Power Rack Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best One

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Power Rack Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best One

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We live in a busy world. Not everyone has the time to go to gym for workout. If you are struggling to join your local gym and you just cannot ensure attendance, it is time to get your own best power rack to get started at home.

Why You Should Buy a Power Rack

So why you should go for a power rack? I mean what is so special about it? Why not buy a hammer strength machine or a pull down machine?

There are some obvious reasons and benefits of buying a power rack.

  • It is one of the most versatile equipment. You can do any exercise on it ranging from dips to squats to rack pulls and more.
  • You can use power rack to do exercise for every muscle.
  • Power racks are safe. Chances of getting hurt are minimal.
  • Doing exercise is easy.
  • It is equally good for beginners as well as pros.

How to Choose a Power Rack

There are quite a few things that you have to look in a power rack.


One of the major issues of power racks is that they are fairly large in size and thus occupy a lot of space. Before you decide to buy a new power cage, make sure you have enough space in your home.

I have seen a lot of people putting it in their backyard. If you have a backyard that’s not too congested, you should think of putting it there.

Cage racks come in different sizes therefore you have to choose the size that’s right for you.

I’d suggest buying a fairly reasonable sized rack. Buying too large will occupy a lot of space while buying a small one will restrict you from doing exercise freely such as overhead press. It’s necessary to a best adjustable bench when do that.

The size of the power rack has a lot to do with your height. If you are tall, you should go for a large rack. Otherwise choose a normal one.


Now this is something that’s pretty much obvious, right?

You need to make sure that cage rack is sturdy, heavy and is not made of plastic or other light material. Trust me, there are many power racks that are made of plastic.

Make sure that the capacity of the rack is no less than 455kg. Anything below this is not recommended.

Ease of Use

It must be easy-to-use. There are two types of cage racks.

  • Ones that come with pin and pipe safety system.
  • Spotter arms ones.

The racks that come with spotter arms or straps are more stable and are easier to use as compared to pin and pipe ones. So it is better and recommended to choose cage rack with spotter arms.

Other Features

There are couple of other features that you must look in a power rack before you pay for it. These include stabilizer and accessories.


Buying a power rack is not a really big deal as long as you know what you are buying and what are the critical features and aspects to look for.

It all comes down to your priority. There are people who prefer safety and there are others who prefer robustness. Decide with your priorities to buy the best power rack today.

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