Cheats For Pokémon GO

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Cheats For Pokémon GO

Although we have done a complete guide Pokemon GO  will resumirte more clearly and concisely how best tricks Pokemon Go , only the essential.

Virtually every aspect of the game have been scanned to choose the useful tips. Capture thePokémon more rare is not easy , as it is nothing in the application of Niantic. You have to throw hours and walk a lot, but no shortcuts.

We tell all tips to succeed in Pokémon GO encountered so far.

1. How to Capture Pokémon more easily

One of the tricks to get free pokecoins on Pokemon Go Most Wanted is how to capture a Pokémon faster without spending many Pokeballs.

There are several ways to make better use Pokéball . Use Raspberry berries will increase the effectiveness of the launch, but also use the curve ball or throw when the circle is smaller.

As you level up , difficulty increase progressively capture Pokémon. It is better to practice the technique at lower levels and make a good supply of Superball and berries. you can play and download this for free on

2. Make the most of the Poképaradas

If you live in a densely populated area, you’re in luck. Rural players are not so lucky, but surely your surroundings have enough Poképaradas. Each one of them gives you 50 experience points and various objects when the tours, so wear sneakers and walking!

Remember that these stops you can place modules to attract more Pokémon and catch them all . These are just some of the utilities to be found

3. How, when and why Pokémon evolve

The great dilemma, which suffered Ash Ketchum in the TV series, is whether it is worthwhile or not evolve your Pokémon favorite run 3 online . It might not have enough points battle , in which case it is advisable to wait to catch a stronger exemplary.

You need to evolve them candy, and these are achieved in two ways : by capturing more copies of the same or transferring them to the teacher.

For every creature evolved’ll receive 500 XP, so grab all those Zubat and creates a squadron of Golbat. It may not serve you for combat in gyms, but will be a valuable source of experience.

4. Earn more experience to level up faster

Another tricks Pokémon GO more buscasos is how to climb to level faster in Pokémon GO.The trick is to take advantage of bonus experience offered by the game. These bonuses are activated when you use an egg of luck, you can get as a reward for leveling up.

For half an hour you will enjoy x2 XP , so it is best that you attend the tips to gain a lot ofexperience in a short time . Basically it is to have many eggs ready to be opened, ready to evolve Pokémon and a module in a Poképarada. The amount of XP that can get you push several levels up.

5. Train in gyms and gain experience and reputation

Pokémon gyms are all over the city. They can train and fight . To train, you must go to a gym controlled by your team; in it you can challenge your “friends” and gain some experience, but add reputation to the center. You can also assign a member of your team as a defender, a beautiful reward.

In the Pokémon gyms controlled by other teams you can fight, win and become a leader. There are several tips that we have to develop the fight more efficiently , but can be summarized in three: use Pokémon to do much damage to the opponent, swap them as needed and use your secondary attack.

6. Win free Pokémonedas

The Pokémonedas are the virtual currency of the game, it can get premium items. However, touch you checkout if you want to get them . Unless you use some of the tricks to get free pokecoins in pokemon go .

Include having Google Play credit earned through surveys or defend gyms. Every 21 hours, each Pokémon you report defender assigned as 10 Pokémonedas profit. If you are strong creatures and is a winning team, you can get rich without doing practically nothing.

7. Find the rarest Pokémon that can capture

Finally we are going to tell the trick for GO Pokémon that lets you find the most times Pokémon.

There are several maps of Pokémon GO , although almost all rely on the collaboration of users. PokéVision only based on the game API to track and locate the creatures that will appear in your surroundings.

On their website you can view how much time you have to catch a rare Pokémon and where it is generated. Hurry up, because only occur for a few minutes; also PokéVision risks encountering opposition from Niantic in no time.

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