How to get rid of acne scars

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How to get rid of acne scars

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People with acne have a more complex skincare regime than people who don’t have this deforming and embarrassing skin condition.  For people who don’t suffer from this condition their whole routine can consist of simply cleaning and moisturizing the skin.  On the other hand, for acne suffers this is often not enough.  Their skin care routine is longer and more complex.  This is even truer for those who suffer from the severe scarring that is sometimes left by acne.  What are some methods of removing or minimizing the presence of acne scars in these cases?  Here are some of the most popular and effective methods available.


  • Skin Lightening Creams – The strategy with these popular over-the-counter products is concealment not removal of acne scarring. For some people this is enough especially when the scars are on the face.  However, the danger of using this method is that changing the skin’s complexion with these products could lead to uneven skin tone.  The other problem with these is that some acne sufferers also have sensitive skin and using these products may cause irritation.
  • Collagen Injections. For people who are even more determined to rid themselves of acne scars there is   The process of eliminating scars with collagen involves a doctor first cleaning the skin and then injecting the patient’s scars with a needle-tipped syringe containing the protein based substance.  The advantage to this kind of treatment is that it in an in-office procedure that takes only a few minutes.  The disadvantage is that these treatments have to be repeated every two to four months.
  • Laser resurfacing. In normal case like boxcar acne scars, various skin experts recommend to use conventional CO2 Laser that has7-9 days downtime) or the fractionated CO2 laser (2-3 days downtime.  This usually takes several treatments.  The disadvantage is the cost involved is prohibitive to some people.
  • This procedure is usually used in cases of severe scarring.  The process involves removing the top layer of skin with a quickly rotating wire brush.  This does not completely remove the acne scars, it only removes surface scars.  Deeper acne scars are simply made less visible.
  • Chemical peeling. In this procedure, high-potency acid is applied to the skin to remove the top layer and minimize deeper scars.  Chemical peels work by causing the skin to exfoliate and produce fresh new skin cells.
  • Botox injections. Botox (Clostridium botulinum) works by relaxing the area surrounding the acne scar helping to improve the skin’s appearance.  Unfortunately, repeated injections are needed periodically.  There are very few Botox side effects but there have been some reports of Botox causing spots.


Finally, the success or failure of these methods very much depends on the severity of the scarring as well as many other factors.  Treatments for scarring are not one size fits all.  What may work well for person may not be the appropriate treatment for another.  However, the many treatments about how to get rid of acne scars that are giving people with this persistent skin condition some hope of restoring their skin to a natural and healthy look.


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