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Dog bed 2018 review

5 Tips to choosing a chew resistant dog bed

As it’s normally said, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” Prior to this statement, dog owners needed to ensure that their dogs were well kept and maintained. It is not just about choosing any dog bed, but one that your dog won’t end up chewing, reducing its durability and costing you money. Dogs are known to have a tendency to chew things and most dog owners are not new to this behavior. Choosing a chew resistant dog bed is the first step to ensuring that your dog doesn’t end up chewing on it. Here are some tips on how to choose a chew resistant dog bed.


Check the bed to see which kind of material has been used for both the outer cover and inner filling. The type of filing will ensure that the bed has a stable support and a long life. Purchase a bed that’s poly filled for smaller breeds due to their lightweight bodies and one with foam filling for larger breeds.

The outer cover fabric needs to be one that cannot be torn, punctured or scuffed easily,  water resistant and can withstand chemical and oil. Fabrics which are stronger include ballistic nylon, heavy duty vinyl weave, and Cordura fabric. While canvas and normal fabric might seem ideal, they aren’t the best since their resistance to chewing or urine is low.


The bed has to be made of a sturdy frame made of either heavy duty PVC or aluminum for extra support. An elevated bed is always a great choice, although it shouldn’t be too high making your dog feels uncomfortable. This will prevent him from sleeping on it meaning that the money you will have used to buy it will have gone to waste since it didn’t serve the intended purpose. The best frame will ensure that the bed stays for long saving you from buying a new bed after every few months.


Different dogs have different sleeping positions and you need to monitor and know your dog’s sleeping position to choose the right design. Dogs that love stretching themselves as they sleep, work well with bolster large beds. Those that like curling positions would be more comfortable on a nesting bed in which they can curl and sink into. Others just like comfort and orthopedic beds would be the best. They are also a great choice for dogs that suffer from joint pains.

Corner type

How the corners have been shaped in a dog bed will greatly determine its longevity. If a dog cannot find something to hold onto and bite, then chances of him destroying the bed are very low. A bed with round corners is more durable compared to square and rectangular beds which a dog can grab onto especially if chewing is its common behavior.


The type of material used will determine the main location of the dog bed. Whether it will be for indoor or outdoor use, this will help you in selecting the perfect chew resistant dog bed. Beds made from durable materials can withstand harsh weather conditions despite where they are placed.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your dog a comfortable, durable and a chew resistant bed. Visit top dog tips for more information and best reviews on indestructible dog beds.


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canine relationship

A Woman’s Best Friend- The Health Benefits of Canine Companionship

The bond we have with our dogs is a very special thing, full of unfaltering loyalty and care. After a hard day’s work, these faithful friends greet us at the door with excitement and affection, bringing playfulness to dull days and laughter to our families. We adopt dogs for a plethora of reasons, from pleasing our children with a furry new member of the family to the simple want for a happy face to return home to, but the benefits of having a pet dog might actually extend our health and wellbeing far more than initially thought.

Dogs and our Wellbeing

There are some very obvious and well-known health benefits to dogs. They encourage us to exercise and get fresh air by taking them for long walks, and petting them can lower our blood pressure and have the positive effect of decreasing stress levels. For those of us who live alone or are older citizens, dogs can be a great way to beat loneliness and lead fuller lives. However, a study in Sweden, reported on by BBC News, suggests that they can offer much more than this. In a study of 3.4 million Swedes, it was concluded that owning a dog can help prevent cardiovascular diseases by 33% and lower the chances of a heart attack specifically by 11%. The reason for this is that owning a dog means we have more social contact; it can also expose us to different microscopic bacteria that changes the microbes in our gut which, it is believed, can be preventative of various diseases.

Super Dogs

There have even been some cases of super dogs. In 2014, The Telegraph reported that a dog named Daisy had located a cancerous cyst on her owner’s breast. The dog pinpointed the lump with her nose and kept nudging the owner, Dr Claire Guest, until she got it checked. This saved Claire’s life, and now she works to train Medical Detection Dogs to help others.

How can we benefit our dog’s health in return?

Whilst, of course, most of our dogs won’t be the medical miracle Daisy was, having a dog benefits us greatly in terms of both our physical and mental health. For us to reap the health benefits a dog offers us, it stands to reason we take care of them as well.

A great way of making sure your animal stays healthy is to take advice from other dog owners and professionals. By talking to other owners when out for a walk, or visiting sites such as pawcastle, you can access a huge amount of advice of how to keep your pet in tip-top condition with everything for dietary advice to product reviews of dog houses and toys.

Dogs truly are our best friends and because they take care of us, we need to make sure they are happy and well cared for in return. After all, a healthy dog is a healthy you.

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read Retractable Dog Leash reviews

5 Types of Leashes That You Should Consider for Your Pet Dog

A leash has two primary functions: to help keep your dog under your control when you’re out in public and to use as a training tool, especially in the early stages, when you’re preparing your pet to become a full-fledged member of your family. However, there are many other specific benefits of using a leash, including preventing your dog from injuring themselves and other animals or people. A leash also makes walking your dog a whole lot easier and helps you establish rules and boundaries as well.

Now you might think that a leash is a leash—as long as it helps you walk your dog, right? However, because different dogs and dog owners have different needs and habits, there are also different types of leashes in the market that you might want to consider.

Retractable Dog Leash under $30

Best Retractable Dog Leash

This short guide will help you become more familiar with these options, so you can have an easier time shopping when you finally decide to buy a leash for your dog. Moreover, make sure to get a complementing dog collar that you can use along with the leash. Consider getting a personalized dog collar which is tailored just for your pet. Some of the ways you can customize your dog’s collar include attaching a tag with your dog’s name on it, or picking colors and patterns that reflect your pal’s unique personality. As for the leash itself, here are some possible options.

Standard Leash

If you’re looking for a reliable leash to use for walking your dog during the day, then you can’t go wrong with standard leashes. These are usually made from nylon, which is strong enough to control a big dog yet light and soft enough to use for puppies and smaller dog breeds. Leather is also a popular material for leashes, although they are a bit more expensive and requires more care and maintenance than nylon ones.

A standard leash can be of 4 and 8 feet. Commonly length is 6 feet, as this allows space for movement but a little short to give 100% control of the dog, if necessary.

Reflective Leash

If you’re usually out and about at night or if your dog is a night owl who prefers to have their walks during the evenings, getting a reflective leash can provide an additional layer of safety for you and your pet.

A reflective leash is usually a standard leash made of nylon but stitched with reflective material on one or both sides. Some styles braid thin nylon ropes with reflectorized strips. Depending on the material used, a reflective leash can be seen from up to 600 feet or a little over 180 meters away.

Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes allow the handler to vary the length of the leash at any time, thus providing the dog more freedom of movement. These leashes usually work with a press-and-release mechanism—pressing the button loosens the lock and allows the leash to be pulled, while releasing the button locks the leash and retracts the line into handle. The actual leash is attached to a length of rope or cord that can extend anywhere from 4 to 30 feet, although it’s not ideal to let it extend to its full length, as both the dog and the owner can get tangled up in the line.

Retractable leashes are also ideal for smaller dogs, as bigger, more powerful breeds may be able to snap the cord when they pull on the leash or suddenly takes off at full speed. Well-trained dogs who already have proper leash manners are also good candidates for retractable leashes.

Chain Leash

A chain leash is very useful for dog owners whose pets tend to chew and destroy their leashes. There are different weights and thicknesses available, so you can readily find one for almost any dog size. One thing you have to consider when buying a chain leash is that, while some dogs stop chewing on the leash once they figure out that it’s indestructible, other dogs may actually continue to chew on the chains, which can end up damaging their teeth. Just keep checking your dog while on a chain leash to stop them from developing the habit of chewing the metal.

Bike Leash

Active dog owners with similarly active dogs may want to consider a bike leash to take their pet out on their usual bike routes. This sort of leash is attached to the frame of a bicycle and gives the dog enough room to jog alongside you as you bike, without fear of your dog getting away from you. Using it might be difficult at first, and you might end up biking more slowly than you’re used to in order to allow your dog to adjust. However, with proper training, a bike leash can be a great way for you and your dog to get some exercise every day.

Multi-Dog Leash

If you have two or more dogs, you can buy a multiple dog leash so you can walk them at once without holding two or more leashes. A multi-dog leash has one main leash for the first dog, and a coupler allows you to attach a second leash (perhaps more) for another dog.

A multi-dog leash is ideal for highly-trained dogs that usually don’t have a habit of jumping around or pulling, as you may have a difficult time controlling two or more hyperactive dogs at once.

Keep in mind that the most important thing about getting a leash is that it should be able to serve its purpose for you and your dog. Once you’ve figured out what your needs are, you’ll have an easier time making a choice. You might even end up buying two or more kinds of leashes in the end!

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