How To Kiss Well: The Art of Passionate Love

A kiss is more than a smack of the lips against the flesh; it’s more than the moisture that remains behind.

A kiss could break a person to tears, or make another person jump and dance with happiness. Kisses are used to celebrate reunion, and mourn separations. Kisses are one of the most symbolic of human gestures.

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Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, and in the Ancient Rome, as well as among the Italian mafia, a peck from a leader, only indicated nearness of death. Yet, we think of a kiss as something to show our love, and our interest, but what make a kiss perfect?

A perfect kiss, isn’t always the same. It s one that allow the recipient as well as the donor feel the best they could feel in a specific situation.

When experiencing a perfect kiss, both parties are at the same time the giver and the taker, and are both passively and actively enjoying the kiss.

How and where we kiss depends on many factors. We don’t kiss a girl for the first time in the same manner we might a long time girlfriend, a fiance, or a wife. You should also know that kisses are looked at differently according to age, gender, and purpose. Here, we’re going to discuss three different styles, all pertaining to a romantic partner: a first kiss, one between a girlfriend and a boyfriend, and a spouse kiss.

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The first one is much discussed by many different people, and in different forums. The first kiss is one that gets the heart racing, brings sweat to the palms, and could drive a person crazy with obsession before and after it happens. A first kiss can determine whether two people will see each other again, or not; whether a relationship will be likely in the future, or a “just friend” label will be all that there is waiting. Generally speaking, a person who can allow her/his body act while s/he is only enjoying it, will have more success. To be able to just enjoy the moment, some might have to make major changes to their life style and ideas.  You don’t have to be one who always lives in the moment.

Watch this video to reveal secrets of perfect peck:

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If you are the type who over-thinks and over-analyzes every single detail in life, that’s fine; that’s who you are and you should not change yourself, but you can learn how to once in a while, switch off your logic and allow your feelings and emotions to take over. A very useful practice is to practice feeling in general. Sit, or lie down in a room, and feel how the fabric feels against your skin without touching it, feel how the floor feels against your flesh, feel your hair around your face (if you have long hair), feel the muscles in your face, etc. You’ll find a calmness within you while practicing this, that you can use as a reference point when kissing in the future. Start the kiss slow, and light. Feel her skin with your lips.

Feel the delicate skin that covers the lips, the warmth that comes with her breath, and keep your eyes closed, with your mind focused on feeling. It could take practice, but soon you’ll be able to let yourself get surrounded with feelings, letting go of a part of yourself that you hold close to you all day, only to find another part of you that will enable you to enjoy your kiss the way a proper one should be enjoyed.

Next step is to have a clear understanding of where you stand with a person. A kiss based on a misconstrued ideas of the relationship between you and the recipient of the kiss, almost never results in a perfect kiss. Look for clues. It’s ok for you to get to the it a little later than you might want than to initiate it too soon. Stare into the other person’s eyes, note their body language, and how often they reach to touch you, etc.

If you are not completely sure, go closer. Allow your skins to feel each others’ heat without touching, and see if the other person comes closer, or steps aside. Moreover, remember that allowing a person to linger a little, will only increase the desire for that kiss, which will result in elevated levels of ecstasy.

Make sure you take care of the logistics: have a smooth skin, make sure your breath smells right, and don’t suffocate your partner. Having a rough skin, and getting tiny rub burns could be fun, but it has a time and a place, and shouldn’t be tried for your first kiss. While you should make sure you have a good breath, chewing mint just right before you kiss is never good. It overwhelms two of the senses: the smell and the taste, keeping your partner from your own natural smell and the taste of your mouth. Lastly, make sure you tilt your head enough for her nose to stay obstacle free, as you intend to block her other airway, her mouth, with your own mouth.

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To give your girlfriend a perfect kiss, all other things have to be right. If you are fighting, you can’t simply caress her. You don’t have to apologize, just let her know that you are hearing her, and you understand what she’s saying, and then take it slow. Embrace her to insure her of your love, then start with short kisses on her forehead, or cheeks, and let her lead the peck to meet her lips.  Perfect kisses, can strengthen your relationship, and keep your initial passion alive.

Kisses are a perfect way, and a cheap way, of showing your interest in your girlfriend. Make sure you caress her to show her how much you appreciate her, and don’t allow thepeck to become just a lead towards the bed. Love making is the most significant way of showing mutual love and respect between couples, but many women prefer their partners to show them their love through a variety of other methods.

This act can mean much more to a woman than a man. When she is selflessly giving, or when she is tormented with a personal problem, even when she is angry, the right kind can make everything better. A selfless act of kindness can be rewarded with a kiss that truly shows love and appreciation, a tormented spirit can find a safe place to rest in a smack, and anger can dissolve when a wonderful moment is shared.

Learn how to caress with love:

Surprising the one you love with a smack is another very good way to show love and appreciation.  Share a short, passionate kiss right before leaving for work. A good can get both your hearts racing, and will give you both a boost of energy and motivation to start off your day. Stealing kisses behind close doors, or while people at a party look away, can be simply as exciting as your very best first kiss. Take every chance to experiment with kisses, and embrace every inch of your partner’s body, letting them know that you appreciate them for everything that they are. A kiss is a perfect tool for showing appreciation, and people who are in a relationship where they feel appreciated, tend to be happier, more secure, and fulfilled.

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Many people forget how they used to obsess about how to kiss the men and women they were hoping to get with, once they have those people as their partner. Many married couples forget the strength of a good kiss, and the connection it can bring. A couple that cannot caress passionately, does not stand good chances of staying passionately in love, and many couples continue living with each other through habit rather than because of a shared passion. The right kiss, however, can reignite the flame that use to burn in their hearts and imagination.

Both men and women find comfort in a kiss, even if its for different reasons. The truth is, that many a time men find just as much pleasure in a good kiss that women do, but more than not, they forget the pleasure a kiss can bring into a relationship. For this reason, while both men and women should try to keep their kisses as strong as day one, women should sometimes take the initiation in their own hands.

Even more tips and examples in this video:

Many men like to feel in control, and many women like to be wooed, and chased rather than to chase. For this reason, many women might find it uncomfortable to initiate a kiss. But initiation can happen much in advance, before an actual kiss has locked the husband’s and the wife’s lips. Just like many men stop romancing their wives, many women forget to flirt with their men once a few years has passed. If you are a woman who wants to initiate a kiss, you can achieve this task, with a simple message. You can remind your husband that you miss his lips, and that you would like to have his lips the way you used to when you had just started dating, through a simple text or an email, and just leave it at that, for his imagination to do the rest of the work for you.

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If you are the type of woman who shies away from asking for what she wants, you can appeal to his sight.  Make your lips irresistible. Remember how you used to beautify yourself when you wanted to meet him back when you were dating? Do the same thing and just parade about, you’ll find him desiring to kiss you. But remember, communication is the key. Even if you find it hard to tell him how much you miss kissing directly, it would be very beneficial to your relationship to sit and talk about your feelings one way or another.

You can simply say you miss how you used to be, without blaming him for anything, trying to find a solution. They say a good and healthy marriage can’t happen without a good and healthy sex life, well a healthy sex life can’t happen without passionate kisses, so keep at it, and you’ll find yourself in an emotionally connected, and beautiful relationship.

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While kissing is a good way of showing love, respect, and appreciation, it has many different health benefits as well. Tender human contact, can make us feel loved and secure, and can increase our ability to be intimate. When we become intimate, we become vulnerable, which increases trust. Being in a healthy relationship where the partners are intimate, trusting, and appreciative of one another, usually leads to many mental and psychological benefits that allows the person to grow in his/her personal and professional life, and people involved in healthy and loving relationships tend to live longer.

Moreover, there have been claims that regular kissing can reduce signs of allergies, and help the heart muscles. Knowing all these, go on and caress those you love, and don’t be shy to show them how much you desire and appreciate them. Your efforts will benefit your loved ones, and yourself all at the same time.

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