Magnesium Supplement Uses & Causes

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Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium Supplement Uses & Causes


Magnesium is mineral in nature and is necessary for a bone-structure in a human body. Everyone attains magnesium from their food but usually it is not enough for body so Magnesium supplements are needed to level the deficiency if that’s too low in a body. According to the research intake of magnesium is usually low among women than in men, so Magnesium supplements should be taken to overcome the deficiencies.


Biosphere Magnesium affiliates with three different types of magnesium to form the ideal dose with superlative absorption.

Magnesium Citrate has tremendous absorption rate and freely dissolves in water. Biosphere Nutrition have used magnesium citrate as the vital forms for supplementation.

Di Magnesium Malate is another incredible form of magnesium for people suffering from brain fag. Malic acid is an important part of enzymes that plays a key role in producing energy.

The bonds of malic acid and magnesium are easily dismembered, and makes it highly absorbed and easily soluble.

Usage of Magnesium Supplements:

Magnesium is safe for everyone when it is taken appropriately by mouth or injected correctly. Magnesium supplements are safe when it’s taken in doses less than 60 mg for children 1-5 years. Magnesium becomes harmful when taken in higher dose.

Causes of deficiency:

  1. Increase of Alcohol increases the risk of deficiency of magnesium.
  2. If excessive Magnesium supplements are taken there is risk of high bleeding.
  3. Diabetes increases the chance of deficiency of magnesium in a human body. So one should consider Magnesium supplements as their first priority.
  4. Don’t give high dose of magnesium to patients that have heart block. Kidney problems, such as kidney failure cannot clear magnesium from the body, also taking magnesium unnecessarily or extra dose can also cause serious problem. A kidney patient shall not use Magnesium supplements as it’s injurious for them.
  5. People who are suffering with restless leg syndrome may have high magnesium level. But it’s not sure if magnesium is the cause for this condition, as people with magnesium deficiency also have restless leg syndrome.

Advantages of Magnesium Supplements:

  • By taking Magnesium supplements by mouth is helpful as an aperient for constipation.
  • Taking magnesium hypodermically or orally is beneficial for treating a certain type of irregular heartbeat.
  • Giving magnesium by injecting (by IV) seems to help treat sudden asthma attacks.
  • Pain caused by damage of nerves can cause cancer but by taking Magnesium supplements one can overcome the pain easily and get relief.
  • Cluster headache. Giving magnesium intravenously (by IV) seems to relieve clump headaches
  • Angina pain that occurs around chest is due to the clotting of arteries and the main cause is due to the deficiency of magnesium, taking Magnesium supplements orally reduces the chest pain, strokes and blood clots in the body with coronary artery disease.
  • Magnesium supplements are highly effective and almost everyone can use them other than the kidney patients. Magnesium supplements are very good for teenagers who are having back kick and hormonal disorders. It is easily available and is center of attention in the market due to its benefits.


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