Superfood – Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens

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Superfood – Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens

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With so many green superfood powders on the market, it is almost impossible to know which one is the right one for you. There has never been a time where the ultra-convenience of superfood shakes has been more prominent. Our modern culture has turned us into work slaves. Our iPhones are constantly alerting us of some new communication. We are constantly being sucked down the technological rabbit hole.

Because of this, many of us just don’t have time for our health. Signing up for the gym sounded like a good idea until we didn’t have the time. Buying loads of produce with the ambition to juice them seemed spectacular until we discovered how incredibly time consuming it is to accomplish that. This isn’t due to our being lazy, in fact, it is quite the opposite: It is our dedication to our families and our jobs and our businesses which prevent us from achieving our health goals.

In this article, I want to achieve two important items:

– Learn some simple tricks and tips to accomplish workouts without being burdened with endless hours at the gym.
-My Total Living Drink Greens review will show you how to conveniently improve your health through diet without all the hassle.

Total Living Drink Greens, what the heck is it? To put it simply, its a green superfood powder that I use to get in my daily antioxidants, probiotics, protein and fiber needs. This allows me to use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement shakes as a way to not only infuse my body and mind with health, but also to save time. Less time in the kitchen and at the supermarket means more time to get my work done. The more work I get done in less time, the more time I have for family and friends.

I was reading an article about how Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Founder of Facebook, wears the same clothes every day. He says that the less decisions he has to make, the more time he has and the more productive he is. By using Kylea’s TOtal Living Drink Greens powder, I similarly reduce my time spent on deciding what to eat, or cooking, or food shopping, and dedicate it towards more immediate tasks.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Total Living Drink Greens meal replacement to replace every meal, that would be ridiculous. Here’s how it works out for me: In the morning, I mix almond milk and Total Living Drink Greens powder and that’s my breakfast. At lunch, I repeat this regimen, however, I add in some nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil nuts). At dinner, I make a full meal (there is more time for cooking).

Total Living Drink Greens tastes good. I don’t see a need to write up some superfood powder sommelier’s insight. The fact is, this is step one in consolidating your health into a manageable situation. I think it taste good. I am going to leave that as that.

Now, let’s get onto step two. Exercising is important. But exercising seemingly takes up more time than cooking does. It can be difficult to find the time to work out. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to use a gym, or work out for an hour, to achieve results?

Working out at a faster pace for less time can be hugely beneficial. Studies have shown that sprinters gain more muscle than long distance runners.

So what do I do?

Each morning I take a few moments to move my body around for a warm up. Then I do 20 pushup sets. I do the first few sets slower, I make sure my body is feeling good and then I start moving a lot faster. I make sure my heart rate is way up. I make sure I’m feeling winded. I also make sure I rest in between sets. This should take you less than 7 minutes.

I follow this with 3 minutes of stretching. Now, I’m not going to show you how to do a proper pushup, nor am I going to show you what stretches are right for you. The fact is, everyone is of different ages and different builds and athleticism. You should consult your Doctor before beginning a new workout course.

The point of this article is that health is achievable even if it doesn’t feel as though we have the time for it. The time is there, hiding in the crevices of our stressful modern lifestyle. We just have to be willing to open our eyes.

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