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Stay Safe when Buying Medications Online

Online shopping has expanded into virtually every market, and you can order almost anything you like on the Internet now. This is also true of medicines, supplements and health products, and you can even buy prescription-only drugs online. While this is a very convenient and often cost-effective way of obtaining your health products, it is also a great way for the unscrupulous to make money from selling inferior goods and health remedies that are just a scam designed to lure the needy into parting with their money.

Use good quality sources

The quality of medicines and supplements can vary tremendously, so you need to be sure the company you are ordering from is reputable and reliable. Look at the website, how well it is constructed and how much information it gives you about the products. Avoid sites that make sensationalist claims about their products or seem overly pushy. You want to buy from people who have expertise in the subject and can inform you accurately about possible side-effects as well as potential benefits. Remember there is often insufficient evidence on the efficacy of herbal remedies to make definitive claims, so be wary of product descriptions that shout about the proven benefits of a treatment. If you’re not sure, check on an authoritative, impartial website such as WebMD. Have a look at the ‘About us’ section of the site, which should give you a flavor of the philosophy and expertise of the business. There should also be contact details listing where the business is based, who is responsible for it, and several different methods of making contact. If you can’t find all this information, avoid the site as it could be unreliable or possibly a con.

Herbal remedies and food supplements

Selling herbal remedies and food supplements are perfectly legitimate in most cases, but not always. For example, kratom, a painkiller derived from a species of tree in the coffee family, is hailed by many as an effective treatment for chronic pain, and you can find it for sale on many websites. However, it is a controlled substance in at least 16 countries, and in the US the FDA has banned the manufacture and import of dietary supplements based on kratom. The lesson here is to check that what you are buying is legal where you live before ordering it. On the other hand, laws change all the time, for example, marijuana has long been illegal across the country, but it is now permitted for medical use in an increasing number of states, and can be bought quite legitimately from online stores like Dope Mail.

Prescription drugs

If you are paying for prescription meds, it can be tempting to turn to a cheaper source online. The problem is that these drugs are regulated by the FDA due to their potentially harmful effects if incorrectly administered, but those sold online aren’t necessarily subject to the same controls. You, therefore, run the risk of buying medicines that are sub-standard or even fake.

It is possible to find legitimate sources for medicines and herbal remedies, but you shouldn’t consider trying controlled drugs that aren’t on your prescription. You need to have the guidance of a qualified health professional before changing or adding to your medication, or you could be at risk of suffering severe side effects from taking drugs that aren’t suitable for you or that will interact negatively with other medicines you are taking.

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