Obtain Longevity with Vitamin K

Obtain Longevity with Vitamin K

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Do you know how Vitamin K can help you in enjoying the longevity benefits? You will be surprised to learn that!

According to research, Vitamin K can reduce the risk of arterial calcification. It can help you live a longer and healthier life. It affects at least 16 Gla- proteins present in the human body. These proteins are involved in the protection of arterial calcification, and they also help prevent cancer and diabetes.

Now you would be eager to consumer Vitamin K right? The best supplement for you would be Life Extension Super K. It is also available in advanced K2 complex formula. The bottle contains 90 soft gels. This formula is a complete package that the human body can utilize. It promotes not just arterial health but bone health too.

Why consume Life Extension Super K?


Let’s have a look at the benefits of Life Extension Super K:

  • It maintains bone density by providing the bones with calcium supply
  • It helps in promoting healthy heart and vascular system


If the body does not contain an adequate amount of Vitamin K, the Matrix Gla-Protein remains uncarboxylated which results in arterial calcification. This happens when the calcium in the blood starts binding to the arterial walls.


The need for Vitamin K

It is hard to obtain an adequate amount of Vitamin K from the diet. Vitamin K is available in 2 different forms i.e. K1 and K2. K1 is present in green leafy vegetables, and K2 is present in dairy products. Not all of us are consuming both types of foods at the same time. Some people have to avoid meat and dairy products due to health troubles. For them, taking a K2 supplement is extremely important.

Life Extension Super K is a combination of both forms of Vitamin K. So, you will enjoy complete health benefits as you consume this supplement daily. You simply have to take 1 soft gel a day. It contains 200 mCg of K2 and 1500 mCg of K1. This supplement is surely going to help you maintain your health and stay away from health problems that can make you feel old before you even reach your senior years.

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