What are low FODMAP products all about

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What are low FODMAP products all about

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Anything we learn that promises it will help with the process of weight loss always seems appealing. However, that is just a byproduct of this diet because it mainly targets to deal with issues of IBS which harms many people. The diet which is referred to as the low FODMAP diet was originally developed by a Ph.D., Sue Shephard. He has his expertise in the domain of conditions regarding gastrointestinal. The word FODMAP is an abbreviated form of Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and finally Polyols. What is wrong with these molecules mentioned above is that they are not easily absorbed by everyone alike. When someone goes through problems with their absorption, they ultimately suffer through an Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The low FODMAP aims to eradicate such foods which consist the FODMAPs. The diet also suggests the foods which can be eaten except those with FODMAP.

The diet is a fourteen-day long process, and there is an entire diet book which explains and differentiates between the foods which are safe and what foods come on the red line.

Weight loss is a serious concern here

Although it is not the direct aim of Low FODMAP diet to reduce the weight of people the diet has been planned in such a way that it somehow follows along. It cuts out several such foods which consist large amounts of fats as well as sugars. It is also commonly known as junk food. So it is quite understandable that when you cut out junk food from your daily diet, it will have a significant impact on your weight. The calories would be easily cut to you consider it in the short run, however, in the long run, it depends on the determination with which you follow the diet. If you stay true to it, then it will be beneficial in the long run as well, but if you slack off, then it might not work.

Can it be followed easily?

Well let’s be very honest it is not an easy diet to follow. It is simply because it demands you to cut out various types of food from your diet. It is not an easy task to do especially for those who take their food very seriously. Probably one of the hardest parts about any diet is to cut down on food. Same is the case with the low FODMAP diet. The diet will be particularly difficult for those who are fond of dining out and eating a different kind of cuisines. It might come as a bummer for them because the foods this diet suggests are not really in line with those served at most restaurants. But the saying does go as no pain no gain so to achieve something you will have to give something up.

This low FODMAP diet tells you all you need to know about which foods you need to cut out some harmful foods and replace them with a more nutritious diet.


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