Foods That Damage Your Teeth

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Foods That Damage Your Teeth

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Most people know that healthy teeth start with healthy food. Find a dentist, and he or she will confirm that candy and soda can encourage cavities. But you may be surprised to learn what other types of food also have a bad impact on teeth.

Q: What food is the number one offender?

A: Ice. Although there is nothing wrong with putting ice in your water, chewing ice can wear down enamel because of the friction between the hard ice and the tooth. Worn enamel can lead to cavities, infections and tooth sensitivity.



Q: I remember being told as a kid that candy and soda are bad for the teeth. However, I was shocked to hear that sports drinks are just as harmful to kids’ teeth as soda. Why are sports drinks bad for teeth?

A:  Sports drinks are very acidic. In addition to the sugar, the acid wears away the enamel of the teeth.

Q: Does the same apply to citrus fruits, then?

A: Yes. Although citrus fruits are delicious and high in vitamin C, the acid in citrus helps to erode enamel, which is damaging to the tooth.



Q: Is it true that sticky foods are the mouth’s worst nightmare?

A: Yes. Particles get stuck in between teeth and in crevices of the molars and are not easily removed.

Q: How can I avoid staining my teeth?

A: One of the things we can do to avoid stains is to drink beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine through a straw.

Q: What is the best way to maintain good dental health?

A: Choose healthy foods and brush and floss twice a day.  Find a dentist near you and get regular checkups. Teeth cleanings are important not just for clean teeth, but a healthy body as well.

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