Strengthen your Immune System and Fight Infections, Colds, Flu and Cancer

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Strengthen your Immune System and Fight Infections, Colds, Flu and Cancer

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When people get sick, it shows that their immune system is working properly. Some people never get sick, and this isn’t always good because it might mean that there are no antibodies to fight a disease. Antibodies identify antigens and neutralize them. Antigens are foreign substances in the body. When the antigens are neutralized, you won’t be the host and therefore not sick. Sometimes an immune system has low levels of antibodies, and this could lead to the development of repeated infections.

The main antibodies are abbreviated as IgG, IgA, IgE, and IgM. These antibodies can be elevated or suppressed, and this could be a problem. For instances when IgM is elevated, there are high chances of developing various autoimmune disorders, viral hepatitis, nephrotic syndrome, etc. when these antibodies are suppressed, one can develop autoimmune hemolytic anemia (the body attack red blood cells), lupus, some types of leukemia, etc.

Boosting immunity start with quitting smoking, eating a diet with fruits and vegetables, exercise, controlling blood pressure. Here are 11 ways to boost immunity;

  1. Always use Flunada when you go out in public – this over-the-counter spray is a combination of wintergreen herbs, mint and elderberry that help in protections against pathogens
  2. Get vitamin D – you need the sunshine to get vitamin D. The Vitamin produced by your skin when the skin comes in contact with sunlight. However, avoid too much sun as it can cause skin cancer or sunburns. You need about 20 minutes in the sun, and you have your Vitamin D.
  3. Start using reishi mushrooms – polysaccharides found in Reishi boost antibodies responsiveness. It mainly boosts IgG antibodies. Working IgG antibodies will improve phagocytosis process. This process enables the cells to gobble up and neutralize poisons. When phagocytosis occurs efficiently, you will have a restful sleep, better energy, and reduced allergies.
  4. Drink tea – you can drink green tea, Tulsi tea, or Holy Basil. Tea boost immunity. Tulsi will help your body to fight infections even severe viral diseases. Research conducted suggested that Tulsi can assist in fighting Swine flu. Also, a randomized trial suggests that holy basil improve Natural Killer cells and T helper cells. This proves that it has strong immunomodulatory effects.
  5. Have enough sleep – sometimes people can spend most of the night watching their favorite show and realize that they have only two hours to sleep. However, research has shown that when you don’t sleep at night, your immune system is weakened. You need about 8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy.
  6. Eat garlic – eating garlic might give you undesirable breaths but it will improve your health. Garlic helps in boosting your immune system. Studies have also shown that garlic helps in preventing heart diseases.

Garlic is also delicious, and you can blend raw garlic and pesto and throw it over bread or pasta. When you are feeling bold, you can whip up homemade immunity shot with ginger, lemon, raw garlic and carrots for a system boost.

  1. Drink ginger, honey, turmeric and lemon with warm water – Most people believe that this tonic can cure colds. Is this just a tale or does it work? Research on every ingredient shows good results.

A study published in 2012 found that honey act as an immunity booster. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and possesses antiviral properties. It can treat motion sickness and nausea. Lemon has high Vitamin C and can be used to treat a common cold. Also, studies have shown that curcumin, which is found in turmeric, regulate the immune system.

  1. Drink chicken soup – a chicken soup has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, and this is due to chicken and vegetables.

Studies have shown that when chicken soup is made with sweet potatoes, onions, chicken, parsnips, carrots, turnips, parsley, celery, pepper and salt, it slows the movement of white blood cells into the respiratory tract. This relieves cold symptoms.

  1. Exercise weekly – participating in exercises such as daily stroll and yoga classes in a week will help boost your immune system.

Exercise may force the bacteria out of your lungs which reduce chances of picking up airborne diseases. Also, exercise causes the white blood cells to move rapidly which improve on illness detection by the immune system.

  1. Take yogurt for breakfast – yogurt has probiotics which can strengthen your immune system. A study conducted involving New Zealand athletes found that those who consumed probiotics had 40% fewer gastrointestinal infections and cold. Also, yogurt has Vitamin D which boost your immune system.
  2. Laugh – a study conducted in 2007 found that laughter can give you an immunity boost. Instead of watching episodes until late in the night, you can watch few episodes of a comedy show. Being happy and having a positive attitude can lower stress and promote sleep. Perhaps this is the most fun way to have an immunity boost.


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