Garage Door Service: What To Lubricate

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Garage Door Service: What To Lubricate

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Owning a garage door and garage door spring in Omaha isn’t all that hard. Once you have gone through the process of getting the garage door and opener installed you can pretty much sit back and enjoy the fruits of somebody else’s labor and your money. You’ll enjoy the convenience, security and aesthetic benefits of having a nice working garage door and opener. Soon enough though you might come to take it for granted, so before that happens (or if it already has) there is something you should try and remember every so often. You need to keep in mind that you are going to need to, at the very least, lubricate your garage door.

Lubrication of all types of machinery is pretty important. Cars will break down if they aren’t kept lubricated, your joints don’t do well when they aren’t lubricated, pretty much anything with moving parts man-made or natural is in need of lubricating every so often. So if lubrication is so important it goes to reason that you should probably know a little bit about how to do it. Lubricating your garage door yourself instead of having someone come and do it for you whenever it needs to be done can save you a great deal of money and can help you recognize possible problems with your garage door and opener before they occur.

If you are going to doing some form of garage door panel in Omaha yourself it is a good idea to get a professional to show you how it is done. If you are just getting your garage door and opener installed then ask what sort of maintenance you can do on your own. This will typically just be the lubricating, but if they think you can handle more it never hurts to learn.

They will be able to give you an idea of how often you need to lubricate the parts and where exactly to lubricate. This means if you can remember things or just write them down with your manual you will be able to get along fine and only ever need a professional for tougher maintenance and if anything goes wrong. You’ll be able to be confident that your garage door and opener are well taken care of and you will save some money along the way, a win-win.

However, not everyone has the foresight to ask for this type of education when they just get their garage door installed. If you don’t have that luxury you may want to call for a professional to come lubricate your door and show you the ropes or you think you can manage then simply go and get yourself some lubricant that is made for garage doors and openers.

Generally it is easy to figure out what you want to lubricate. Any moving parts to things that will touch moving parts can use some lubrication. Anywhere that looks like there is excess wear and tear should get a liberal dosing of lubricant and otherwise you’ll be able to use your judgement and things should be fine. If the lubricant there now has gotten grimy or dirty in some way it is best to remove as much as you can before reapplying.

Lubrication can be good as often as every few months, but at the very least you should try and touch things up twice a year in most climates.

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