No more mistakes with classic family card games

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No more mistakes with classic family card games

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Playing cards is always entertaining for everybody. Whether you have relatives coming over for the holiday or if you are visiting them this season, a good card deck game can keep you going for hours on end. One of the best memories with family and extended family members is Bicycle Playing Cards late into the night hours and involving your little cousins on the way. It is even really fun to teach something to your parents, a good game of cards maybe?

We bring you the three classic card games that are best to be played with family and make your whole evening worthwhile.


Slap jack is a card deck game which is played with a minimum 4 and maximum 10 players. IT is suitable for all age groups. The purpose of this game is to simply gather all cards. This meek, clean, slap-jack interaction makes it worthwhile and fun for both adults and children. It is enough to keep them going for hours on an end.

Rules for Slapjack run 3

  • Everyone sits in a circle, around a table or on the floor.
  • The game begins and continues clockwise until one player does not collect all cards.
  • Nobody is allowed to look at the cards and is supposed to keep them facedown till the game ends.
  • Moving in a circle, each player picks out the top most card and this continues till one player completes all cards.
  • If a player runs out of cards, he/she is eliminated.
  • When a player completes all cards, he/she has to jack slap it to win.

Crazy Eights

Crazy eights are played between 2-8 players and is again suitable to be played with family members of all age groups. Where in slapjack the goal is to collect all cards, the opposite rule applies on crazy eights. The goal of this game is to get rid of all cards and whoever succeeds in doing this first, wins.

Rules for Crazy Eights

  • 5 cards are placed on the table, face down.
  • The rest of the remaining cards are placed in the middle of the placed cards.
  • You pick up a card from the middle and if an eight is turned, you bury it into the card pile and proceed to the next card.
  • If the pile facing down runs out, the player must give up his turn and then the next player is allowed to proceed with the game.
  • All eights are wild and only one eight can be played at a given time.
  • The first player to run out of cards is declared victorious.

Play or Pay

Play or pay is another family hit game which is loved by all ages and involves 3 to 8 players. Since this game involves a little betting for fun sake, you can use poker chip to play. However since everybody does not have poker chips available, you can use jelly beans or candies as well! The goal is simple; complete all suits and get rid of your cards. you can play card games online for free with your friends and fellows on

Rules for Play & pay

  • Each player begins by striking a deal with the poker chips or candies.
  • The cards begin being passed face down, clockwise between the players.
  • Then starting with the left player, one by one all cards get turned face up on the table.
  • The turns to play in the clockwise direction continue.
  • The first person who eliminates all cards wins the price.

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