Growing Older Together – How can Marriages Last 40 to 60 Years?

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Growing Older Together – How can Marriages Last 40 to 60 Years?

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Every newlywed couple dreams growing older together but it is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience, dying to one self, trust and perseverance to reach your 40th; 50yrs or 60 years of marriage.  It is a great joy for a couple to see their children successful and grandchildren growing, enjoying them and helping one another in times of hardship and amidst trails. It is a feeling of great achievement to reach your 40th anniversary and still be together as a family. Money and fame cannot buy that feeling of fulfillment of peace within yourself and harmony of family.


To keep the family together: Plan trips together or with the family. Make Sunday a family day; go out to movies; go to picnics or simply a stroll in the park. Do some activities; play bridge, play golf or any outdoor activities and keep busy. Don’t indulge in being lazy.  You must be the role models of your children and grandchildren. They always look up and follow their elders.

Communication must never stop when advancing in the most wonderful years of your pearl, ruby and golden years of married life to stop any misunderstanding and lead to relationship break up. Communication is a very important factor to reach this stage of married life. There are two types of communications, verbal and small acts of love. Give time always to talk with each other about any problems. If something is bothering you, talk about it. Avoid keeping quiet as it will make you angry, and bitter. One should not dominate the conversation to prove a point Being together as a family, seeing your children and grandchildren grow is the greatest achievement money can’t buy.  Remember that married life is not easy. It takes a lot of self awareness of oneself and awareness of each other.

There comes a time or a stage when the woman’s urge is very low or the man’s libido is low because of sickness or medication.  If one of you is on medication of a sickness this can cause a slow down on your performance of sex. Be understanding and discuss and explore what solutions the two of you will be comfortable with. Never be selfish of another’s feelings. Sometimes also a man’s libido is so high and the woman is not. As a wife see what you can do to please him but don’t be arrogant. If you don’t like to have sex, just simply fondle and cuddle each other, talk about how to solve the problem.

One must remember that the ultimate act of love is companionship, sex is a bonus. Don’t make your ego and pride dominate you. Be compassionate and understand each other.  As one grows older one needs a special, trusted and considerate spouse, one you can cry on the shoulder, share a problem,, laugh, play, go out with, take care of you in sickness and in death. No amount of counseling will help you if your ego, pride and inconsideration will rule you. Life is short, enjoy every moment together.

Married life must always be nurtured. It is like a plant or flower if not watered and given fertilizer it will die. Nature is life so with married life. Married life is a life of a couple and family who have souls, feelings, a mind to think and understand. It is a gift of life, appreciate and treasure it.

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