Smart Ways To Lose Weight For Your Wedding

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Smart Ways To Lose Weight For Your Wedding

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As the date for your wedding nears, you are faced with time challenges, travel arrangements, vendor requirements, and hammering down a thousand little details. Your mind shifts into overdrive as you try to keep things in order. Is there anything that could make this more stressful and harder to handle? Yes.

Perhaps you have chosen a destination wedding in Hawaii. Or maybe you are considering one of the trending wedding dresses that are made almost entirely of sheer lace. And then you notice, your jeans are harder to zip. Your favorite sweater is a little snug, or you glance in the mirror at the beauty shop and see it. There are a few extra pounds that have slipped in while you were not looking. You have to drop those pounds quickly.

If you try starving yourself or taking over the counter diet pills, you can add being cranky, exhausted, and wired to your already stressed out situation. If you do manage to get the weight off, you have ruined the fun for everyone during the pre-wedding weeks, There is a better way.

Getting the weight off

The fastest way to lose weight and remain healthy is to begin a low-carb, high-protein diet. Protein helps you stay full longer. It makes your skin look clear and your hair shiny, and your nails beautiful. You are not hungry and you have plenty of energy.


An added tool that kick-starts the low-carb weight loss is the addition of bulletproof coffee to your plan. High-quality coffee with the addition of grass-fed butter and MCT fats ignites your metabolism for rapid weight loss and one cup will keep you from becoming hungry for hours.

Before you add exercise

Before you begin body toning and firming exercise, select your wedding gown so you will know which areas need to be focused on. Click here for professional help with a gown selection.


General, calorie burning exercise is also important. Make it a group effort and make it fun. Sign yourself and your bridal party up for dance lessons. The only equipment you will need is dance pants, dance shoes, and a comfortable tee shirt.


Adding dance to your pre-wedding program keeps your energy level up, allows everyone to have fun, and you will look so good that you may decide to keep this activity after the honeymoon.

Tips and Tricks

  • Drink plenty of water
    • This will flush out your system, help you stay full longer, and will reduce dry skin, and brittle hair.
  • Schedule sleep
    • Lack of sleep is the number one problem brides face. It shows physically. Set a time for sleep and even if you have trouble making yourself unwind, keep at it until you are sleeping regularly.
  • Be flexible

There are very few things in life that are written in stone. There are a few things that are very important to you for your wedding, but everything is not going to go perfectly. You are dealing with people (and people have lives that may mess things up a bit), and vendors (who are dealing with the wedding before and after yours). If you crumble when every tiny little thing goes astray, you will ruin your own wedding day. Roll with the flow and keep a sense of humor.

  • Start today
    • Do not put it off. Begin your weight loss and exercise plans today so you will have plenty of time to reach your goal.

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