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How much important a sound sleep for your health

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If you are jealous of someone who can sleep anywhere at any time, then I can guess your reason of jealousy. It’s nothing but your sleeping disorder that is causing your depressed life. There is no reason to think negative if you sleep less. Those who sleep more than they need are also included in the list. Yes, of course the worst sufferers are those who are suffering from “Insomnia”. People having less attention at their works, unable to function creatively, short-tempered and lazy are found to have less sleep according to various studies. Sometimes you gotta sleep early just to stay beautiful. Probably you are not interested in having diseases like diabetics or obesity or heart attack. You need to know that insufficient sleep brings you very close to all these unexpected diseases. Calm down before going crazy at your nights. Here goes a chart determining hours needed to sleep for different age groups.

Age group      Hours needed to sleep per 24 hours

0-2 months      12-18 hours

3- 11 months   14-15 hours

1-3 years         12-14 hours

3-5 years         11-13 hours

5-10 years       10-11 hours

10-17 years     8.5-9. 25 hours

18 and above  7-9 hours


Now you can know how much hours you have to sleep to call it a sound sleep. If you are sleeping less than the required hours then let me explain why you should think about you sleeping circle twice.

Physical and mental progress:

Human body runs in a progressive way where a sound sleep is required. You might find rude behaviour, lack of attention, less ability to catch things, forgetting important facts in the people who sleep less than they need. Apart from the mental aspects, their physical condition is also affected dangerously. Risk of heart attack, diabetics, obesity, high blood pressure and other heart diseases are mostly results of less sleeping hours. The balance of sugar, insulin and hormone in human body is interrupted due to lack of sound sleep. Irregular sleeping circle makes you look aged and helps pimples to show up. Warning for ladies! It might be reason of your hair fall as well. Staying awake upto late nights causes depression. It makes sure that your mind and body functions less than its ability in the next day.

Interrupts regular bodily functions:

Lack of sound sleep may put you in a microsleep while you are in classroom or driving. These microsleeps might distract you from the most important part of the day you were waiting for. Most of the car accidents occur because of the sleepyhead drivers. Sometimes naps are effective yet they cannot fill the gap of nights. According to the experts, human body gets prepared for the next day and establishes the activities of brain and body of the previous day during sleep. You must be realizing how necessary a sound sleep is for your today and next day. Notorious disasters are also related to sleep deficiency.

For maintaining a better weight:

A study proves that, people who works at daylights, are less likely to have overweight. Staying awake at night will certainly make you sleep at daytime which will make you gain more weight.

Who are the sufferers?

People working at shifts or having less time for a better sleep might be the sufferers. Again, teenagers of these days are putting their bodies at risk by staying awake with their laptops, cell phones or other electronic devices. People having insomnia are the sufferers as well.

Tips for a sound sleep:

Shut down all your electronic devices at the right hour of night. Hey, don’t be so careless about you with a best pillow. Your pillow determines your sleeping circle. Avoid nicotine, caffeine including tea or coffee at night hours.

Don’t let your sleeping circle ruin your brain, body and beauty. I hope you have already realized the necessity of a sound sleep during night. A little consciousness in you might help you have a better sleeping circle as well as a better life.



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What is Autoimmune Disease & How to Treat it?

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What is an autoimmune disease?

The autoimmune disease starts to effect when the immune system of the body considers the cells as the outsiders. When the immune system decides that cells can affect the body system it starts attacking the cells. This causes a body disorder most of the times autoimmune system attacks the healthy body cells. In autoimmune disease, the immune system can also attack the organs of the body. That may result in the abnormal growth of the organs of the body. Autoimmune disease has a large category of different disease in the body.

How is autoimmune disease transferred?

The autoimmune disease is mostly transferred by the parent. The newborn children get this disease in heritage by the affected parents of autoimmune disease. Those parents who have this disease end up transferring this disease to their children. The highest number of the autoimmune disease patients is a woman. They are most affected by the disease, and this gender passes this disease on to their children easily. Different country has also started developing this disease as the general disease of the country. African Americans and Hispanics have the highest probability of developing the disease. The growing rate of this disease in different countries can be countered easily with proper care.

What is different medicine available for the autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune-X is the most common capsules available for the disease. This is one of the effective capsules against such high-end disease. Autoimmune-X has highest success rate throughout the world.  It is the proper blend of different naturally extracted components. The users of the Autoimmune-X are very happy with the results of the medicine. They are referring it has the miracle disease against the autoimmune diseases. These capsules by targeting the flare up symptoms of the disease these cause more pain. Few tablets in a day and consider the autoimmune disease under the control.

Which doctor is working in this field dedicatedly?

DR Ronald Drucker is the most qualified doctor in this field in the entire world. DR Ronald Drucker has been in this field for almost eighteen years. Eighteen years of the pure dedication towards the elimination of the autoimmune disease. The work experience of Dr. Ronald Drucker is almost thirty-five years old. He is B.S.(M.T.A.S.C.P), D.C. on the board. This has dealt various condition of autoimmune and successfully eliminated these conditions. Dr. Ronald has a firm belief that autoimmune disease would cease to exist one if his procedure has been followed properly.

What is a different kind of autoimmune disease?

The most common type of the autoimmune is vitiligo. This cause white spots on the skin. Vitiligo changes the skin appear from normal to normal to white patches. These white patches appear due to the loss of the pigment. The other common is scleroderma this causes the body to go under the drastic changes. Scleroderma can affect the blood vessels muscles and internal organs. Autoimmune-X capsules deal with all of these common types.

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Superfood – Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens

Category : Health

With so many green superfood powders on the market, it is almost impossible to know which one is the right one for you. There has never been a time where the ultra-convenience of superfood shakes has been more prominent. Our modern culture has turned us into work slaves. Our iPhones are constantly alerting us of some new communication. We are constantly being sucked down the technological rabbit hole.

Because of this, many of us just don’t have time for our health. Signing up for the gym sounded like a good idea until we didn’t have the time. Buying loads of produce with the ambition to juice them seemed spectacular until we discovered how incredibly time consuming it is to accomplish that. This isn’t due to our being lazy, in fact, it is quite the opposite: It is our dedication to our families and our jobs and our businesses which prevent us from achieving our health goals.

In this article, I want to achieve two important items:

– Learn some simple tricks and tips to accomplish workouts without being burdened with endless hours at the gym.
-My Total Living Drink Greens review will show you how to conveniently improve your health through diet without all the hassle.

Total Living Drink Greens, what the heck is it? To put it simply, its a green superfood powder that I use to get in my daily antioxidants, probiotics, protein and fiber needs. This allows me to use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement shakes as a way to not only infuse my body and mind with health, but also to save time. Less time in the kitchen and at the supermarket means more time to get my work done. The more work I get done in less time, the more time I have for family and friends.

I was reading an article about how Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Founder of Facebook, wears the same clothes every day. He says that the less decisions he has to make, the more time he has and the more productive he is. By using Kylea’s TOtal Living Drink Greens powder, I similarly reduce my time spent on deciding what to eat, or cooking, or food shopping, and dedicate it towards more immediate tasks.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement to replace every meal, that would be ridiculous. Here’s how it works out for me: In the morning, I mix almond milk and Total Living Drink Greens powder and that’s my breakfast. At lunch, I repeat this regimen, however, I add in some nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil nuts). At dinner, I make a full meal (there is more time for cooking).

Total Living Drink Greens tastes good. I don’t see a need to write up some superfood powder sommelier’s insight. The fact is, this is step one in consolidating your health into a manageable situation. I think it taste good. I am going to leave that as that.

Now, let’s get onto step two. Exercising is important. But exercising seemingly takes up more time than cooking does. It can be difficult to find the time to work out. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to use a gym, or work out for an hour, to achieve results?

Working out at a faster pace for less time can be hugely beneficial. Studies have shown that sprinters gain more muscle than long distance runners.

So what do I do?

Each morning I take a few moments to move my body around for a warm up. Then I do 20 pushup sets. I do the first few sets slower, I make sure my body is feeling good and then I start moving a lot faster. I make sure my heart rate is way up. I make sure I’m feeling winded. I also make sure I rest in between sets. This should take you less than 7 minutes.

I follow this with 3 minutes of stretching. Now, I’m not going to show you how to do a proper pushup, nor am I going to show you what stretches are right for you. The fact is, everyone is of different ages and different builds and athleticism. You should consult your Doctor before beginning a new workout course.

The point of this article is that health is achievable even if it doesn’t feel as though we have the time for it. The time is there, hiding in the crevices of our stressful modern lifestyle. We just have to be willing to open our eyes.

For more information on Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens,

Please visit:

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Doctor in US Discovers Natural Method to Eliminate Chronic Autoimmune Conditions.

Category : Health

I met the most incredible gentleman, Dr. Ronald Drucker.
He explained to me that the answer to healing 85% of the chronic diseases known to man, is already inside the body. He explained that by feeding the immune system what it is lacking, we can restore ACCURACY to the immune cells, so that they Hit the Pathogen, not the cells, organs, and tissues of the body.” By doing so, he said, “we are eliminating the autoimmune attack on the body, which is the root cause of over 100 chronic degenerative autoimmune conditions.”

I will not attempt to describe the brilliance in which he articulated the physiologic details, but all that can be digested by going to his website and downloading his free on-line book, which I read over the holidays and found to be profound, amazing, and awe-inspiring!
Dr. Drucker’s Blog about immune resoration can be found here: Immune System Restoration

His free on-line book may be downloaded from the site.
Check out his Facebook page to see the thousands of people that he has been able to help.
Just search “ Dr. Ronald P. Drucker”
God Bless.

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Drug Rehab Needed For Elders With Alcohol or Drug Dependency

Category : Health

We have actually all heard the stories or seen flicks or TELEVISION programs where a senior citizen is a secret enthusiast with a bottle of vodka or bourbon stashed somewhere in your house. Generally played as comedy, there’s absolutely nothing amusing concerning it – specifically if it’s you or somebody close to you. Regardless of what the age, it’s still addiction and also can only be fixed with drug rehabilitation.

It’s an awful truth that countless older Americans find themselves alone in their later years, mostly overlooked by their households and without the pals they’ve counted on for so long. Even a person still in their 50s, however more often for individuals in their 60s and also 70s, friends are passing away at a startling price. All around them things appear to be altering faster compared to they could stay on par with. For retired individuals, the purpose of a profession and also the knowledge and also friendships amongst colleagues has actually also been shed. Life can end up being a routine of sleep, eat a little, shop for a couple of groceries, and also view a little TV before sleeping again. Alone.

These kinds of adjustments in a person’s life as they get older conspire making individuals feel isolated. Because of this, many older people wind up explaining their solitude and also clinical depression to their doctor, and also are recommended drugs to “make them feel much better.” Tragically, several really become addicted.

Others turn to the old acquainted container – the legal medicine called alcohol. With a number of drinks in the afternoon, points start to seem even more tolerable. As time goes by, the two drinks become many, and alcoholism and also alcohol addiction are the result. And also the fact that older people could not endure alcohol the means more youthful people can methods intoxication – and also accidents – could occur extremely quickly.

Regrettably, lots of older folks with alcohol and medicine problems don’t realize they have an alcohol or drug dependence for which they ought to actually receive drug rehab. They don’t acknowledge that several of their tensions they have now are withdrawal signs and symptoms or side-effects of the alcohol or medications. However whether they identify they have a problem or not, lots of conceal it from the people around them, particularly family members that call periodically.

Certainly the secrecy makes them really feel even worse, so they take one more pill or put an additional drink for that also. Secretly, as well as alone. Yet these individuals truly do require medicine rehab California. They are not utilizing alcohol or medications for medicinal functions. They are, necessarily, substance abusers, and also substance abuse needs the services of a drug rehabilitation program no matter what your age.

The National Survey on Substance abuse and Wellness found that the non-medical use prescription medicines is the 2nd most typical form of substance misuse amongst adults older than 55. Although it doesn’t say what the very first most usual compound of abuse is, all of us understand it’s alcohol – the most controlled substance of any type of age group in The U.S.A..

If you are an older person that locates himself or herself trapped in some type of prescription medicine or alcohol dependence, or you know a senior citizen that is experiencing such a destiny, don’t be reluctant to call a medicine rehabilitation therapist and speak about it. Call one who will certainly maintain it personal, where there are no strings attached.

We should all look out for our older individuals, as well as care for them when we can. We ought to never desert or disregard our elder relative, either. We should inspect their medication closets, ask and their medical professionals if we need to, as well as discover if they’re utilizing or abusing drugs or alcohol. At the slightest indication of dependence, get in touch with an alcohol as well as medicine rehab program as well as request for professional guidance.

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Why Nootropics Are The Next Big Thing?

Category : Health

“Nootropics” refers to a term invented in the 1970s by a Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu Giurgea. Derived from two Greek words, the term refers to any type of substance, drug or supplement that can help and improve the cognitive functions, including memory, focusing, motivation and creativity.


However, the use of these substances without being strictly prescribed under the watch of a therapist (pharmacist, physician, psychologist or psychiatrist) represents one of the most debatable subjects in terms of ethic and morality.


Nevertheless, smart drugs are on-trend to become one of the most popular means of biohacking in 2017 according to CNBC.


These types of substances and supplements are mainly prescribed to patients for their recovery after accidents or diseases, or as part of a long term medication to diminish the side effects of health affections.


Patients with focus troubles such as ADHD, as well as patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are often prescribed with neuronal stimuli as part of their recovery or daily treatment. However, using these substances for personal achievements, without any medical grounds, although not illegal, is certainly debatable in terms of ethics and morality.

But why nootropics represent such a breakthrough?


They increase concentration


Who doesn’t need some extra help during stressful final terms in high school or before university admission? Although not the only method, more and more youngsters appeal to nootropics to increase their capacity for concentration. This helps them stay in “the mood” for studying for longer hours, avoiding external factors that might be interrupting.


In addition, teenagers with difficulties in concentration such as the ones suffering from hyperactivity or ADHD are also amongst the frequent users of nootropics.


But not only youngsters choose to appeal to concentration supplements to get passed by stressful deadlines and terms. Plenty of adults, especially those in leading functions and with a lot of pressure on their shoulders often decide to take nootropics in order to deal with deadlines and stressful situations.


Memory boosters


Sites like market nootropics like Modvigil and Modafinil to those interested in increasing their capacity of concentration and boosting their memory. Hectic schedules, poor diets and lack of physical activity represent the main factors that contribute to a lack of vitality and energy in your body, which easily affects the brain’s power to concentrate and memorize things. Nootropics have been proved to remake neuronal links and promote larger levels of oxygen to the brain which will lead to an improved capacity of functioning, including boosting the ability to memorize.


Among the social categories that opt for nootropics as part of boosting their memory capacities are teenagers and scholars, as well as actors, med students or people who need to memorize large amounts of information in a small period of time.


Anti-aging effects


Studies conducted have previously linked an unhealthy brain capacity with poor bodies and premature aging. A mind which is always busy and functioning well has the ability to assimilate new things faster and induce an accelerated life pace for the entire body. This is translated in more energy and resistance to stress, diseases and physical factors.


In other words, “food for thought” is an expression that should be taken into consideration more often by all people who want to live healthier and longer.

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Sterilizing Baby Bottles: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

Category : Health

Baby bottles are the main feeding equipment used for babies and maintaining a high level of hygiene can prevent unnecessary illnesses. Most doctors recommend that you clean and sterilize the bottles before each and every feeding time, to ensure that the bottles are free from germs.

Babies can be affected by a lot of illness and their small bodies don’t cope well with infections. So sterilizing your baby’s bottles and feeding equipment prevents diseases and is an important thing to keep your baby healthy and happy.

But what is the best way to sterilize a baby bottle? This article compares four methods for baby bottle sterilizer (microwave bags, electric steam, cold water tablets and boiling).

How Do You Sterilize a Baby Bottle?

Sounds like this question would be easy to answer, doesn’t it? But there are actually numerous ways for sterilizing a baby bottle, all of which come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you asked a group of mothers you would probably get a slightly different answer, with each one having their preferred way of sterilizing baby bottles.

Now there are many different methods that you can use to sterilize your baby’s bottle. And depending on where you are located and what facilities you have available you may have to use different techniques at different times. The different methods include boiling, cold water sterilizing tablets, steaming, microwave sterilizer bags or electric sterilizers.

1. Boiling

For many parents, the most convenient way to sterilize baby bottles will be by boiling them for a period of not less than 10 minutes. This is very effective in killing bacteria and germs that might be on the bottles.

This way of sterilizing bottles is ideal for people who can’t afford or make use of the other methods because of the equipment involved. This method has been used since the beginning of time and is also the most commonly used by low-income earners particularly in third world countries.

2. Steaming

Steaming is very similar to boiling but has the bottles above the boiling water. This could be either a regular pot steamer or electric steamer. There must be a lid on the steamer to create a small amount of pressure and ensure that the temperature stays at 100 degrees Celsius (boiling temperature). This requires about the same length of time.

3. Cold Water Sterilizing

Where heat or electricity is not available, the cold water sterilizing tablets are the way to go. These would be useful for people in remote areas, or people who are camping or traveling. The tablets are added to pot of cold water, the bottles are placed into the water and you simply wait for the specified time as indicated on the instruction on the packet.

4. Electric Sterilizing

Electric sterilizers are a fancy way of sterilizing and this is the most expensive method by far. They look good and get the job done very fast.

5. Microwave Sterilizing

Electric steam sterilizers, cold water sterilizers and boiling in a pan are the typical ways to sterilize babies bottles. However, the most convenient and quickest was to sterilize your baby bottle would have to be microwave sterilizer bags. This is now a brilliant alternative to the traditional type of sterilizers that have been available.

Second, it is convenient. Microwave bags are easy to carry and are reusable. When you are on the move, these bags are a convenient solution for baby bottle sterilization. The individual bags are light and are easy to carry. All you need to do is find a microwave where ever you are going, and have a small amount water (100ml) on hand.

By far the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way of sterilizing baby bottles has to be microwave sterilizer bags. These bags are very easy to use – just a small amount of water in the bag (100ml), put in the feeding equipment, seal the bag and put in the microwave on a high setting for 3 minutes (or whatever time is recommended for your type of microwave), and it is done!

The bags are cheap to buy and can be reused up to 20 times. And individual bags are a thin A4 size and go easily in a baby bag, and are perfect for traveling. So this method really is quick, simple and cost effective.


It is impossible to say that only one method works the best in all situations and circumstances. Any of the methods are ideal at one point or another. Nor can anyone can say one method of sterilization is better than the other, as all of them work effectively to sterilize babies bottles and prevent disease.

How to choose the best way for you to sterilize baby bottles depends on different things: where you live, your budget, what facilities are available etc. The most important thing is to keep your baby healthy, so remember to sterilize your child’s bottles.

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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys; To Help The Older Adults

Category : Health

The trend of leaving older loved ones in a nursing home has increased in past few years. Whatever the reason behind leaving older adults in a nursing home is one thing is for sure they need more attention and care. Families leave their parents or grandparents in a nursing home with an expectation that they will get proper care. But unfortunately, it does not happen in every case. As a matter of fact sometimes older people are abused in the nursing homes.

Nursing Home Abuse:

It is truly difficult to leave your loved one in a nursing home. But due to certain reasons sometimes families have to take this decision. In fact, they expect that their loved one will get proper care and attention at the nursing home. But in some cases, things become worst. As a matter of fact, some older adults get abused in the nursing home. The consequences of the nursing home abuse could be severe.

So if your loved one has passed through this phase consult with the Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys. They will guide you about filing a lawsuit against the guilty. According to the law, the victim or the plaintiff is entitled to get compensation for all the physical and psychological pain he has a bear.

Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse:

Following are the signs of nursing home abuse:

  • Bed sours
  • Weight loss
  • Refusal to eat
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Refusal to take medicine
  • Change in mental state
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Frequent infection
  • Dehydration
  • Cuts or welts
  • Fractures
  • Reclusiveness

When you see any of the signs we have mentioned above in your loved one, and then do not take it lightly. In fact, you should talk to them and consult the Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys to drag the guilty in the court. Though the symptoms may differ according to the abuse but if you find anything unusual make sure that everything is fine.

Settlement Of The Case:

Sometimes if the guilty person accepts his fault can try to settle the case outside the court. The lawyer you hire will discuss the matters with the person and decide a compensation amount. As a matter of fact, the aggrieved party had to suffer from physical and psychological pain that is why he is entitled to compensation. But if the guilty person does not admit his fault and refuses to pay the compensation then your attorney can drag him to the court.

Trial Of The Case:

As we have discussed that if the guilty does not agree to pay the amount of the compensation, then your attorney will take the case for a trial. He will collect the evidence to prove that guilty is responsible for all the suffering of the plaintiff. In fact, he will try his best to get the justice for the plaintiff. He is the expert in his field, and he knows all the legal ways to win the case. So do not keep silence and just speak up about the matter.

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Some tips of how to have healthy feet

Category : Health

Healthy feet are always of great importance. These are among the most sensitive areas of the body of a person. Therefore, you need to take care of them. Not paying attention to them will lead to heavy foot pain and other associated problems. So, you might ask that how to have healthy feet? Well, the answer is given below.

Keep your feet dry and clean

When you talk about health, you talk about good hygiene. You must thoroughly clean your feet and scrub them by the help of soap and water whenever you are taking bath. Later, soak the moisture with the help of a towel and dry it well. If not, it is possible that the fungus occurs on your feet as the fungal organisms love moisture. Any excess moisture and the fungal infection will be visible.

Analyze the problems with your feet

There are certain issues that may be present already with your feet. Go through them in order to identify what it is. Examine the soles for scaling and peeling. Moreover, you may notice the discoloration of the foot nails which may be a symptom of the nail fungus. For the patients of diabetes, the risk of foot infection is even greater as the chances of foot sores and infections are even higher.

Avoid the hiding of discoloration of toenails with nail polish

Most of the women, who have problem of nail discoloration tend to hide it with the help of a nail polish. When they do it, they do not realize that the discoloration could possibly be due to fungus. And if the fungi is the cause of discoloration, by applying the nail polish on it, you are just making it, even more, worse.

Protecting feet in public areas

When you are in public areas where water is around you, such as the gym showers and public pools, you need to take care of your feet. Wear your shoes before you step there because going their bare feet may lead to possible fungal infections. It is because these places serve as a breeding ground for fungi.

Keep your footgear to yourself

Some people tend to share the footwear with each other. It can be socks, shoes, and other associated things. When you share the footgear, you are only increasing the chances of infection. Therefore, you must restrict your things to your own use and do not let anyone else use it. It is for the sake of your own safety.

Use socks that keep feet dry

When you are into some sort of sports, or even through the gym workouts, you tend to wear shoes and socks. When you proceed with the workout, there are around 250,000 sweat glands that become active in your feet. They will create moisture and that will serve as a great ground for bacteria. Thus, try to wear the socks that comes with synthetic fibers so that you can have dry feet.

So, these are certain tips on how to have healthy feet. Follow the guidelines and protect your feet from health problems.

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How To Keep Your Skin Looking Like It Did When You Were 25

Category : Health

We’ve all been there: that moment when you look into the mirror and notice for the first time the fine lines surrounding your eyes or the tiny creases on either side of your mouth. While this inevitable event is really just a common sign of aging, many people find themselves aghast to learn their skin isn’t what it used to be or surprised at how soon in life these changes appeared.

Whether you’re accepting of your aging skin or dying for a way out of this unavoidable transformation, there are several things you can be doing to keep your skin looking as young as possible, for as long as possible. Thanks to tireless study, testing, and research skin care experts have developed five attainable tips that, when followed, will help make your skin fresh and flawless.

1.  Manage Your Stress

What does stress have to do with wrinkles and lines, you ask? It turns out, that stress is actually one of the leading causes of hyper-aging skin. In a review published by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, not only does stress target the skin, but key stress mediators are also a local sources for factors that induce various immune and inflammatory responses.

Oftentimes, with stress comes a substantial amount of sleep deprivation, which leads to puffy eyes and overstretched skin and can also trigger a chain of chemical responses that contribute to facial redness and acne breakouts. When (or if) this stress passes, the swelling leaves in its wake small lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

To prevent stress from aging your skin, find healthy ways to deal with anxiety and tension like physical exercise, mindful meditation, or breathing practices. You can also turn to topical solutions like redox signaling molecule skin care systems that help activate faster cell renewal by delivering deep hydration and anti-aging redox signaling molecules to your skin.


2.  Enhance Your Diet

The food you eat doesn’t just determine your waistline figure, but it also plays a major role in the vitality and youthfulness of your skin. Consider supplementing your diet with the following for happy, healthy skin:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with eggs, contain massive amounts of Vitamin C and are high in antioxidants
  • Vegetable oils, nuts, mangoes and broccoli are loaded with Vitamin E and will increase tocopherol and tocotrienol levels in your body
  • Carrots, sweet potatoes and milk have tons of Vitamin A and are rich sources of beta-carotene, both of which are vital for healthy skin
  • Tea, coffee, fruit, olive oil, chocolate, cinnamon and red wine increase your flavonoid and resveratrol levels, both of which are valuable antioxidant compounds
  • Omega-3s, like salmon, flaxseed, and almonds boost your skin’s hydration to keep it supple and firm

3.  Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend

Using sunscreen is perhaps the single most important step in getting younger-looking skin. The sun is so damaging, that even just 10-minutes of exposure to harmful UVA rays can result in wrinkles and sunspots that are hard to reverse. Be sure that you incorporate a face cream with at least SPF 30 into your beauty routine and use a retinoid product that delivers high amounts of Vitamin A directly to your skin. Strong retinoids speed up the cell renewal process and collagen growth to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and fade brown spots.

4.  Switch Up Your Routine

Switching up your beauty routine is key for having young-looking skin. First, instead of washing your face in the morning after you wake up, suds up at night before you go to bed. As you go throughout your day your skin is exposed to dirt, bacteria, and makeup that, if not cleaned before sleep, can irritate skin, clog pores, and trigger breakouts. Use a gentle face wash to remove the top level of grime before you hit the sack and splash with lukewarm water again in the morning to avoid over drying.

Experts also recommend that you should switch up your routine by altering one thing in your regimen every six to 12 months. Doing this will help jump-start your skin and prevent it from going into the maintenance mode that typically occurs after consistently using the same products.

5.  Exercise

Lastly, one of the most important things you can do for you mind, body, and skin is to exercise regularly. Studies have found that people who exercise for roughly 30 minutes a day, three times a week not have skin that appears to be younger, but it can also help reverse skin aging in people who start exercising later in life. Exercise fills the skin with oxygen and vitalizing nutrients needed for collagen production, so try to get in three to five 30-minute workouts in per week.