Experience the Beautiful San Francisco and its Lifestyle!

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Experience the Beautiful San Francisco and its Lifestyle!

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San Francisco may measure 130 square kilometers, but it ranks as one of the best cities in the world.  Famous for its undeniable beauty -crimson bridge, cable cars, Victorian homes, magnificent bay, and dynamic diversity. It offers boundless outdoor adventures and has an alluring nightlife and trend setting cuisine.

It offers unique historical, educational and recreational sightseeing for residents and visitors. It boasts the oldest and largest Chinatown. It has some of the unique attractions like Alcatraz, Angel Island, Coit Tower, and Golden Gate Bridge.

If you are thinking of moving to SF and want to know about its lifestyle, then here we go.

There is always something for everyone and it doesn’t fail to surprise anyone by the frequent shutting down of streets and allowing for unplanned performances and rallies by the adjusting public.

Almost every family has a dog in this city, it is a city of dog lovers and every neighborhood has one or two parks which have dog-friendly areas. You will always find people out with their dogs socializing with other dogs, no matter what time of the day it is.


It is the best place for foodie and if you are one of them then SF will be heaven for you. San Francisco has so many restaurants that the entire city could eat out at the same time.

You will always find people trying new things here in SF, just if the last place gone through was awesome or the last restaurant you tried was the best, it doesn’t mean you would stick to the  same place every time.

People are very health conscious and so you can always get access to healthy food in this city. There are varied farmers’ markets all over the city. Restaurants have menus tailored to perfection. You will always find people jogging and actively enjoying the outdoors like rock climbing, surfing, hiking, and biking.

There are many myths about SF. Here are some of the common myths about SF and the real truths about what you may have heard:

Myth: you have to be rich to afford to live in SF

Truth: you don’t have to be rich but yes definitely you have to be employed. The average rent for 1BHK is approximately $1885. But if you want to experience the high-end San Francisco lifestyle, then yes, you need to be rich on all counts.

Myth: It’s difficult to make friends in SF because everyone already has a big group of friends

Truth: it is actually not true. It is very easy to make friends and meet people in San Francisco, because there are many opportunities to go out and do interesting activities that could be anything like taking a dog to a park, visiting a bar nearby, or running a marathon. There is nothing more splendid but to enjoy the San Francisco lifestyle.



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