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Top Foods to Help with a Detox

Detoxing is often associated with extreme diets and drinking lots of odd tasting juices every day to flush out your body. Although these methods can sometimes have short-term benefits to health, looking at long-term solutions requires a little more planning. Choosing a natural diet will have the same if not better effects on your body and mind than quick fixes have. So opting for fresh ingredients and wholesome foods will provide you with plenty of the essential vitamins and minerals to sustain a balanced and tasty diet for months and years to come. There are hundreds of food options including the most popular examples such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish, with many tasty recipes and meal plans to try out.

Check out some of the best foods to help detox your body and ensure you are getting the right nutrients to maintain long-term health.

Keep hydrated for weight loss

Did you know that many people actually suffer from dehydration throughout their lifetime? The simple yet required daily intake of fluids is often overlooked in modern diets generally due to the over-consumption of food. It is recommended that about 2 liters of water should be consumed each day to keep levels healthy in the body. This fluid intake in turn also helps to curb appetite, as feeling hungry can sometimes mask the fact the body is actually thirsty. Drinking sufficient daily amounts of water also helps to replenish the body of toxins and helps to you alert and focused, which is a key element when concentrating on weight loss.

Fiber for a healthy gut

Detoxing the body of processed foods and cravings is aided by the intake of fiber. This vital dietary element is present in many tasty foods including fruit and vegetables. Some examples include beans, almonds, quinoa plus tasty fruit such as apples, strawberries and bananas. These foods can also help to prevent sweet cravings and are a great alternative to chocolate or sugary sweets. Fiber is also great in the detox process, in particular for those that have intestinal issues. Foods rich in this nutrient assist normal bowel functions and support absorption of minerals and vitamins, getting both internal and external health back on track.

Protein for replenishment

Overeating and unhealthy foods can have harmful effects on health both mentally and physically, so during a detox, it is advisable to start building up your strength using suitable foods and diets to improve general health. Protein is a great place to start as this vital food group aids in the repair of cellular tissue during a detox. Upping protein levels can also stabilize blood sugar levels, which will help to curb cravings for sweet treats, and addictive consumption that could hamper progress. There are many delicious ways to eat more protein in your diet including meat, eggs, broccoli, kale, cottage and peanut butter. Enjoying this with plenty of vegetables and nutrient-rich foods will help you see a change from the inside out.

Healthy fats to curb cravings

Most people think that fats are all bad, which is simply not the case. There are many healthy fats, which help the absorption of vitamins into the body and also provide an essential nutrient group when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This absorption of vitamins and minerals is especially important during a detox as the body as it is helping to repair the body on a cellular level. It is important to identify healthy fats in your diet, as there are many saturated fats that don’t form part of this food group. Include foods such as nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut oil in your grocery shop but stay clear of addictive treats such as junk food or takeout which are not good for overall health and can lead to compulsive unhealthy eating.

Omega-3 to aid cognitive function

Food fuels our body and also heals and nourishes it back to health. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that makes up a significant part of the body and plays a huge role in cognitive functions. This fuel is one of the most important aspects in the aftercare of drug addiction recovery; so identifying the benefits each food group gives is vital to sustaining a healthy outset, both in mind and body. If you lack Omega-3, you can open yourself up to issues such as depression, mood swings and impulsive behavior, which is not healthy for recovering addicts. When you finish treatment and take the next steps in the recovery process, increasing intake of this fatty acid is essential in maintaining healthy brain function, which will, in turn, support other functions in the body. One of the most popular and tasty ways to up Omega-3 levels is by eating fish, but there are other ways to get the most from this nutrient including egg yolk, flax seeds, soybeans and walnuts.

Additional supplements

Eating fresh and nutrient-rich food is the best way to increase the levels present in your body, but sometimes you may need a helping hand. Taking vitamin supplements is an easy way to make sure you are filling the gaps in your diet, but they should not be substituted fully for a diet filled with fresh foods. These supplements should be taken alongside a balanced diet to support your system both on the inside and out.

Fuelling the body with the right foods and fluids is one of the best ways to maintain steady progress through a detox. It is sometimes helpful to consider the ingredients of meals, as processed foods can often be disguised as healthy options. Consider the ingredients, and if you can’t pronounce something, it’s best to steer clear.

With the help of nutritionists and supportive friends and family, you can develop a healthy eating plan to suit your lifestyle and plan for eventualities such as eating out or parties. Having this strategy will help to keep you focused throughout your detox and aid better decision making for both short and long-term goals.

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