Seven Ways to Get the Muscles You Want

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Seven Ways to Get the Muscles You Want

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If you are one of those people who has been continuously trying to build bigger muscles without getting the results that you want, then there may be certain things that you are failing to do. You may need to consider changing your muscle building techniques to make it more effective. Here are seven ways that you must do all together to get to the muscles that you desire so badly.


Firstly- Commit yourself to exercise. Muscles are built only by exercising at least three to four times per week. Do not do more than these because you also need to give your muscles time to recover. Without the right amount of commitment, you can never keep yourself on track to achieve the results you are aiming for.


Secondly- Prioritize the major muscle groups. There are many individuals who make a big mistake by focusing on their weak muscles such as the biceps and triceps. Instead of spending too much time exercising these weak muscle groups, focus on the big muscle groups such as the chest, back, and legs by doing compound exercises.


Thirdly- Take supplements. This is one of the good ways to bulk up those muscles. Although there are many supplements to choose from, you can simply focus on protein powder, creatine, multivitamins and fish oil. The best pre workout supplements are those that help you gain focus and intensity.

Muscles Body

Muscles Body

Fourthly- Do cardio exercises. It is a misconception that aerobic exercises cause the muscles to shrink. On the contrary, cardiovascular exercises keep the lungs and heart in good condition which actually develops the muscles by helping them recover quickly.

Fifthly- Do not forget to stretch during weight lifting with the best workout bench. Stretching prevents injuries and helps your muscles maximize their performance during the workout. Your flexibility and lengthening of your muscles will help your overall physique.


Sixthly- Spread out your meals during the day. Make sure that each meal is well-balanced. This helps keep you full and nourish your muscles for them to grow well. Make sure to eat enough carbohydrates, protein, and fat in your diet. Typically, diet is the weakest link for most ectomorph bodybuilders. If you feel you are having a hard time determining the best diet for your needs, check out this awesome e-book and see, what foods to consume and how to keep track of your diet.


And Lastly- Train hard. Do not go to the gym and sit around observing other people. This is just a waste of time. Focus on your workout and give each set your best shot. Your weight lifting workout routine should be designed to keep your heart rate up.


Simple right? It’s not a rocket science. All it takes is a plan and determination.

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