How To Choose The Best Running Shoes

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How To Choose The Best Running Shoes

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The most basic kit that a runner requires is running shoes. It is important to choose the right running shoes because the shoes you choose should secure you from any injury like blisters that you can get by constantly running. The shoes should also protect you from different types of twisting which can occur while running.


Bio mechanics:


Each runner has his particular bio mechanic, whether he is running on the treadmill, on the road, on the soft sand on the beach or somewhere else. For most people, when their foot touches the ground while running it lands on the outside of their heel. The foot may roll inside to become flat on the paved path. This movement absorbs shock and is called pronation.



Everyday runners might roll their feet too much while they run. This is a completely normal occurrence and is called over-pronation. There is nothing to stress over; you just require running shoes that are designed to cater your injuries.


Shoe Test:


Just have a check on some of your old sneakers to see what kind shoes you require. If you have over-pronation, your shoes will let your foot lean inward. In this case, you need to have support shoes or motion control shoes.


If you have under-pronation, your foot will not roll far enough. In this case, your shoes will display a little outwards lean. To counter this, you should purchase a pair of cushioning shoes.

If there is no lean, then you have neutral feet, which also means a correct pronation.


There is also a second test which you can take to see what kind of shoes you need the wet foot test. You need to wet your foot and leave a footprint on the floor. If you are one of those that have a flat foot, then you will have a low arch on the trace. This is an indication that your foot has the tendency of over-pronation. On the other hand, if you’re you have no band or a narrow one, and then, this means that there is a high arch, and this means that you should get yourself a neutral shoe.


The styles of shoes:

You have the option of choosing from one of the six kinds of shoes that can be used for running.

The first option is the neutral shoes. These shoes are for those who have under-pronate or neutral feet. The second type of shoes is support shoes. These shoes have an extra support so that the chances of over-pronation re-reduced. These shoes come with cushioning technologies that are similar to the neutral shoes. The next option is the motion control shoes which are perfect for all of those people that have a great amount of over-pronation. The next option is the lightweights which are primarily used for fast training or racing because of how light they are. The other two choices that you have are racers and trail shoes. Make sure you choose wisely!


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