How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 4 Signs That Show The Truth

You’re working with a cute girl from work and you’re secretly smitten. You energize yourself up each day to tell her how your feel but nerves always seem to get the best of you. The weekend comes and you are dateless-again. Almost every guy has been there at one time or another.

You want to ask out a particular girl but you aren’t sure whether or not she is interested in you or if she’d like you enough to say “Yes”. Most guys would probably bungee jump from the Empire State Building than ask out a pretty girl.

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But there is good news: there are ways to tell if a girl likes you. Remember that she could secretly be interested in you as well. And even if she isn’t vocalizing it, there are subtle cues that you could pick up on as a guy to determine this.

While cracking the code to attraction isn’t entirely easy, there are ways to determine if she is interested. Below, we’ll talk about some clues that you can pick up on to determine whether or not she really is into you. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

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Flirtatious Body Language

The first signs of attraction that any man should look for will come from your body- and not by what she says. A girl who is attracted to you will subconsciously portray all kinds of physical actions that demonstrate her interest in you. She’ll cross her legs towards you, play with her hair, or gaze at your lips. And while you don’t want to sit down and have a weird staring contest with her, keep in mind that holding eye contact is extremely attractive in the eyes of a woman.

Most girls understand how flirting works. They’ve been doing it for most of their lives. If that light brush of your hair made your adrenaline sky rocket then realize that it was probably no accident. More than likely she was trying to show you that she liked you in a subtle way- a very subtle way. Due to society’s standards on women, she will rarely, if ever, come out and tell you that she likes you.

Instead, she’ll use physical gestures to give off this message. If a girl is folding her arms while she is talking to you, isn’t holding a smile, or is rolling her eyes whenever you try to say something funny, it may be time to move on to someone else. A girl who is interested in you will always be attentive to what you have to say. She’ll laugh at all of your jokes- even the ones that aren’t funny. But body language isn’t the only way to determine if woman is interested in you. Let’s take a look at a few more signs of attraction to watch out for.

She Does Nice Things for You

Now, this might seem like an obvious sign but you would be surprised by how many guys confuse being nice with being human. Basically, a girl who likes you will go far out of her way to make you happy. If she notices that you are failing a particular class then she will help you study for your next test. If you both share the same interest in music then she may buy tickets for the both of you to go and see them. Essentially, a woman who is attracted will make it her duty to protect and serve you.

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If you’re having trouble with your current love interest then she may swoop in to save the day and comfort you. She may do this to hope that you notice her. Another obvious sign that you should learn to pick up on is if she is remembering and celebrating your birthday and other important holidays with you. If there is a particular holiday event happening then she may invite you to tag along with her. She’ll even buy you gifts that may or may not portray her interest for you.

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Some girls may choose gifts that will provoke an obvious message for attraction. For example, a handmade card on Valentine’s Day is a sure-fire sign that she likes you. Sometimes these gifts may be a bit more cryptic. For example, she’ll make you a CD full of all your favorite songs. (BTW, If you want to be able to attract the pretty girls out there, be sure to check out The Tao of Badass Review in this blog post) As a general rule of thumb, the amount of interest that a girl has in you is directly correlated with the degree of gifting that she has bestowed upon you.

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Meetings Become a Regular Occurrence

Have you ever been working at a restaurant and see the same girl coming in week after week looking at you? If so then chances are good that this is no accident. It is a tell-tale sign that she is interested in you and it is especially true if she is saying “Hi”, smiling, and waving. Basically, she’s trying to get a chance to talk with you. And while this may appear a bit odd at first, realize that some girls don’t even realize that they are doing this. They simply want the chance to get to know you.

I Bet She Likes Ya

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Similarly, a girl who likes you will make it her mission to attend functions and events that you participate in. For example, if you play basketball once a week at the local community center then she may show up there as well just to watch you play. And even if it’s only for a few minutes to see how you’re doing, it is a clear sign that she likes you. So remember: when casual meetings start turning more and more regular, maybe you should take the initiative as the guy and ask her out.

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She Wants to Meet Your Family

If a girl wants to meet your family then she may be doing this for the simple reason that she wants to surround your life around hers. Remember that girls have slightly different mindsets then guys. They tend to think long term and while not always critical, do see family relationships as a sign of what the future could hold for the guy that she likes. Note that she probably won’t come up and simply ask to spend the weekend with you and your parents.

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Instead, she’ll take a more subtle approach. For example, she may ask about family events or your mother’s birthday. She may even go as far as to purchase your mom or dad a gift for their anniversary.  If you’re having a family reunion then she may stop by just to say hi. Either way, keep in mind that if she wants to meet your family then she probably has very deep feelings for you. She would most likely say “Yes” if you asked her out during this time.

What Should You Do If She Likes You?

Now we have the next big question: what should you do if you realize that a woman is interested in you? Well, there are plenty of routes that you can take but in general, make sure that you ask her out face to face and do not use services like online dating etc. The reason you want to do this in person is because you don’t want her to think that you are using Facebook or texting as a crutch to get passed your anxiety.

If she likes you then you have nothing to fear anyway so asking her out in person shouldn’t be a huge deal. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media platforms like Facebook to meet up with her. Not to mention, texting and these other form of communication are excellent ways to flirt and get to know the girl that you’re interested in.

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13 thoughts on “How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 4 Signs That Show The Truth

  1. Dylan

    I have been liking my friend for years, she is as beautiful as the stars in the night sky. She usually twirls her hair and makes me smile and she smiles when I smile. Is that a sign?

  2. Joshua

    Well a girl in my class stares at me and then tries to make excuses about it what should I do please respond quickly?

  3. zander

    I cant tell if this girl in my class likes me or not so can you give me some ways to tell or a way to ask her out? Please tell me as quick as you can because I don’t know if I should ask her it or not!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Before you do or say anything, flirt a little bit, but not too obviously, and carefully watch for the signals she gives back. If she flirts back, I’d say its a fair bet that she likes you, but if she tries to avoid you, maybe it’s better for both of you that you don’t ask her out.

  5. Brayden

    Hi thiers this girl she might like me im not shur cause some times she will say i have crush on you then like 2min later shes like i do not have a crush on you i was just kiding then the next day she says the same thing and that has been happining for aleast 2week so if you kood give me some edvise that would be help full

  6. Josh

    There’s this girl in my class that sometimes stares at me (i think) and today she was asking me questions. One of the questions was something that i had to write on paper and while i was writing the answer she kind of put her head on my arm. But idk, i like her too and seems that she sometimes likes me and then forgets or idk. Please help!

  7. Kevin Hong

    There is this girl whom I came across on a Singles website. I emailed to a number of girls my email address and handphone number whom I am interested in and she was one of them. She responded to my email and smsed me. She wanted to talk. So i called her and we just chit chat. She asked about my family and she also told me that she works in shifts in the hotel industry.

    After that call, we continue to sms each other, I asked her if we can be bf-gf, and she said yes. Her sms replies are usually at night like after 10 or 12 midnight. The next 1 to 2 days we smsed each other. I even smsed her every morning and every night to greet her. She then wanted to meet me in person but there was a visitor so it was postponed to the next day. Ever since she asked for a postpone for the meet, she did not reply to my sms or calls or voice mails. It is already about one and a half to two days since I last heard from her.

    Now from your point of view, is it she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore? Or is it she is too busy? Or am I being paranoid? I remembered there is also an article that women needs space, maybe I am what they say smothering her, especially so many smses. I am now giving her space, not easy but I am now restarining all my smses and messages to her. I will let her make the next move, is this correct, can someone please tell me what I should do in such a situation?

  8. SeSe

    Saw a cute girl checking me out today… she was staring at me.. and i made eye contact wit her and…im an akward mothaphoka.. and looked away.. and she keept looking at me for some time… then fook…idk what to do :|

  9. kuda...

    some nice girl who showed interest in and I tried asking her out and I got a big NO.. so not knowing what to do.. need help.

  10. PanteraPigs

    A girl was next to me making some grunting noises in the class room, so i thought it would be funny if i put some chocolate on my sack and showed it to her, but she went straight for my pin and sucked it was great :P


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