Planning a Destination Wedding With Honeyfund

Planning a Destination Wedding With Honeyfund

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Three great wedding trends have somehow collided and now is the time to be a bride! In the past few years, planning a destination wedding has taken off. Buying package deals and taking advantage of deals has made this great adventure.

The second trend which has shot off the charts is the Honeyfund. Why? Because it is just so easy. There is no charge and the now generation loves to shop from their chair.

Finally, there is the buddymoon. This is where the wedding party consist of a few very close friends, and everybody travels to the destination and stays for the honeymoon. All the expenses are shared and this turns into an adventure for the whole group!

So how does this work?

Choose your destination

Select the location for your buddymoon. Maybe you all want to go to Hawaii or maybe you want a week in an Ocean City resort. Come together and determine where you want to go.

Shop for your deal

Resorts have wedding packages that include the rooms, venue, wedding, and sometimes the photographer and career. Let them know the size of your group and make sure they have a block of rooms available.

Set up your Honeyfund!

Honeyfund is the leading honeymoon registry. It cost nothing to use and you can add a lot of cool options. Make it clear that you are going in a group.This will clear up any confusion if you list a gift as “Dinner for 6 on a riverboat”.

This is where things get fun. Because you are going as a group you share the expenses and share the wealth. Your wedding party can pitch in and combined with the Honeyfund cash and gift card gifts, you can make this a once in a lifetime trip. Everyone will be on board.

A Special Night

Be sure you set aside one night for just the two of you. Include this on your Honeyfund. Have one night in the honeymoon suite, with champagne on the balcony and a candlelit dinner on the shore. A couples massage and a late night dip in the hot tub will make this your romantic dream come true.

People who just do not get the whole buddymoon concept and people like your parents who want to give you something personal and special will want to gift you with these special items.


When you return home, hold a reception for all the wonderful people who made your trip possible. For an extra kick, wear your wedding clothes and order a wedding cake. Have lots of pictures to show on the big screen to show every wild and fun day of your journey.

Serve a meal that is a custom from the area where you traveled. Be sure to bring small thank you gifts for your family and friends.

This new way of having a destination wedding is a great way to enjoy yourself and make an impression on all the special people in your life.

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