Incorporation services provided by KOH management

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Incorporation services provided by KOH management

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History of the company

The company which is almost 15 years old was founded by the noble man named as Koh Swee. Swee did his graduation in income tax and now working as an income advisor. He got a degree from the famous SIATP Singapore.  This man devoted his life for his company and now under his guidance the company has gained an immense appreciation. The company is fully established thus providing the best corporate and incorporate services to locals and to others. The company is still running under his supervision with all the young and talented employees under his shadow all aiming for one mission that is: To provide quality and company incorporation services Singapore to their clients.

How KOH management works?

While working in any business setting the one thing that would any manager require is the peace, so that he can think out of his box that what sort of services he should provide to his customers so that they are attracted towards their company and above all the important thing is how to build the trust? In Singapore people are facing much inconvenience in creating their accounts. People usually do not have many funds to do their secretarial work themselves or get it done by professionals. Companies in Singapore charge a lot for incorporation services but if you are looking for some exceptional corporate services that too in reasonable money then look no farther than KOH management.  This company has some talented workers on board, who are not only hardworking but focused and work oriented. So if you actually want to expand your business KOH management is the best.

Services provided by KOH management

Apart from providing  company incorporation services Singapore, the company deals in the following domains:

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • SEO and web design services
  • Tax advisory
  • Striking off services
  • Virtual office service and many more

The company also deals UAE customers but the main focus is helping the people residing in Singapore.

Some updates services

Recently the KOH management has introduced a new domain which is to entertain the staff management services. This service will provide salary directly to the customers who wish to open their account with us. This is indeed the best way to use your time and incomes as well. The company will keep the payroll safe until and unless the customers do not need them.

Other service is managing corporate service in Singapore. In this service all the employees account will be handled by KOH Company so in this one can focus more on strategies on how to expand the business without worrying about the accounts. Also one can get free advice on how to utilize the available sources to expand the business. 30 years and still increasing and there is no stopping for KOH management because our customers believe in our abilities.  We are known for our incorporation services Singapore where our major focus is to help the people to expand their business for best and for better.








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