From Blank to BAM! 8 Ideas for Amazing Walls

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From Blank to BAM! 8 Ideas for Amazing Walls

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If you’re like me, there is that one blank, destitute wall in your home that almost resembles the background for a mug shot.
Maybe it’s an area where no furniture will fit, or it’s so long that you can’t figure out what to do with it. Or maybe you have just been slack. Whatever the case, below are some amazing and unique ways to put that stale, forlorn collection of drywall to better use, doing what it was meant to do – make your home look wow!

1) Chalkboard Calendar

No more excuses for lost schedules or missed appointments! Find a chalkboard paint you love. Paint the wall one color and create date blocks. Add numbers to the corners, and voila!

2) Vintage Book Pages

These could just be copies of pages you love, but it definitely packs a lot of punch! Coat the backs of the pages with wallpaper paste and pop them on the wall. Seal with clear coat to protect them.

3) Stenciled Shapes

Circles are always in style, but try squares, ovals, or even hexagons. Use complementary colors and paint them in chains, across the chair rail area, or just get random!
4) Upcycled Bottle Caps

Flatten them or leave them intact, and apply them with putty. When set, apply grout to secure. Bottoms up!

5) Wall Decals

There are tons of cool removable decals! Pick a theme and make your wall a changeable masterpiece!

6) Graffiti

Invite some friends and go crazy! Sharpies or paint pens can be used to doodle, scribble, and create a spectacular urbanite landscape on your wall!

7) Pallet Wood

Very on-trend! Split pallets into separate boards and attach to wall in a pattern, or frame out specific areas. Designer look on the cheap!

8) Paint Chips

Bonus: Free wall décor! Collect a batch of favorite colors, and mod-podge to the entire wall. Cover with clear sealant to protect them.
Lastly, have fun & go get busy!

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