due to pollution, stress and the other factors which drastically initiate hairless as a whole.
  • Medications- The people should keep a note about the side-effects of a particular medication. The effects or side-effects of particular medications should always be noted down positively by the people as it is something very vital for the overall health of the being.
  • Alopecia treatment- The parents are aware from the beginning about the genital traits that they carry so they can avail medical help from the very start to get through the problems with the hair concerns. There are many centers of Natural Hair Transplant and other health portals which can guide you through the complete treatment.


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Contact Lens benefits

Which Type of Contact Lenses are Right for Me?

If you’re tired of prescription glasses or just ready to switch up your look, contacts may be a good option for you. To decide what type is best for you, it’s important to first learn about contact lenses.

Different Types of Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses provide a comfortable, moisturized feeling because water is a material used in making them; allowing oxygen to flow to your cornea. Without oxygen, they can cloud and swell which can lead to blurred vision or other problems. This can be resolved by purchasing disposable soft lenses and reduces chances of infection and cleaning routine.

Rigid gas-permeable lenses

These contacts are an upgrade of soft contact lenses. Aside from oxygen flow, they help correct astigmatism, require little maintenance, and are robust. Due to their stiffness, they will take time getting used to.

Essential Contact Lens

Contact Lens benefits

Bifocal contacts

These contacts are designed to correct vision hindered by presbyopia – the inability to focus from far to near. Versatile in both soft and gas-permeable options, bifocal contacts can include both distant and near prescriptions.

Colored contacts

Colored contacts are like any other contact but incorporate colorful characteristics. Visibility tint lenses have a small amount of color to easily locate it if they are dropped. Enhancement tint boosts your natural eye color. Color tint lenses completely change your eye color.

Toric lenses

Designed specifically to correct astigmatism, toric lenses also treat near or farsightedness. They come in a variety of options like colored, rigid gas-permeable and soft.

Monovision lenses

If you have a different prescription in each eye, monovision lenses may be what you need. One lense addresses nearsightedness while the other addresses farsightedness. Hindered depth perception can possibly happen because both eyes work separately. This can be corrected with adjusting your gaze.

Choose Your Best Option

Choosing the right type of contact lenses for you depends on your personal style and lifestyle, as well as your prescription. There are other types of contacts like extended-wear, multifocal, and corneal reshaping lenses that may be good for you. For more information about contacts, view frequently asked questions at!

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The Chinese Acupuncture Techniques used in Pain Clinics in Kelowna

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest healing technique that is used is known as Acupuncture. It is a very safe and effective method of treatment in a wide range of health conditions. Most of the insurance companies cover the cost of Acupuncture and it is also used to treat many types of Pain. There are many pain clinics in Kelowna where acupuncture is used to treat pain. In this article, we are going to tell you how Acupuncture is helpful in treating pain and different types of health issues. Let’s discuss in detail.

Working of Acupuncture

This technique is used to improve the functions of the body and it also promotes healing. The process is done by stimulating certain points in the skin known as acupuncture points or acupoints. There are many sharp fine sterilized needles that are inserted into the skin. To enhance the effect, heat, electric, and pressure stimulation is used. Stimulation is also done through heat therapy, Manual massage, herbal medicine, cupping, and Linaments.

The Acupuncture Treatment Effects

In Kelowna Acupuncture, the acupuncturist will first ask you about your health issues. There are many things that he will examine, for example, shape and color of the tongue, the coating, and feel of your pulse and some more physical examinations that are necessary to check according to your health needs. After an assessment, he will design a treatment plan that is according to your conditions.

Acupuncture clinic

Acupuncture & Pain management

First, the acupuncturist will lay your down on a table in a comfortable manner. After that, he will stimulate different acupoints on your body. After this, fine and gentle needles are inserted into the skin. Some people feel little a discomfort and other feel no pain. These needles are retained for 5 minutes to 30 minutes. In this treatment, people report that they feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Conditions that are treated with Acupuncture

There are a number of benefits that can be obtained through acupuncture. Various pain and health issues are treated through this method such as back pain, anxiety, neck pain, infertility, migraine, depression, nausea, allergies, headache, knee pain, vomiting, lower back pain, morning sickness, strokes, tennis elbow, sprain and many more diseases.

The number of treatments and sittings required to treat a condition is different for different people. Some people got relief in first treatment and in some long chronic conditions, many treatments and sittings are required. The acupuncturist can recommend two or three treatments in a month for several months depending on your health condition. But it is observed that a severe health conditions is possible to treat in maximum ten treatments.

Choosing the Right Acupuncturist and Cost

Make sure that the acupuncturist you are visiting should be capable enough and he is the best practitioner in the community. He must have a license that is regulated on the state level. Now Acupuncture is covered in many insurance policies. In some regular conditions, the cost of per session can be USD 125. However many clinics provide packages in which you can get a discount.

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Yoga facts everyone needs to know about

Category : Health

Yoga is for everyone no matter whether you are an athletic or not. Principles and Benefits of Yoga is definitely better.  This can be super beneficial if you want to get in shape, lose weight, improve your athletic performance, eliminate stress or gain a healthier lifestyle. The beauty of yoga is that you can always go at your own pace and respect your limits.  After several months of intensive work and realized by a certified teacher, our courses present postures and sequences accessible to all giving you maximum physical and energy benefits.

The benefits of practicing yoga

  • Increases flexibility and flexibility
  • Stretches and tones muscles
  • Relieves tensions
  • Improves posture and alignment of the spine
  • Stimulates lubrication of ligaments and tendons
  • Provides genuine internal body massage
  • Relieves problems Back pain
  • Relieves fatigue, stress and anxiety
  • Helps alleviate problems of insomnia, depression, headaches and migraines.
  • Eliminates toxins – Enables better circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Relieves many physical stresses due to office work
  • Refines silhouette
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Improves sports performance
  • Helps keep the body in shape and slow down the aging process
  • Gives energy
  • Increases the ability to concentrate
  • Relaxes the entire body and mind

These days Hatha Yoga has been quite popular. Hatha yoga was first introduced in India by a famous Yogi named Swami Swatmarama.  Hatha Yoga, in particular is the most popular among all forms of yoga. From it, several other styles of yoga were born, including Bikram Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Power Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. ‘Hatha’ derives it origin from the Sanskrit term ‘ha’ which means ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ means ‘moon’. It focuses on the fourth (pranayama) and third (Asana) stages of the eight members of Yoga.

Yoga Facts

Yoga Facts

Hatha Yoga is focused to bring about a balance between mind and body as well as to release mind’s most unrestrained spiritual elements by means of physical postures called asasanas, meditation and breathing techniques, called Pranayama. The Asanas are the various postures aimed at improving health and fighting against physical, causal diseases, and improving delicate bodies.   “Asana” is a Sanskrit word which means “seat”, it hints not only to body’s physical postures but also to body’s position in terms of divinity. The methodical practice of these Asanaswill provide bone strength, muscle flexibility and non-physical benefits such as will development, concentration and withdrawal.

Pranayama originates from words “prana” (source of energy or life force) and “Ayama” (control). The Pranayama is the technique of controlling breathing. This is an integral aspect of Hatha Yoga, since from the beginning of time; yogis opine that controlling the mind amounts to controlling the breath.

Meditation is a mental and spiritual practice aimed at ensuring inner peace, emptiness of the mind and mental relaxation.

Advantages of Hatha Yoga

Regular drill of Hatha Yoga helps one to recognize his/ her mental potentials and physical stamina. Thanks to the continuous performance of the Asanas, you make you more flexible and improve strength and you can be relaxed in stressful situations. The relaxation exercises of Hatha Yoga will disclose the channels of energy, which further allows the spiritual energy to open up. Some postures of Hatha yoga allow you to tone and massage your internal organs, and aids in prevention of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and arthritis. These postures also make it possible to maintain the glandular and internal functions. On the other hand, Pranayama can help better control asthma and bronchitis. Hatha Yoga can also help you cope with stress, treat anxiety, relieve tension and depression. More importantly, it will help keep your mind in a concentrated phase to name ready for meditation and eventually in search of enlightenment.

Yoga equipment needed for Perfect Yoga Practice

Whether you are practicing gentle yoga or dynamic yoga, you will not need the same thickness of carpet. Soft yogas, such as Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative or Prenatal Yoga, promote slow postures and ground contact, thus requiring more comfort. For this bare foot yoga mats will be the best choice.

In this case, prefer a thick carpet of about 5 to 8mm, which will allow you to protect your joints. For dynamic yoga, like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or a very hot yoga such as Bikram / Hot yoga in which there are many standing poses that require balance, you need above all stability And grip, so as not to slip during demanding postures. The ideal is therefore a rather thin carpet, between 1 and 5 mm maximum. You can also add a very fine rubber mat for maximum grip, especially for support postures such as the dog head down.

Also, choice of clothes while doing yoga is crucial. It is preferable to opt for soft clothes and close to the body. Yoga asana are required to be done barefoot, in socks or soft slippers. No sneakers or shorts short, no jewelry or perfumes are encouraged.