The Quickest Guide On What You Need To Know About Crib Mattress

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The Quickest Guide On What You Need To Know About Crib Mattress

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Knowing about a crib mattress may be a bit trivial and nonessential for some, but for expectant mothers, this information is probably one of the most important know-hows that they need to be armed with. And for the first-time moms, the task of knowing isn’t enough; it goes further than that. You, as a mother, should be acquainted with the key factors on how to choose just about the right and the best crib mattress. This discussion will attempt to surround these factors as we bring the quickest guide to knowing and choosing the crib mattress for your baby.

In this article, we’ll also tackle the different types of crib mattress briefly along with the features that you should be looking for.

Types of Crib Mattress

  • Foam

Foam mattresses are mostly made from polyurethane. They are known to have more variety in comfort and can also be organic. Moreover, these mattresses are both lightweight and more affordable. They come in regular blocks of foam, gel and memory foam, along with organic foam. Some of the drawbacks of foam mattress are its lessened durability, its indentations that are easy to make and the lack of edge support.

  • Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses utilize a steel coil support system. The spring systems in this type of mattress comprise of several types. These include the springs that connect to a single unit and the units that feature individually-pocketed coils. Meanwhile, the spring shapes along with the designs, the coil gauge, and the number of coils in this mattress may differ.

Most innerspring mattresses are covered by padding or material from upholstery. They also include many foams, fiber and other layers of smaller steel springs. The general rule in innerspring mattresses are: the greater the number of coils, the more support your baby will have. Also, the bed should be able to contour and provide support to him or her.

Features of a Crib Mattress (That You Should Be Looking For!)

  • Firmness of the foam

Perhaps the most important factor that you should be seeking from when choosing your crib mattress is the foam’s durability. The foam should also be heavy on the side and the one that springs back. As it goes, you just don’t want your baby’s head denting on that side of your mattress.

  • Foam Density

The denser the crib mattress is, the better the experience your baby should have. However, testing the mattress’ density is not an easy task. So, it is important that visit a store first and perform the test yourself. You can do this by just placing your both of your hands in each side of the center as you your palms are pressed together. If it didn’t allow you to push that far, the chances are high that your mattress is dense.

  • Layers

When choosing the better crib mattress, always remember this rule of thumb: the more layers the mattress have, the better it is going to be for your baby. Also, ensure that these layers are built on quality. Another factor to look into is the condition of the innersprings. Remember: the weight of the innersprings may increase once the mattress is consisting of a better steel and more efficient cushioning.

  • The Border Rods

If you want your crib mattress to have that extra firmness and durability along with the much-needed strength in it, then consider border rods as one of your priorities. These rods aid the mattress as they surround the perimeter of both of its top and bottom sections.

  • Coil Count and Steel Gauge

Go for a crib mattress that has a thicker steel gauge as opposed to getting one with a plentiful coil count. As such, a mattress that has many coils doesn’t equate to a firmer mattress. Also, look for that mattress which features a steel gauge of 15.5 and below. Meanwhile, the coil count of the mattress should just be between 135 to 150 (or the moderate to high coil count).

  • A Quality Insulator Pad

A thick insulator pad can be seen at the top of the steel coils. This feature keeps the crib mattress’ coils from being evident on the surface. If the the insulator pad’s quality is not top notch, the feel-good experience may last the moment you bring the mattress out from the shop.

For you to know whether your insulator pad is the real deal, it should have coir fiber that is made of cut coconut shells. On the other hand, insulator pads which have the poorest quality tend to be made of woven polyester which renders them to be less durable and tends to form “pockets” in the long run. These pads also tend to become concave, and as this is where your baby’s weight is going to rest mostly, you should ensure that they are of highest quality. Otherwise, a safety hazard may be at risk.

  • The Cushioning Layers

Your crib mattress’ cushioning layers should be made of foam or cotton and not polyester. Foam and cotton are deemed to be excellent materials for cushioning while the latter is known for its pocket-forming tendencies. Ultimately, don’t go for a mattress that doesn’t include a description or a mattress tag which should give you an idea about the components of the product.

  • The Cover

Either fabric or a vinyl should work well as a cover for the crib mattress. While both of fabric and vinyl have interesting perks and drawbacks, their advantages outweigh their known cons. A triple-laminated cover should also be considered as this gives the mattress an even tougher shell which adds to the product’s longevity.

  • Convertible mattresses

If you happen to be nursing a toddler along with your newborn, a convertible crib mattress should be suitable. These beds are firm for your baby on one while the other side is “cushier” for your toddler. The latter may also feature a springy type of memory foam and the standard foam, of course

  • Waterproof Cover

If you want to veer away from stains (which you will!) on your mattress, a waterproof cover can address this concern adequately. It should also protect the surface of the mattress from expected diaper leaks.

Final thoughts

This quick guide on the types and features that you should consider when choosing your first crib mattress is reliable enough to equip you with the right information when you’re already at the store. However, I would still highly recommend that you give yourself a special time to research on these pieces of information first about the crib mattress that you want before you finally make that decision. I mean, nothing beats the more prepared! As such, this should not only give you an informed decision but will also make you more confident in your choice during and after your purchase.

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