Garage Door Repair Tips: Garage Door Light Repair

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Garage Door Repair Tips: Garage Door Light Repair

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Garage door repairs in Omaha may not take up a whole lot of time in your thoughts, but when it comes time when they are necessary it is better to know what you are getting into than not. Whether you are the most mechanically confident person in your neighborhood or someone who looks up how to screw in a lightbulb and is only met with jokes, there are some jobs that are just a bit too specific to really warrant doing yourself. A lot of jobs related to garage door repair fall into that category of often not being worth it to do them yourself.

Some jobs however don’t need much mechanical know how at all. One of the simplest jobs you’ll probably have to deal with while owning a garage door and garage door opener is replacing a garage door light. The garage door light may seem like a trivial thing when it is working, but as soon as it stops working then you’ll start to see why it’s there. Having a light that’s turned on while you are getting into your car or coming home late at night and getting out of your car is very helpful.

When your garage door light stops working you’ll have to blindly go from car to door and door to car whenever it isn’t light out. If you leave for work early in the morning and come back late at night, this may in fact be the majority of your garage experiences. Without a light you’ll be stumbling and cursing under your breath in no time. The light coming on to greet you home may be just a tiny tough that garage door openers provide nowadays, but it is something that we have really grown accustomed to.

Being that the garage is a place that you are often in on your way to or from somewhere it can be tough to get around to doing even the smallest repair. However, once you find the time to replace the light in your garage door opener the process couldn’t be easier.

Depending on the model of your garage door opener there will be a few ways you’ll have to go about things. What you want to do first is find out how to open up your garage door opener in order to replace the light, and what type of bulb the opener takes. Once you have that information the rest is rather simple.

You will probably need to move your car out of the way in order to get to the opener, so start by doing that. Then close the garage door and turn off the power to the garage door opener. Get a ladder or something and unscrew, unsnap, whatever needs to be done the casing and take out the old light bulb. Then all that is left is to screw in the new and close the casing back up. Turn the garage door opener back on and you should be back in business.

When your garage door opener’s light goes out you may take the opportunity to go for a more eco friendly light bulb. Just make sure the bulb is compatible with your garage door opener and you’ll be good to go.

The garage door opener light is one of the times where you most likely are well equipped enough to do the repair yourself. It may take you a while to get around to it, but all in all it is going to be an easy enough repair. If you do however think it is over your head there is surely someone who will be able to do the simple service for you easily.

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