Foods You Must Never Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

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Foods You Must Never Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

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When losing weight, most people primarily focus on reducing their intake of food altogether, and cut back hard on high calorie foods especially desserts. However, it isimportant to differentiate between which foods toavoid completely and which to reduce the ratio of their diets. Yes, it is true that sweet delicacies carry truckloads of calories, but there is no harm in indulging once in a while. Nevertheless, there are some foods you should definitely desert.

It is quite understandable that in this list many artificial foods are marked as culprits.

Lose Weight

Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Among these, artificially sweetened drinks stand close to the top, for the extra calories they carry in the form of sugar can seriously damage a well thought-out weight loss routine. Even the ones that claim to be zero-calories and yet somehow taste sweet should be avoided. This is because artificial sweetness (which these drinks are loaded with) often induce cravings and appetites, which is the last thing you need when trying to shake off a few pounds.


Among drinks, how can one forget coffee! Does coffee make you gain weight? Well, coffee comprises of many biologically active elements, particularly caffeine. Even though caffeine can improve your metabolism and hence improve the overall shedding of fat, it will do so only for a little while. The damaging effects outweigh the beneficial ones.

Alcoholic Drinks

When talking about drinks, one must also remember to include all alcoholic drinks on the list. Besides the psychological factor of increased appetite, alcohol also reduces your resolve to continue with a diet, essential in any weight loss routine. Furthermore, since alcohol is considered a toxin it becomes the livers top priority to deal with, meaning it can’t burn off fats as efficiently as it should. Moreover, the extra calories that sweeten alcoholic drinks provide are certainly not a blessing.

Fruit Juices

It is incorrect to assume, that everything natural can be included in a weight loss diet, without there being any adverse consequences to it. True, fruits are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and relatively low in calories, but when they are reduced to juice does the problem arise. Whether you make the juice yourself or buy a carton of it at the market, you must keep in mind that to produce one glass of fruitjuice, it takes several fruits. This may not sound as worrying as it should, because people forget that when consuming juice, they also take in the calories of all the fruits that made it, minus the natural fibers that rest your hunger. Hence the glass of juice becomes a stack of empty calories serving only as a spike in blood glucose.

Foods with Carbs

A similar effect is created when foods that contain only carbs are consumed, excluding combos with proteins, fats and other essential nutrients, since carbohydrates are digested quickly( without being slowed down by the other nutrients). Hence, the crackers, bread and rice cakes you consumed were of use to satisfy your hunger.


There are also other foods you should avoid, that might have been on your original list for foods you could take to help you lose weight. One of these are low fat foods produced especially by companies as weight loss supplements. However, they often have an unexpected psychological result, that since people feel they are eating a low calorie food they can eat larger amounts and hence overeat. Furthermore, when removing fats from foods, manufacturers inevitably reduce the flavor of the food, and end up adding artificial sweetness to compensate for this.

High Fiber

Also, high fiber snack bars when taken as a part of a diet, otherwise devoid of it, is often useless as fiber intake is only effective when consistent and in portions. Moreover, manufacturers add sugar to these too, to make them taste better. What this means for you is that you are back on square one.

It is necessary to have a proper diet, constituent of right types of foods. However, it is important to relax your rules once in a while and enjoy the extensive cuisine the world has to offer. But remember, only once in a while.

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