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How Metformin Works For Weight Loss

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Metformin is sold under a brand name of Glucophage. It is a diabetes medicine that takes orally. It is a hypoglycemic medication which means that it reduce the sugar level or glucose in the blood. Metformin works for weight loss too.  Many studies show that this medicine helps the non-diabetic patients to reduce their weight by controlling and reducing hunger. This medication is curing the Type II diabetes. If there is too much insulin in your body, you become overweight and your fats getting the store, especially in your belly.

As you eat, there is a great increase in your blood sugar level. As its level rises, the pancreas releases more insulin. You become fat because of insulin. It acts on the brain and gives the signal to it that you are hungry. Liver starts constructing fat cells and which is accumulated in your belly to make it fat. Insulin makes you hungry all the time.

Due to this heart attack occurs because liver transforms excess calories into fats and cause the arteries to contract. Insulin is needed to balance the sugar level in blood and avoid it to raise too high because it will eventually damage the nerves, kidney, causes diabetes and heart attack. Metformin lowers the release of sugar from liver and averts the level of blood sugar to rise from the specific limit. In this way, excess insulin is not produced by your body which makes you hungry and liver also stops producing excess fat. Glucose absorption also decreases in the intestine, insulin sensitivity improves by accumulating glucose muscles commitment and usage. How metformin reduces a weight by the loss of adipose tissues.

Metformin is generally considered a safe medicine. It makes easier for your body to absorb glucose which is available in the blood. Losing weight is considered as a side effect of metformin which this good news for those who seeks to lose weight. If you want to lose weight speedily, you must devotedly do exercise and follow a diet plan along with metformin tablets.

Fazal e azeem

Working Mechanism of Metformin works for weight loss:

There is three main mechanisms and each will explain how metformin works for weight loss.

1.     Reduce the production of sugar by liver

Through metformin, less sugar is released into the blood that ultimately leads towards the reduction in weight.

2.     Utilization of sugar has increased into liver and muscles

Excess sugar is basically stored in muscles, so metformin is capable of reducing the level of sugar in the blood by driving sugar in them.

     3. Stop the fats breakdown or lipolysis

Available fatty acids are reduced and in this way less amount of sugar is produced.

Side effects of using a Metformin for Weight Loss:

  • Some researchers show that patients suffer from muscles pain slow or imbalance heart rate, weakness, stomach pain, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. These all caused due to lactic acidosis.
  • Try to avoid taking metformin if your liver or kidney is damaged. Heart patients should strictly refrain from using this tablet.

Studies have shown that metformin can reduce the weight up to 2.9 kilograms. These studies prove that metformin claims rightly about weight loss. But achieving weight loss is not an important. It means that metformin should not be used just for weight loss purpose. If you are a diabetic patient of type II then you use this medicine otherwise it is not advisable to use alone for weight loss.








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10 Must Have Foods For Beautiful Skin

Category : Apparel , Food , Weightloss , Women


If you are looking for healthy and glowing skin, then these are the must have foods in your daily diets.


Watermelon contains around 92% water along with nutrients such as vitamins A, B6 and C, antioxidants and amino acids. It provides hydration which is essential for glowing skin. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it help in reducing the damage or dark spots created due to exposure to sun. It also reduces the chances of skin cancer.


Green Tea


Green tea has been popularly know for it slimming benefits but it also has an effect on skin. It contains an antioxidant polyphenols which helps in skin cancer prevention as well as making your skin look younger and healthier. Apart from this it lowers the level of dihydrotestosterone production which the prime agent for producing acnes. Dermatologist generally recommend 3-4 cups of green tea daily.


Dark Chocolates


Everybody loves to consume chocolates but the manufacturing process leads to reduction of antioxidants present in them. Chocolates are made of cocoa beans which are rich in flavonoid, antioxidants which makes the skin look younger and healthier. Be sure that you do not consume the manufactured chocolate in large quantity as it leads to weight gain.




The most powerful among all the foods are berries which have an anti aging property. They contain vitamin C which makes skin smooth and tight. They also contain salicylic acid which helps in prevention of acnes.


Salmon and Fatty Fish



The sea foods contain fatty acids commonly know as omega-3 which helps in maintaining healthy and elastic skin. These fatty acids also help in water restoration thus making the skin look more healthy. They also contain ingredients which protect the skin from harmful UV radiations thus preventing skin wrinkling and drying.


Leafy Vegetables like Spinach

We have seen a lot of superstar taking Spinach, broccoli and other green vegetable as part of their main diet. The main reason is that they contain an ingredient Folate which helps in repair of DNA and also reduces the risk of skin cancer. They also contain vitamin A which helps in treating skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, sunburn and other skin diseases.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best source to maintain hydration of the body. It also contains nutrients and oxygen which helps in blood circulation. It also helps in maintaining youthful and supple skin



Tomatoes contain lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene protects us from harmful UV radiations thus preventing anti aging and other skin issues. Tomatoes also helps in hydration of the body as well as water retention.



Eggs are a great source of protein. They contain biotin that protects against dry skin. Protein also help in repair process of dead cells.




Beans are also great source of proteins which contains legumes that helps in repair of dead cells. The complex structure of proteins are broken down into amino acids which help is speedy repair and regeneration of skin cells.


Consult a dermatologist on JustDoc and get a personalised advice for yourself.

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Exactly how a Digital Scale Analyzes and Calculates Your Body Fat Percent

Category : Weightloss

With my current frustrations over my body fat dimensions, we made a decision to figure out exactly just how body fat calculators, displays, analyzers work!
Holy Bioelectrical Resistance Analysis, Digital Body fat scales utilize BIA to approximate your body structure (ratio of fat to muscle). When you tip on the range, it sends out a 500 microampere present up your leg. Don’t stress, humans can not notice it since it is much less than 1000 microamperes, a lot less  to be hurt or felt by one.
The existing travels with your body, navigating with your muscular tissue as well as fat tissue. Muscle offers a much easier course for the current, because it’s made up of 73% water, which, certainly, is an excellent conductor. Fat, on the various other hand, provides a lot more resistance as well as reduces the existing down. So, certainly, the less fat as well as a lot more muscular tissue you have, the much faster the current will travel.
As soon as the present finishes its path, the scale determines the time it required to do so. It utilizes this details, along with your elevation and also weight, to provide you a harsh price quote of your body fat percent.
So bear in mind, regardless of what it claims on the box or in the ad, no body fat scale is visiting offer you exact results whenever. A variety of factors ranging from exactly what time of day you gauge to exactly what and when you last ate to the existing area temperature could all impact the results. So, bear in mind to use the body fat scale as a general guide to which direction your moving in, and not an outright estimation of your specific body fat percentage.
Despite having their much less compared to perfect outcomes, they are a fantastic way to get a general concept of your body make-up, as opposed to simply your body weight. They are hassle-free, rather precise, as well as fairly cost-effective. For these factors, they greatly outweigh (pun intended) conventional scales, since you can track your changing body much more accurately.
As an example, if you are overweight and also start an intense exercise routine to get in shape, you might be shedding FAT while acquiring MUSCLE at the very same time. This is outstanding as well as will boost your health and wellness and your physical appearance. Nevertheless, if you were just utilizing a regular range, you would certainly see that your weight is remaining the very same or maybe even raising. This can leave you disappointed and also make you surrender on the outstanding outcomes you were in fact accomplishing. If you were utilizing a body fat scale, you might have seen that your body make-up was altering for the better, and you were actually making wonderful progress!
Similar to any product these days, there are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of body fat scales available. They can vary in price from $20 to numerous bucks. Aim to stick with one in at the very least the $50 array, as well as you must be alright, yet if you can afford a more costly one, you could obtain a little better outcomes. The basic consensus seems to be that Tanita makes several of the most exact models, however do a fast search on Google and/or Amazon, and also you will certainly discover a broad variety to select from.
Our recommendation goes to a marvelous online store that provides the accurate most products at affordable rates. Cleck here to know more: – visit website

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Natural weight loss foods

Category : Nutrition , Weightloss

Weight loss is a major topic of discussion worldwide as people look for healthy ways to lose weight. There are foods to give up to lose weight, but most people find themselves craving for such foods. Incorporating natural weight loss foods in to your diet can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. How often do you keep to your diet? I know like most people out there you crave for certain sugary snacks that further add you some extra pounds.

7 Natural weight loss foods

Some foods have a high thermogenic effect and help you burn calories fast. The nutrients and compounds in healthy foods increase the metabolic rate. Some of the foods to give up to help lose weight are the processed foods that are engineered to make you eat a lot more. Therefore you should give these natural foods or superfoods a try.

1) Whole food and single-ingredient foods

Basing your whole diet on whole and single-ingredient foods is one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. These are foods rich in fiber and include things like rice and oatmeal. Whole foods are much easier to break down than processed foods. The body usually burns twice as much calorie when breaking whole foods than processed foods. Whole foods are mostly grains that are naturally fulfilling. One does not develop cravings that make them eat more. Whole foods and single-ingredient foods further provide your body with essential nutrients.

2) Lean Meats

Eating lean meat provides with protein that is crucial in losing weight. The body burns more calories when digesting and metabolizing the proteins. A high protein diet can help boost your metabolism leading to weight loss. Lean meat like a 300 calorie chicken requires something like 90 calories to break down.

3) Low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products contain vitamin D and calcium that are crucial to preserving and building body muscles. They help maintain a robust metabolism which further aids in your weight loss goals.

4) Green Tea or Coffee

Coffee and tea are essential drinks when looking to weight. Tea contains a compound that helps increase the rate of metabolism. Coffee, on the other hand, contains antioxidants that help increase metabolism while reducing the risk of getting diabetes. Coffee and tea make you feel full without taking any calories.

5) Lemons

Lemons are great for detoxifying your body. They also have an alkalizing effect on your body that helps lose some extra pounds. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water once in a day whenever you feel thirsty. You can also add the lemon to your food before serving. Lemon also tastes good and will make your food taste nice.

6) Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are what give chili peppers their kick making your body melt some calories. Raw-cooked, dried, or powdered peppers are great for losing weight.

7) Drink enough water

Water is very crucial if you are planning to lose weight. Water helps hydrate your body helping increase the rate of metabolism. There are several ways that water can help you lose weight. Water can help keep your cravings for sugary foods at bay. Just have a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and sip on it whenever you have a craving for certain foods. It makes you feel full and prevents you from eating unnecessarily.

Final Verdict

Going natural is always the best way to lose weight without any harmful side effects. Keep a strict timetable on the natural foods above and start doing some exercises if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. You will be surprised how easy it can be to lose weight.

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Fulfill your Desire for a Flat Stomach

Category : Weightloss

So how many times do we hear it? I just want a flat stomach. I just want abs. Well let’s look a bit closer at how we can do this.

First Fact … You don’t get abs by simply doing sit ups! But you all know that right?

Second Fact: … If you don’t have the right nutrition plan in place it’s going to be a long time before them lines start to show. We have probably all heard the “Abs are made in the kitchen” line. Well that’s partly true but you have to work for it. (Unless you’re a genetically gifted freak)

Third and final fact: If you have a solid diet plan (No this doesn’t mean hating every carbohydrate on the planet) A solid training plan (Not just sit ups but ….. a bit of cardio too) then them abs will be coming out quicker than you think.


We all have abs that’s a fact it’s just that a lot of us have a layer(s) of fat covering them (keeping them snug maybe?…Maybe not). So as the first fact states it’s not just about doing sit ups. Yes sit ups help strengthen the so called 6 pack but most neglect the core as a whole and trans abs (Deep laying abdominal muscles) these are really important for pulling it all in and keeping the midsection tight. Are they hard to train? Well nothing worth having ever came easy. You will find that the more you train your abs (including trans abs) then it will get easier. So we have the first part down and now we move on to the second part or fact. If you want to eat McDonald’s or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s everyday then you can pretty much say goodbye to any chance of having that flat toned mid-section. You can still eat food you like but make conscious well thought out changes to your diet. I speak from experience as I love food so I had to do this.

You can’t be afraid to eat. Lots of people cut out carbs and yeah some get results but as soon as we reintroduce them its bye bye abs hello mr fluffy! Get the diet on point from day 1 and introduce some steady state cardio each morning preferably (Fasted) and again it will happen quicker than you think. Our goal is to create or develop your body into a fat burning environment so that the layer(s) of fat disappear and them rock hard abs will shine through right? Well maybe but all this just won’t work without hard work and dedication. You have to commit to the cause and keep that goal in mind. Remember fat won’t just come off your mid-section it will come off all over your body. (You can’t spot reduce fat – as such)

So if you take all the above into consideration and apply it to your approach then it won’t be long before your giving that t shirt a sneaky lift to show off your hard work. If you need any help with diet or training plans then we currently provide 1 on 1 personal training in Oldham at Lifestyle Fitness Center. We also offer an online fitness coaching service on our website

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The Paleo Diet Is Great For Weight Loss And Disease Prevention

Category : Weightloss

Millions of men and women around the world attempt to go on a diet to lose weight. While many do enjoy success, many more are left with unanswered questions. Why didn’t I lose weight? Why didn’t my diet work? Was it something I did? All of these are reasonable questions to ask if you’ve failed to lose weight.

If you’ve attempted to lose weight and your diet failed, please continue to read. Today, I want to discuss the Paleo Diet. This is a very popular diet and for good reason, “it works.” While all of our bodies are different, this is one of the few diets that is built for all levels.

The Paleo Diet Is Born

The Paleo Diet was created by Walter Voegtlin back in the 1970s. The diet has a very interesting history and concept. Walter was the first to go on record claiming that eating like our Paleolithic ancestors would make us healthier. While it was criticized when it first came out, today we know it to be one of the most effective diets in the world.

Thousands of years ago during the Paleolithic time period, humans had a diet that mainly consisted of meats and fish, along with gathered items such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Research Shows The Benefits

Research has shown that the foundation of the Paleo Diet include lean meats, such as bison and ostrich. Our ancestors also consumed seafood. Today, you’ll find that our diets are rarely similar to that of our ancestors.

The Paleo diet is great for disease prevention, losing weight and building lean muscles. Scientific studies have shown it improves digestion and GI health. There’s countless other benefits that this diet can give you if you follow the diet plan.

In our age period, we have sugars in everything, corn syrup, a completely looking diet. As we’ve come to learn, a bad diet can be much worse than simple weight gain. If you don’t improve your diet, you could very well face diseases in the near future and we don’t want that.

paleo diet weight loss

There’s a lot of healthy foods that stem from the Paleo Diet. They include;

  • Bison
  • Deer
  • Chicken
  • Elk
  • Crawfish
  • Crayfish
  • Bass
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Pecans
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • And the list goes on and on


Will The Paleo Diet Work For Me?

All of us our different, our chemistry is different and our bodies react differently from one person to the next. Some people believe that our bodies are still adaptive to the Paleo diet, being that it has only been a short time ago when the Paleo age was among us.

A lot of men and women have reported weight loss success on this diet, not to mention the overall improvements in general health. Many respected doctors in the field also recommend it, such as Dr. Moses Goldberg.

My own medical opinion, the Paleo diet works and it’s one of the most popular diets for a reason. If you follow the diet and recipes, you’ll see results.


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Loosing Weight Isn’t that Tough! Read How!

Category : Weightloss

Trying to lose weight by following restrictive diets or sweating with complex and demanding fitness routines has a way of killing your will power. More often than not, you end up impotently angry and it seems as though all effort has been for nothing.

Simplicity I learned to believe is far better when it comes to slowly refining the way you look. And while people routinely underestimate simple and small scale tactics, the effects pile up and accumulate making such approach the most viable one.

Consistency is the only requirement – and having in mind how these tactics don’t require much in the way of doing unpleasant chores – it’s rather easy to keep.

So here is the list…

Drinking lots of water

For every pound you weigh, you ought to drink 2/3 of an ounce. So it’s 67 ounces for 100 pounds of weight.

Add on top additional 12 ounces for each 30 minutes spent working out and you are set.


Drinking a detox tea

Detox teas work so that your metabolism rate is being slightly increased, and your body fat oxidation goes up as well, causing your body to use fat as a fuel source more often.

Hot ginger tea with lemon and honey

My fiancée is the type of gal who is always looking for duct tape solutions and after writing this fit tea review she ended up convincing me to try a detox tea as well. Despite of being a fitness rat, I’m now sold on the idea of using shortcuts to further boost my gains.

Enough sleep


Many people underestimate the regenerative power of a good night’s rest. Clocking out for 7-8 hours each night will help your body function properly the following day. And that means hormonal balance, optimal metabolic rates, and muscle building processes…

Doing balance holds before you hit the shower


Holding a low plank, holding a high plank, getting yourself in the squat position or sitting down on the floor with your legs held upwards… All of these poses won’t even take 5 minutes to complete. Hold each one for 45 seconds up to a minute, and you will activate your core, thighs, arms, shoulders and chest.

Then, hit the shower and feel as refreshed as ever.

By the way, this is not even a workout officially.

Walk more


It sounds fairly naïve, but as I’ve already explained above, the effects pile up and accumulate over time. It may not be noticeable right away, but give it a few weeks and you’ll see a small drop in both pounds and inches.

Walk towards work and back, and don’t use the car in order to get to the local supermarket.

If your significant other wants to help, you can even do evening walks together, spending more quality more all the while spending calories as well.

Remember, simple is always better, as long as you can stay consistent. Small steps are all you need. Here is to better habits and improved shape!

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Lose weight more efficiently and safely: Read Bio X4 review

Category : Supplements , Weightloss

Are you trying to lose weight and frustrated to get no result? You want to lose weight to fit in a wedding dress and look perfect? Then we have provided you the fantastic product Bio X4 supplement. It helps you to lose weight in a more efficient way. It facilitates the digestive system and lets you feel more energized and active daily. The ingredients used in the Bio X4 are completely safe and are the same traditional weight loss product but in an efficient quantity which will help you to lose weight fast. Bio X4 focuses on the fat which gathers in the abdomen area. It improves your health by supporting the immune system and regular bowel movement. So read out the Bio X4 review and find out by yourself.

Bio X4 review of product

You will be getting the best results with the natural diet supplement. It aids and results in losing weight more efficiently and also improves the digestive tract. The immune system is also developed which helps to nourish the body from gut also suppress cravings by providing a solution to treat your digestive issues. The supplement is available in the form of a capsule. So get your desired results with the Bio X4.


Last year I had a terrible accident and had gone through the 3 major surgeries. My doctor advised me for a complete rest, and I could not walk properly for almost 2 months. It resulted in a tremendous increase in weight. I was 72 Kgs and before the accident but after bed rest, I was 95 Kgs. I was unable to perform daily work routine. I could not get fit into any of my dress or jeans. One day my friend came over, and she was using the internet and bumped into the Bio X4 supplement features. She advised me to use this by reading the Bio X4 reviews. I lost 30 lbs. in 90 days, and I am getting beautiful day by day. Every day I woke up with more energy and motivation.


The ingredient

All of the ingredients used in the products are natural and efficient ingredients for weight loss. They will improve your immune system and digestive system by resulting efficiently in weight loss. Following are the ingredients of Bio X4:-

  • Green tea which is an effective solution to burn stubborn fat by improving the digestive system
  • Bromelain
  • Lactis
  • acidophilus
  • Amylase

Advantages of Bio X4

Following are some benefits which you will experience

  • It is the supplement recommended by the doctors
  • Helps to improve digestion
  • You will get satisfaction and results in the minimum time
  • Energizes you
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Contains the natural ingredients

According to the current Bio X4 review and the research, the product is perfectly safe as a supplement. It is 100 percent natural and strong. However you may experience the signs of bloating or drowsiness but sensitive bodies respond to minor effects very quickly, and they do not last long.

So order your Bio X4 now and get instant weight loss.

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6 Advantages Of Liposuction You Did Not Know

Category : Surgery , Weightloss , Women


Smart Remedy For Better Body

Being afraid of fat removal surgeries and cutting off the food is one of the real time problems in Miami. Tonight we have the famous Liposuction subject for you. After reading this article, you would realize how spending little resources are doing lipo can change your life. There are different fat deposits in various parts of the body. Liposuction is one of the ways that removes the fat through the suction procedure. It is an alternative to long-term diet plans, heavy workouts, and surgeries to get a perfect shaped body. There are many celebrities, models and famous people who have gone through this process to get a better body.


Easy Techniques Of Liposuction

You might have heard about a suction equipment and a surgeon for doing lipo. Well, things have now changed. We have got more advanced methods that are developed to make liposuction much easier. I would like you to share these methods and take a review from your friends on social media too. Let’s have a look at two popular and easy methods for liposuction.

Laser Liposuction

A revolution in the field of medicine and surgery can break down the fats hidden inside your skin in no time. The same fat can be drained off from your body with a little suction or naturally. It is how laser liposuction makes life easier.

Power Assisted

Molecules often break down with massive vibration; the same technique is employed here. A vibrator makes the fat cells break into pieces and then they are drained off. This technique has got considerable efficacy.

No Significant after effects

Surgery, workout and protein diet always leave some effects once they are completed. Either a person gets disturbed or take a long term rest. Whereas, in liposuction, it is commonly observed that people come to their normal activity routine just after the procedure. However, a little swelling may be expected due to the sudden removal of fat under the skin.


An Alternative to Surgery

Surgery with complete anesthesia is not an option for healthy people who want to lose fat. It is one of the best alternatives to every way that includes pain in losing fat. That is why itscharmingtime always recommends lipo due to its fast and easy results.

Fights Genetic Fat

Our body may contain some areas that carry fat genetically. It is difficult to get rid of that fat through long workout plans, swimming, diet or fat burning pills. But lipo is one of the methods that helps people in getting a perfect body.

 What Miami People Thinks About Liposuction

Recently I have met different people to know their view about liposuction in Miami. Most of them said that their life is better now because they enjoy having a perfect shaped body. Some problems were identified in women with belly fat, and they only found the solution in this procedure.

If you have liked this article, then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media 

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How To Stay In Shape In 3 Easy Steps

Category : Lifestyle , Weightloss

Is it difficult to learn how to stay in shape?

You want to be as successful in staying in shape as you were getting into shape.  But you know that you haven’t got a chance of seeing that kind of success unless you can truly maintain healthy habits and keep focused over the long haul. Of course, the big question on everyone’s mind in how? Maintenance can be an elusive achievement. You worry that you’re not confident enough, that you may make a mistake or have a setback, but you’ll be angry if you can figure out how to make this work.

No need to worry.  These feelings can be very common among fellow weight loss achievers.  Gaining weight is so much easier than losing it. Fortunately, there is a way to maintain your weight loss and shape for good.  In fact, if you follow the steps necessary, maintenance can easily feel less scary, become a habit, and even last for a lifetime.

How To Stay In Shape In 3 Easy Steps

As I was coming to a turning point in my weight loss, I was sick of the yo-yo effect of losing and then gaining. I know that our body’s fluctuate between a few pounds every week.  That isn’t a big deal.  But, I wanted to have the fluctuation happen between less pounds. I also wanted to make changes that will last for a lifetime.  Being dedicated was the most important step I took to be successful in maintenance and learning how to stay in shape year round.

The 3 Easy Steps are as follows:

1-Your greatest resource.  Your mind is your greatest resource and has the ability to control what you and your body does.  Use it to your advantage by, practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. Revisit your goals everyday and update them as necessary.  Visualize yourself accomplishing your daily and weekly goals. Repeat positive affirmations daily to keep your mind focus.

How To Stay In Shape In 3 Easy Steps

2- The two P’s. Plan and prepare.  When you plan ahead your weekly menus it is much easier to eat right and stay on track.  Plan ahead what day you are going to have a treat and then stick to it.  This way you are in control of your eating, not your emotions. Prepare foods and meals in advance to make meal  and snack time convenient for you.

How To Stay In Shape In 3 Easy Steps

3-Time for yourself.  Make sure you spend time for yourself everyday.  Whether it is exercising, a sport, walking in nature, or meditation. Whatever will invigorate you and motivate you should be a part of your daily routine.

How To Stay In Shape In 3 Easy Steps

For more information on body car check this out: The Amazing You

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