Female Infertility- Its Causes and The Best Treatments

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Female Infertility- Its Causes and The Best Treatments

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Among females, infertility can be of two types, primary and secondary. Primary is the one that happens without a previous pregnancy. Secondary is the one in which the couple has convinced before and had a child in the past. Then, there is a type called sterility in which there is no chance of pregnancy to happen. It is different from infertility.

Causes of Infertility among Women

Females under the age of 43 mostly face problems in getting pregnant. Once a woman is diagnosed with infertility, there are 50% likelihood of successful treatment. Mostly, it happens because of any of the following reasons:

  • The age of the women
  • Some underlying case
  • History of the previous pregnancies

The most common causes of infertility includes problem with ovulation, damage to the uterus or fallopian tubes or the cervix. If it is ovulation, it is either caused by eating disorders, hormone imbalance, drug or alcohol use or a cyst.

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How is Infertility Diagnosed?

Infertility is assessed through a physical exam. It includes checking the medical history of the female regarding some factors that are the potential cause of infertility. The healthcare providers use the following exams for evaluating the fertility:

  • Pelvic and breast exam
  • Urine or blood test for identifying infection or any hormonal problem
  • Sample of the cervical mucus for determining if proper ovulation is happening
  • Ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus
  • Hysteroscopy that involves the use of a tiny telescope for examining the uterine abnormalities
  • Insertion of laparoscope for viewing the organs, looking for potential blockages, scars or adhesion in the tissues.


In most cases, the healthcare provider tracks the ovulation process to assess the status of fertility.

Treatments for Female Infertility

There are lots of methods available at hand for the treatment of infertility among females. If the problem is not that severe, medication can treat the hormone and ovulation trouble and the female can conceive successfully.

If medication does not work, here are two of the most common treatments that are mostly adopted:

  • IUI- Intrauterine Insemination

In this treatment, semen of the male is collected. It is often known as the “Sperm Washing Procedure” which is done to separate the healthy sperm from the semen. This sperm is directly placed into the uterus of the female. The sperm is placed closer to the egg and this reduces the time a sperm takes for traveling to the egg.

  • IVF-In Vitro Fertilization

In this treatment, a woman has to take medication for making several eggs ripe. The healthcare provider then removes the eggs from the uterus of the female. Semen is collected from the male and it is reacted with the egg in laboratory setting. Once the eggs are fertilized, one of them is placed black to the uterus. Pregnancy successfully happens if the fertilized eggs is implanted into the walls of the uterus.

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