How To Be The Life of The Party: Fancy Tips For Men

Even though it may only come up at your funeral, being the life of the party for men is a great achievement for your time on Earth.

There’s no bigger compliment than for weeping widows and gentleman alike to crowd around your casket and say, “I’m going to miss ol’ Crazy Carl, he was the real life of the party.”

Being the main attraction at a cocktail hour or social gathering isn’t for everybody, but for those willing to take on this mission the rewards can reap tenfold.

People who are good at entertaining and connecting with others will have opportunities open up to them that a shy demure wallflower could never dream of.

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That being said, there’s a fine line between ‘life of the party’ and ‘that annoying guy who drinks all our liquor.’ In order to make the most out of every social engagement you might find yourself in, follow these tips and be awesome!!!

Awesome tips in here folks:

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Why Would You Want To Be The Life Of The Party?

It seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? Always having to bring your ‘A’ game to every 1st birthday party or neighborhood cookout could be a lot of pressure for some people. If you’re a little groggy that day or  are just recovering from a long weekend people will start to whisper, “What’s wrong with Crazy Carl?” and you’ll be surrounded by dozens of unassuming eyes playing therapist. Still, the benefits of being the life of the party far outweigh the negatives.

You’ll Be Invited To More Parties

Having somebody who keeps the conversations flowing and entertains the guests takes a lot of the stress away from the party hosts. When they don’t have to make the rounds and ensure that everybody is having a good time the people hosting the event can actually have a great time themselves. This will almost ensure that the guy who served as the MVP of the party will get an invite back to the next shindig.

Not only that, slaying people with jokes and funny stories will inevitably lead to guests you might not have known beforehand inviting you to their parties. Be prepared for a lot of: “You’re a riot! You know we’re having a batmitzvah for my nephew next weekend and would love for you to stop by.”

You’ll Always Have A Full Drink

In a way, the life of the party is babysitting the guests for the hosts. Much like a parent would bend over backward to the person that has rocked their baby to sleep, they’ll always make sure you’re fully liquified. Not only that, guests will buy you one too without even asking kind of as a token of appreciation for the show. This is not only convenient for you not having to run back and forth to the bartender for a drink, it can save you money if the liquor is from a cash bar.

You’ll Get The Girls

There is a term in the seduction community known as ‘peacocking’ where basically the pick-up artists will dress in the goofiest get-up possible if only for the reason of drawing attention to themselves. You wouldn’t think that dressing in a top hat and a wizard robe would get the ladies’ eye but the results are staggering. For men, being the life of the party is a form of ‘peacocking’ without having to wear a Halloween costume. Women will start to gravitate towards the star of the show and you’ll likely have your pick of gals as the night winds down.

You’ll Get Other Opportunities

Being the life of the party for men means being comfortable in your own skin and people appreciate that. Parties can be huge social gatherings and more often than not, there will be guests in the crowd that are well connected. A social butterfly or otherwise entertaining guy would make a great salesman, a good writer, a viable radio DJ and many more high profile jobs. Being the life of the party will result in the acquiring of not only girls, but also plenty of business cards.

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How To Be The Life Of The Party

There are some things that every person who aims to be the life of the party should have. These are confidence, swagger, intelligence, and perhaps the most importance – self awareness. Some of these traits can be learned or at least improved upon with practice. Other things that draw people to you at a party include:

Just Being A Good Overall Guest

Some people might think that the life of the party just sits in the front of the room holding court like a stand-up comedian and while that can be true, it’s the subtleties that make people really enjoy your company.

Mingle And Meet Everyone

You don’t have to tell a single joke or pull even one magic trick to be considered the star of the party. For instance, just making the rounds and attempting to meet everybody will leave a really good impression. Imagine a wedding where the bride and groom are from different towns and their two families aren’t really familiar with one another.

By chit-chatting with people at the bar, you’ll get to know them and will be able to pair up different groups with common backgrounds. Likewise, at a cocktail party people won’t be pointing at you and wondering who you are, they’ll already know since you’ve introduced yourself. You might end up being the de facto source of a guest who wants to know (gossip about) the identity of another unfamiliar party-goer.

Be Interesting

Just because you’ve met everybody doesn’t necessarily mean you left a good impression. You might leave the conversation with a sly smile on your face while the people whose time you just wasted roll their eyes and slam multiple martinis in relief. If you’re going to make the effort to chat up a stranger, make sure to have something to say.

How To Talk To Guests To Ensure You’re The Fanciest One Out There

There are certain party tricks that are important to follow when it comes to talking to fellow guests. While it’s very important to be interesting and having something worthwhile to contribute to the conversation, there’s also a somewhat subliminal technique in engaging your audience.

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Ask A Lot Of Questions

No matter if somebody has studied the history of the Internet every day since it’s existence, there’s still one topic they’re most familiar with and that’s themselves. Even the shyest of revelers could talk on end about their own life so stoke the fire and ask questions of them. Even if you could care less, try and take mental notes of every topic about themselves they fire upon you. This will let you build upon your group when having a conversation.

For instance, as a lady you chatted up earlier walks by your current conversation you say, “Hey it’s Julie the cat hoarder. Julie I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sally here who built her cat it’s own website.” This helps strangers meet each other thanks to you…and it helps you slip away from a cat-centric conversation.

Be A Good Listener

If you want to hook up two cat enthusiasts, you’ll have to remember that it is their passion and that comes from great listening. Asking question after question just makes you look like an interviewer so instead you’ve got to listen and interject your own anecdotes about the subject. Also, people will know when your listening and when you’re drifting off. Good listening techniques include smiling at the talker, looking them in the eyes and facing them directly.

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Know When To Bolt

In order to meet everybody at the party and to prevent ostracizing somebody in the conversation, have a good exit plan and know when to put it into play. This is where good self-awareness comes in handy. For instance, you can make a great impression in 3-7 minutes but might lose the audience if you’re blabbering to them for up to half an hour. Be aware of when you’re losing your crowd and use that opportunity to use the restroom or get a re-fill on your drink.

Other Handy Tricks In Your Arsenal

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Besides the way you interact with people, there are a few other things you can do to help improve your odds of being named “#1 party-goer ever…for life.”

Bring Your Own Bottle Of Booze

Nothing quite brings people together at a party like the power of booze. When you walk in the door carrying your own bottle of fancy champagne or pricy spirits, people will know you’re not just present to get free beer. The bottle of alcohol also serves as a peace offering and you’ll make friends for life by offering them a shot of fine whiskey or asking to mix them up a drink.

Have Bartending Skills

Speaking of mixing up a drink, there’s one place at the party where most people will congregate and that’s all around the liquor. Some parties have a bar or table set up with bottles upon bottles for people to make their own drink. Most guests know what they like to drink but no idea how to make it. This is where you shine as you hop behind the bar and start slinging the best Manhattan’s they’ve ever tasted. You’ll not only get yourself recognized, you might make a couple extra bucks in tips. (Another tip: a life of the party doesn’t accept tips.)

Become The DJ

Technology has made being the DJ at a party as simple as bringing along your iPod. Make sure to have a wide selection of songs on your music player separated into categories and play lists. Mellow music makes for a great ambiance and backdrop to the early stages of the party when people are conversing and ‘Dance Jams 5′ really enables people to let loose once the alcohol has started flowing.

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Lend A Hand

If the party has already hired a DJ, make sure to help him or her carry their equipment and see if they need assistance running wires or finding outlets. Check in every now and then to see if they need a refill on their drink and you’ll eventually have carte blanch for any request that night. Perhaps your biggest ally is the person whose party it is. Many times hosts are reluctant to ask for help as to not burden their guests so step up and see if they need alcohol carried anywhere, tables moved, etc. Even if they respectfully decline, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

How To Be The Death Of The Party

As you can see, being the life of the party for men just ensures that everybody including yourself is having a pleasant night out. It might not be easy to pull off all the tricks to get you voted best party-goer and that’s alright. Just remember to never be the death of the party with these negative actions:

Show Up Drunk…Get Drunker

People go to parties to enjoy drinks and that’s quite alright but you never want to be ‘that drunk guy.’ It’s a known fact that ‘the drunk guy’ is a last resort for the ladies and excessively hammered people make things uncomfortable and awkward for everybody.

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Hit On Every Girl

A good way to get you kicked out of a party and possibly even kicked is by throwing pick-up lines at every single girl at the event. Odds are you’ll just end up creeping everybody out and eventually you’re going to hit on the host’s wife or girlfriend which will get you an instant eviction.

Parties are meant to be enjoyed and even if you’re not the life of the party, don’t be the death of it. You’re not always going to have success with the women but getting a bad party reputation will diminish your future opportunities. Keep your clothes on and do your part to make sure everybody has a great time and you’ll have at least one vote for life of the party: your own.

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