House Extensions And Renovations—Designs & Ideas

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House Extensions And Renovations—Designs & Ideas

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Whether you want to make space for a burgeoning family, or are looking to upgrade the look of your home for purely aesthetic purposes, house extensions and renovations offer you the possibility of a change without the hassles of moving or house-hunting afresh. When it comes to extensions and renovations, there is no end to how creative you can get. With the internet flooding with ideas about renovations and extensions, here are some ideas of the best design ideas we have curated to fuel your imagination and get you started on your renovation or extension projects:


Keep it in contrast

Making extensions and renovations in an existing house is tricky; you have to work within a pre-made style and it is quite hard to replicate the exact details of the house. A great idea is to abandon the thought of fitting into the existing style and design of the house and picking something that is instead an excellent contrast. Not only is a contrasting design easier to execute, this kind of renovation makes for a strong, bold style while also complementing the existing one.

Allow for light

Natural light sources are one of the healthiest and most refreshing elements of any house. During an extension or a renovation, you should consider recreating your home to allow for more sunlight. One way to do it is going the conventional window way. However, if all you want is to let in light without letting in glimpses of the outside world, you should consider going for a roof glazing. Roof glazing systems introduce light into your home and brighten it up, without the additional, visual baggage of a window.


A useful structure to create features like balconies or complete stores is something called a cantilevered structure. This kind of a structure is not only useful, but make for extremely beautiful extensions. The extensions that use cantilevered structures project from a floor below and look as if they are floating, since there is no evident support that can be seen. A cantilevered ground floor slab is also a convenient workaround in situations where traditional foundations are not allowed, letting you make an extension where it might not have been possible otherwise.

Disappearing doors

Called pocket doors, these are doors that, when closed, disappear into the wall. These sliding doors are perfect if you are torn between wanting a door for functionality but favoring the aesthetic appeal of a smooth wall. When open, these doors vanish into the wall, and when closed they mirror the look of the wall. Pocket doors allow you to combine both functionality and aesthetics into your extension. They also have a quirky, innovative appeal and can either be bought in an existing design or be custom made.

Tall ceilings

An easy trick to make a room look and feel more spacious than its actual size is to create tall or curved ceilings. These kinds of ceilings give the illusion of a grander and more expansive room and make for impressive remodeling techniques. During an extension, you can extend your ceiling without splurging a lot. One way to do this is by making the floor lower or by extending the actual ceiling. In a multi-storeyd house, the execution may be trickier and could require additional accompanying design changes.

Go modular

When it comes to the kitchen, a perfect remodeling is to add modular units that fit both functional requirements and aesthetic taste. Modular units give you the option of managing your budget and picking only what you want. In addition, small details such as upgrading the knobs and adding small yet significant architectural details such as window casings, can improve the look of your kitchen by leaps and bounds.

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